Canada's Leblanc-Bazinet

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Individual Event 5

Results from both men's and women's heats.

Workout 5 was a couplet featuring another new movement: ring handstand push-ups.

7 rounds for time of:
3 cleans (205/135 lb.)
4 ring handstand push-ups (men)/4 handstand push-ups (women)

If competitors hadn’t learned a lesson from the 2009 Games, their weaknesses were certainly punished in 2010. As expected, some women struggled with the HSPUs, and many men found the ring version unbelievably difficulty. D.J. Wickham tumbled off the rings several times, which was a surprise given his 325-lb. jerk in Event 2b. Moe Kelsey had little difficulty despite his size and set the early pace with 5:56. One man did not finish the first heat, and five women did not finish Heat 1, which was won by Candice Ruiz in 7:28.

Canada’s Camille Leblanc-Bazinet thrilled the crowd in Heat 2by crushing the handstand push-ups in unbroken sets, then pacing herself through cleans that were 20 lb. off her PR weight. The strategy worked, and her 6:32 stood as the new standard.
Men’s Heat 2 was won by Ben Smith, who took almost a full minute off the top time by posting a 4:57.

Kristan Clever was favored in the final women’s heat, and she didn’t disappoint. She utterly annihilated the workout in 3:37.

“This is a good workout to start with for me,” she said shortly before competing, and she was correct. No one else went under 4 minutes.

Valerie MacKenzie Voboril was second in 4:09, and Heather Bergeron was third in 5:01.
The top men blew the previous standards away. Favorite Chris Spealler ripped up the  workout despite heavily taped hands due to a collection of tears after Event 2. His time of 4:27 was amazing, but Graham Holmberg bested him by one second in an absolutely amazing finish that had the judges checking their stopwatches twice before reporting the scores. Smith’s Heat 2 time stood up for third.

The next individual event has not been announced yet.

Current results after five events:
Top 5 Men
1. Rich Froning Jr. (29)
2. Graham Holmberg (35)
3. Matt Chan (54)
4. Mikko Salo (55)
5. Chris Spealler (61)

Top 5 Women
1. Kristan Clever (27)
2. Annie Thorisdottir (37)
3. Valerie MacKenzie Voboril (43)
4. Christy Phillips (44)
5. Julie Foucher (51)

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Ring Handstand Push-Ups
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16 comments on this entry

1. Randy wrote...

Awesome event. The ring hspu's deffinetly needed to be in the games to find the fittest on earth but the standards need to be kept higher FOR EVERYONE. juges, get on that for next year

2. mike wrote...

Sure looked like Speal won that event

3. Bryan wrote...

Any ETA on when this will be put in the archives for viewing?

4. DannyT wrote...

I agree...I thought Speal clearly won that event.

5. cr wrote...

Why are there never any long endurance WODs? A person is not definitively the fittest in man/woman in the world if their ability to withstand a lenghty endurance WOD is not tested. Add in Eva, Murph or any WOD that requires more distance running combined with strength/ body weight exercises and maybe your "fittest person alive" would have added credibilty. The run in 2009 was good but failed to combine these 2 aspects of fitness.

6. Dave wrote...

It's not over yet, CR.

While I assume they have a hardon for some absurd high-rep torture chipper, I think it'd be pretty appropriate if Castro just gathered them at one and just said "Murph. Go."

7. MP wrote...

You should review the HSPU / Clean. No way Holmberg won by a second. Why not use instant replay on that one?

8. Wes_RS wrote...

Speal definitely won that WOD. In my opinion no matter what place he is in, he is the overall best crossfitter around. Endurance WOD would be nice but to be honest, 4 full body torture workouts 2 days in a row does require endurance.

9. John D wrote...

Hi Great Event... I am curious if there is somewhere on this site that I can find the scoring breakdown? How points are scored or if there are deductions etc. Reason Im asking is Im just curious why there is a person in the womens top 5 that did not finish(complete) two of the events? To make this a real sincerely earned title of "fittest on earth", it just doesnt seem correct that this person could end up being on top at the end without having completed all events.

10. cr wrote...

#8 Wes, I disagree. 4 body torture workouts 2 days in a row may prove that these athletes have superior anaerobic ability as well as admirable mental fortitude. It doesn't however, show that the athletes are capable of sustaining elite levels of fitness for a prolonged period of time (aerobic dominance).

Add in a few aerobic WOD's as well as combined aerobic and anaerobic WOD's and I think the top names would change. In the end there would be a more credible chance of finding "the fittest man/woman in the world".

11. chris wrote...

Wrote this in the other thread:

"Anyone else find this last wod extremely anticlimactic? Im not sure that I think that this is a legimate test of worlds fittest. I would like a 1 RM event and a longer endurance event. But maybe thats too much like last year and therefore not crossfit. CFG 2010 turned out to be metcon-mania. Im kind of disappointed. :/"

Im actually getting more and more disappointed the more I think about it. Aren't the crossfit games move away from the definition of fitness that crossfit uses and more focused on unknown and unknowable? Shouldn't the worlds fittest man/woman be tested for e.g. 3 k row for time or 1 RM back squat? I will probably flamed for this but whatever.

Another thing that I think may be unfair is the rest time between the parts of the last workout. It seems that the rest time will be decided by how fast Dave Castro can explain the workout. Yeah, it may only differ 5 sec but I think that it would be more fair if everyone got the exact same rest time.

12. JH wrote...

Finding it really hard to care about the WODs with that picture up.

13. Dave wrote...

Chris, if the heats were random that'd be a problem, but with the way they're clustered, all the people battling for spots are going at the same time, so it's no big deal. As it turns out, none of them got 30 seconds.

14. SCOTT wrote...

i agree to call this the fittest man on earth and have credibility to the outside it must havea more capacity tested in the endurance realm, even the last heats with 3 successive wods only lasted 26 mins. total - how about if the sandbag wod went for an hour, now that changes everything and you cant surely say that clever wasn't disadvanataged by her height in the sand bag wod, as were all the shorter people in the wall events, thats not a fitness weakness being displayed there

15. JMFH wrote...

It truly amazes me how so many people can take a sport that literally changes the lives of it's participants, and still find something to whine about. The funny thing is I didn't see any of your names anywhere near the top 10. Outstanding job to all participants, judges, and all who make these events possible.

16. Mike wrote...

I agree with JMFH. Ask the people that competed in the games and I bet they think it was a good test for the fittest on earth.


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