Graham Holmberg and Kristan Clever celebrate victory

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

The Fittest On Earth

Graham Holmberg and Kristan Clever claim victory at the CrossFit Games

With fans cheering in the California sunshine, an exhausted Graham Holmberg and Kristan Clever were crowned the champions of the 2010 CrossFit Games on July 19 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

For Clever, it was a dominant performance and an improvement on a fourth-place finish in 2009. Holmberg, who finished 19th in 2009, used a steady performance and two big event wins to bring the Fittest Man on Earth title back to the United States.

The newly crowned champions give their thoughts on the 2010 CrossFit Games in these exclusive interviews conducted shortly after the awards ceremony.

Read the Interviews and download the full PDF in the CrossFit Journal.

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11 comments on this entry

1. Leo wrote...

They both are great athletes, no doubt about that. And they’re the Crossfit champions of 2010, which is a GREAT accomplishment. But I don’t think they should be called “The Fittest on Earth”.

I think it takes a lot more than a Crossfit Games event to find out who’s the fittest man and woman on Earth. Maybe for an Inuit in Alaska is not important to do muscleups but to walk 50 milles on freezing temperatures. Being fit is relative depending on where you live and what your body physical needs are.

Congratulations to Graham Holmberg and Kristan Clever for being the Crossfit Games 2010 Champions!!

2. Scott Lewis wrote...

Leo-Look man. CrossFit hosts the CF Games every year now. If someone thinks they are more "fit" than the next person, whether they are Inuit, Cherokee, Indian, Russian, or whatever, they are more than welcome to participate and try to make it to the finals in Cali.

If an Inuit can't do muscle ups then they are not obviously CrossFit based on CrossFit's definition. CrossFit has defined the 10 general physical skills of fitness and by CrossFit's definition, this year, they are the most fit in the world.

Stop "nit-pickn". No one in the CF community ever challenges the definition of what a great quarterback is, what a great point guard is, or what makes a great bob-sledder a great bobpsledder. We except the people in those communities as the experts based on their opinion.

Besides, I've been to Alaska and not many Inuits walk 50 miles in freezing temperatures anymore. They can get food and supplies like most of us do now.

3. Ory Ortega wrote...

Leo, like Scott said...if someone thinks he or she can do better over the course of 3 days of Competition...they can try to get there.

This year more than the others I think the events where very, very diverse to say the least. The specialist definitely got punished!

I was there over the weekend and say a lot of the "strongest" CrossFitters suffer because they lacked conditioning, eventhough they where supposed to be in top shape this year. We say a lot of the favorites have trouble on simple stuff like toes to bars, or double-unders...and of course rope climbing.

So, yeah...after witnessing the Games, now I agree...these are the fittest athletes in the world. I can't imagine having 5 guys come out of nowhere and place better than the top 5 or 10 for that matter. They might do well in a few events, but to stay in the's very hard. Even last year's top had a tougth time...and the scary part is, the Games are getting harder...and the athletes better!



4. jake wrote...

This argument will never be put to rest. Coach Glassman has created an open opportunity for anyone to lay claim to the title of "the fittest on earth." Crossfit is built on action. You can talk all you want, but can you perform when the time comes? The only reason people think this title is ridiculous is because CF has not made it as a mainstream sport. CF is constantly evolving so better and better athletes will begin to flock to this sport. It might be years before we see a repeat champ...or we may never see a repeat champ. But that doesn't change the fact that for that year, who ever wins the Games can lay claim to the title of "the fittest on earth."

JOJO - We only get tested once a year. Who ever earns the title of "the fittest on earth" at the CF Games earns that title for the year. They have to be considered the fittest until someone beats them or until they choose not to compete (subsequently forfeiting their title like Tanya). Usain Bolt is called the fastest man on the planet. If he comes out to the next Olympics and gets beat, he still was the fastest on the planet at one point just like Mikko was the fittest on earth at one point.

5. Jack wrote...

JOJO, why would you think your previous post (nr. 4) is a reason not to call the winner of the games the fittest on earth? The winner of the NBA finals is also called "the best team in basketball", until someone can beat them to it. This year, that's the Lakers. So this team is rightfully called the best until proven otherwise, whether it be right after they win their title, or right before next year's finals. Same goes for these athletes. They are "the fittest on earth" (and I do also agree with this, everyone's welcome to challenge them) until someone beats them.

6. Marco wrote...

The argument of who is the fittest on earth should never even come up. Different elements of fitness are needed for different sports. Just because crossfit has an open games, does not mean that suddenly you have to win it to be the fittest. Someone else could say, that crossfit has never trained an olympic gold medalist. A pro cyclist could not win the games because they probably (definately) can't overhead snatch 120kg, but a crossfit champion would never finish a tour de France. End of. Crossfit chmpions are the best crossfitters, inspirational from a training point of view, deserve MASSIVE respect but are not the fittest people on earth, because I don't believe there is a "fittest person on earth" just someone who is the best at what they do.
Because crossfit, have decided in their opinion what the 10 most functional movements are, does not make it right or wrong, it is just their opinion. I love crossfit, but by making outrageous claims of being the "best", crossfit will only give off an air of arrogance. Not many doctors that I know or Oly lifting coaches say that multiple clean and jerks for time, are healthy for you. Still I fel it makes me fitter, but I will not tell a doctor or an expert that it is healthy in the long run, as any of us who do them know, that form goes out the window towards the end of a WOD. That can lead to injuries.
Still, huge huge respect to all the competitors, even the ones in the regionals, who played their part too.
Looking forward to next years games.

7. Grant wrote...

Jake - good points...Marco, all of the other champions are excellent - at one or two parameters of fitness but the Crossfit athlete excels at many, many parameters. He has to or he/she loses. I'm pretty sure that say, the fittest Seal, or T.O. or Adrian Peterson, IF they trained, because they're mesomorphic and physically gifted, could definitely win. The Seal/G. Beret, etc. has the best chance because of mental toughness but he loses because endurance is his key (physical) factor. The NFL guys; forget it, they don't have to be THAT fit...but their gifts allow them to be quicker.

8. Marco wrote...

Grant, I take your point, however I disagree that they excel at many parameters. To excel at something you have to be top 10 in the world at that specific parameter. I.E. Be the best oly lifter on the planet, or best runner etc etc. This can only be reached by devoting yourself to that discipline entirely and not to many disciplines. What I don't like is how if someone disagrees that Crossfit champions are the fittest in the world, that means they in someway are disrespecting them, or that their opinion is in someway inferiror.

Who decides what fitness is the best? As I said before I don't believe there is a fittest. You build your body to excel and protect itself for whatever you are about to challenge it with.

9. Grant wrote...

Not to belabor this, but I believe Mouse Hults, Masters. or maybe Clever, woman Champ, could beat Lance Armstrong at any given WOD. And the Top 10 Men's ranked C-fitters, again, could beat boxers, pro athletes, runners, Oly weightlifters, etc, etc, in any given WOD. Obviously, they couldn't beat a world class athlete at their one and only specialty. But they ARE the best all-around fitness athletes on the planet.

10. Marco wrote...

We will agree to disagree.

11. PHarry wrote...

I think cross fit is a great training system overall but I really object to this 'fittest on earth' title. World class decathletes WOULD BEAT these cross fitters at these tests. FACT. They can run faster for longer, they are much stronger, more explosive and have incredible body control and strength to weight ratio (try doing the pole vault and see how difficult a 'core movement' that is). And as for this ridiculous 'well come to the crossfit games and prove it' line of argument, come on, these people are training for the olympics, they arent going to change their whole training schedule to prove they can beat some amateur athletes


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