2010 CrossFit Games Finals

First Event Announced Shortly

Follow this site for event updates throughout the day.

The Affiliate Cup competition will kick off the 2010 CrossFit Games. 

Teams from all over the world will be briefed on the first event by Dave Castro at 9 a.m. PDT at the Home Depot Center track. Castro will announce the details of the first workout, which will be posted on this site immediately afterward.

As the details of each event are announced for the team, masters and individual competitions, we'll update this site.

To watch the announcements live online, follow this link to 2010 Games Live Streaming. You can also follow the action on Twitter.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

18 comments on this entry

1. Eric/CrossFit North County wrote...

Let the games begin!

2. Fredastere wrote...

Man this is getting even worse than last year suspense!!!

Thank god for the feed tho :)

3 ... 2.... 1 ..... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Much props to HQ for such an organisation from Montreal :D

3. Greg wrote...

At the top of the page it says that the webcast starts at 10am PDT and this post says that we can watch the announcement live at 9am PDT. Which is it?

4. Mateo wrote...

Same question...is it 9a or 10a?

5. Jarad wrote...

Live feed not working....!!! Any tips anyone ...please!! I have a Mac and Ive dled adobe flash thingie and tried using crome and checked to make sure everythings updated.... no luck. Please advise!!! Please!!! I really really want to watch live feed.

6. justin wrote...

There must be too many folks trying to get the live feed. i couldn't get it on my computer, so i am trying to watch it on my iphone and it keeps cutting in and out.

7. John wrote...

Is it just me or is the synch on the live feed between the video and audio off significantly?

I feel like I'm watching an old kung-fu movie LOL

8. Andy Petranek wrote...

I'm watching the live feed now... no problems...

But the graphic for the WOD is WRONG!!!! It's got the reps of Thrusters and Pull ups backwards AND the weight for the women at 100 lbs.

From what Dave C is saying, the WOD is:

2 rounds for time of:
70 Thrusters (155 men / 105 women)
50 Pull ups (chest to bar)
100m buddy carry
- only 1 person can work at a time

9. Andy P wrote...

Is there any way to get a CHAT WINDOW on the live feed page? It sure would be nice to be able to interact with everyone watching online!

10. Jay Lawson wrote...

After a few failed attempts at downloading the Flash Upgrade...it would finish and then say it failed to install...I restarted my computer and went through the process again and it works perfectly now...live feed isn't perfect like watching a download but as good as it gets without being there...until this is an ESPN broadcast event.

11. Chris Crawford wrote...

Yeah I'll 2nd the idea of a chat window! HD feed especially the high quality sound is working great!

12. jami wrote...


13. jp wrote...

i see people are able to get the live feed. I have the latest flash but im still not able to get the feed. any suggestions

14. NM wrote...

try with Firefox. Couldn't get it to work with IE

15. Dan MacDougald wrote...

Where are the heat times posted?

16. Jari wrote...

Please add a local time to fed page. Would help us Europeans alot :)
HD Feed works perfectly

17. Paige Nutt wrote...

I am shocked that we are missing out on the live workouts!!!!! I reallllllly do not want to watch interviews! We want to watch and root on our athletes, show the games please!

18. john wrote...

The scoring is wrong for the masters deadlift event for men and women. Numbers are reversed!


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