2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Day 2 Arrival Times

Be on time

Here's what time you need to be here.

6:45 AM - Live Webcast Commences

7:00 AM - Individual Event 2 Announcement

8:00 AM - Team Event Briefing and Individuals Event 2 Commences (all competitors).

11:00 AM - Team Event 3 Commences (top 48 teams only).

The next Master's event will occur on Sunday. The time is yet to be determined, so stay tuned.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

15 comments on this entry

1. wladi wrote...

This is absolutely amazing to be able to watch it all online and follow our favorite athletes (Deric Maruquin). Thanks HQ for making all of this possible...although I have a little question, will the issue of interruption on the stream be solved by tomorrow am?

2. No GOOD wrote...

HELL YEAH CROSSFIT WILMINGTON NC !!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!! Great pic of Tanner and Zack!!!

3. sal_cf santa clara wrote...

Great live coverage. Thanks HQ!

4. Sam wrote...

Go Crossfit Fort Bragg!!! Woohoo!!!

5. B wrote...

The live feed is excellent so far. Thanks for making this accessible and free to all.

After watching yesterday I have 2 comments:
1. control the camera shots better during the heats
2. crossfit radio guy isn't good - less of him on camera

For example, during the women's heat the camera was displaying some fans in the crowd and didn't bother to film the last muscle-up and last 5 reps of squat snatch of a competitor. During the men's, I don't think the camera showed ben smith once during the entire heat and other top athletes. I realize its live and hectic, but seriously? Missing out on the event to see some screaming fans? It's like the camera folks are ADD, get distracted easily, and then can't follow the athletes who are in the lead during their heats.

All in all, great first day and I suspect Saturday will be even more impressive. Best of luck to all.

6. KD wrote...

Is anyone else having problems with the audio on the archived footage? Live footage yesterday was fine, but I get no sound when viewing the replays from yesterday.
Footage has been impressive, commentary has been great, especially like the “experts panel” -- way more than I ever expected. No complaints here.

B- There's a way to offer up creative criticism in order to help improve things and then there's a way to sound like someone complaining about something that is free and far more impressive than anything we've seen before from anyone else.

There’s an analogy that I used at my previous job when talking about the difference between deling with people from NY vs. California. If you put out free bagels in California, they’d cut them in half and thank you 3 times. In NY, they’d be like “where’s the freakin’ cream cheese”. You my friend, are “from NY”.

It's not what you're saying, it's how you're saying it. It is obvious your heart's in the right place, so don't take this as an attack. :)

7. lisa n wrote...

The games on the live feed were off the hook!! Any word on fixing those technical difficulties? Didn't get to watch the last two mens and womens heats on the first individual WOD. Thank you CrossFit Journal!!

8. Shawn wrote...

I am also unable to hear any audio on Friday's archived footage.

9. Shawn wrote...

I am also unable to hear any audio on Friday's archived footage.

10. Jack wrote...

Loving the coverage, really well done, but the commentators today are AWFUL. Maybe they're just nervous, but they're having trouble piecing together simple sentences, and every other frickin' sound they make is, "uh..." or "um...". Better to have just the sounds of the Games than their crap "analysis".

11. Lucas wrote...

I don't think a single one of Annie's (from Iceland) KB swings in the first set were fully extended at the top... How does the judge let that go?

12. Lucas wrote...

Second set.... She's still not straightening out the kb at the top.. That was one of the specific requirements for the judging.

13. Peter wrote...

I'll second that about Annie's reps. Her KB was, at best, 45 degrees to normal, not close to the standard, on ALL of her reps. But the judge wasn't even looking at the bell, he was looking at her hips. Inexplicable...and not fair for the other girls.

14. John wrote...

it's very "explicable" as to why he was looking at her hips.

15. Peter wrote...

No doubt, but not in the Games, it's not. Not when everyone else is getting the bottoms of their bells to the sky with their judges' eyes on the bells, not the hips.


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