2010 CrossFit Games Finals

CrossFit Taranis' Affiliate Story

Made in Canada, invading the US in one week.

Picking athletes to represent your affiliate at the CrossFit Games is a trying process. Every qualified affiliate has gone through it, some more successfully than others. Those that seem to do it well represent what is best about the CrossFit Community, a feeling of togetherness, or family. Consequently, this also has much to do with the success of the team come game day. Reed MacKenzie of CrossFit Taranis checks in with the following report about their road to affiliate team selection and warns of the ensuing mob of Canadians bound for the Home Depot Center to cheer on their fellow affiliate members.

When you walk through the doors of CrossFit Taranis you are a rookie. It doesn't matter your athletic background or previous tales of glory, CrossFit is a totally different game and CFT is not your average box. Every rookie must complete a mandatory 15 training sessions before being allowed to join the "team" and participate in "team sessions" (group WODs). We follow main site programming at our box and CrossFit.com WODs are no joke.  

Once you graduate from our initial rookie training you are elevated to "team member" status and have joined the rank and file that is Team Taranis. Let the competition begin. Sure you may initially be competing doing scaled movements or modified volume or load but make no mistake, you are competing with everyone. The goal for all CFTers is to do .com as Rx'd and then to do .com Rx'd the fastest or heaviest in the gym. When you reach those goals, you are elevated to a level that newbies and veteran CFTers aspire to achieve and you catch the eye of the coaches, owners, and management at the gym.  

Our selection process was simple for the affiliate cup. Two questions: Who hadn't qualified for Regionals? Who was badass enough to represent our box and our entire team with humility and pride? With the initial team selection made we advanced to Calgary with four competing individually and six competing on the team. However we had a host of CFT supporters that acted as coaches, chauffeurs, cooks, councillors, coffee gophers, videographers, photographers and support crew. Sixteen people in all made the trek and the only thing fully covered by CFT was the team entry fee. We have a dedicated and passionate following.

With desire in our hearts, nervousness in our stomachs and glory in our eyes we attacked the workouts as individuals and as a group. Our team qualified for California and we had the fittest woman in Canada leading the way.  

We are somewhat disappointed to be missing the "woodstock" of Aromas but are stoked to be presented as modern day gladiators at the Home Depot Center. We are, of course, competing to win but regardless of what happens we are going to get better, event after event, day after day, and year after year.

En route to California we have made a couple of minor adjustments to the team. Two team members that didn't qualify individually (Sara Stamm Bergland and Kim Csizmazia who finished 15th and 25th places, respectively) got added to the team. We collectively decided that this would make our team better as we knew other affiliates would also be fortifying their teams. We want to put our best foot forward in California as we don't know if this opportunity will ever present itself again. We are sending a team of six to California and one individual athlete, on guts, determination and .com programming. How about our support crew you may ask? In total: 13 people, all traveling on their own dime to enjoy, support, experience, and live, the joys and tears, the triumphs and defeats, the athleticism, and the spectacle that is the 2010 CrossFit Games.


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4 comments on this entry

1. The Pie wrote...

Love the Taranis crew. You can add our 7 athletes and 11 bad ass spectators to your support crew number.

.....however you probably should have cut The GOAT from your team. His wrist is weak and just looks kinda funny.

The Pie
CrossFit Lions

2. Chris S wrote...

Yeah whoever let the disfigured guy on the team is completely wacked...

Go Taranis!

3. Sully wrote...

hahaha as much as Dan Atkinson probably respects and appreciates Kim Csizmazia, he may take exception to being represented by a girl.... Note: Kim Csizmazia should read Dan Atkinson.

4. BOOM wrote...

Ha ha.

Rumor has it that Dan's the best looking of the group too, and he's the only one that didn't make the photo shoot!

Do water slides count as training???


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