2007 Hopper Workout (Event 1) with other athletes included in the audience

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

From BBQ to the Big Time

Bingo muses on the evolution of the Games.

Man, I really blew it in 2007. I could've gone to the original CrossFit Games. My schedule was open, and I had a pass from Mrs. Bingo. Anybody could go, there was no admission and there was no limit to who or how many could be there. Everything lined up perfectly, and I still didn't go. I blew it.

You see, there just aren't that many people who've attended all four CrossFit Games. It would be so cool to sit here and say that I've been an eyewitness to the entire process. Think about it, from barbecue to the big time!

In 2007, about two hundred people gathered together for the very first CrossFit Games. Really, looking back, it was kind of a great big barbecue with a friendly competition in the family game of CrossFit. The journey began in classic Greg Glassman, What do you think about this? fashion. Logistics were discovered and handled on-the-fly in a classic, old-school CrossFit Santa Cruz production. Speal became Speal, and OPT was now an athlete instead of an abbreviation.

In 2008, it was still first come, first served at CrossFit games 2.0. Every Second Counts met where the heck did THEY come from? Jason Khalipa from obscurity to victory, and Caity Matter from the WNBA. Though he didn't win, we all heard Jeremy Thiel's roar at the end of his 30th rep in the final event. And who can forget those red shorts. We had no idea who Libby Diblase was, but we all knew she was there!

Bigger and better in 2009, from Every Second Counts to "Unknown and Unknowable". First come, first served gave way to Regional Qualifiers. Can anyone say Finnish Firefighter? On the women's side, Tanya Wagner redeemed her 10sec loss in 08 to take the victory. 2009 is also best known for Khalipa's epic comeback and Iceland Annie's epic first muscle-up.

Now, in 2010 Sectionals feed the Regionals, out of which only the top few go on to feed the Games. The Unknown and Unknowable evolves into One Step at a Time. The workouts are announced one hour before they start. No idea how many events or when they'll occur, at least not until the previous one is over. A coliseum-like 8,000 seat stadium with live streaming of the entire event out to the world. It's the CrossFit Games, version 4.0. Bigger and Better!

So don't make the same mistake I made in 2007. Don't blow it. There's room for thousands of us. I got my pass from Mrs. Bingo again, so you know I'LL be there. Can't wait to see you.

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2008 Final Event with Jason Khalipa (Matt Chan and Speal in the background) 2009 Final Chipper, Women's First Heat
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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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