2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Barbells for Boobs

Kevin Daigle fights breast cancer by doing Grace for charity.

We all know from recent CrossFit Journal features that CrossFit creates some pretty amazing forms of the human body. The ultimate expression of that, in terms of sheer concentration, is definitely here in Carson at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Obviously, I'm a fan.

The fabric-to-skin ratio at this event is undoubtedly the lowest of any athletic contest in modern history. As we know, the ancient Greeks competed naked in the original Olympic Games, but that was a sausage-fest. At the CrossFit Games, The female contingent is hot, and they aren't afraid to show it off. In my highly professional mission this weekend, I've been taking in as much of that as possible, and today something really caught my eye. 

Men love bright and/or shiny objects. We know this. So when fluorescent pink caught my eye from across the tent city, I had to take a closer look. What I found was a crowd of people around several very attractive young ladies, who, of course, were CrossFitters. These lovely women were sporting bright pink bras. Not sports bras, but actual bras. The only thing better than bright shiny things is bright shiny things containing boobs. I sucked in the gut, checked the breath and strolled up to ask one of the goddesses in pink what they were up to, besides drawing a crowd.

What I found was two parts inspiring, two parts CrossFit, and one part sex appeal. This was Amazing Grace; a fund raising effort to get mammograms for qualified women (also check out Barbells for Boobs). Grace is admittedly my favorite CrossFit girl, and boobs have always been good to me, so I thought maybe it's time I gave back. On a serious note my Aunt lost a fight with breast cancer, so it's a cause that hit home for me.

What they were doing, besides being more attractive than pre-insanity Britney Spears, was taking a donation to put people through Grace for the chance to win a prize if they managed the fastest time of the day. I couldn't resist for a few reasons: 1) There's not many opportunities for me to train out here with the schedule. 2) Boobs are cool. 3) Most importantly, my aunt had breast cancer three times, which eventually spread, taking her way too soon. 

I didn't win or set a PR (2:14 today vs. a PR of 1:59), but I did get involved with a great cause. Breast cancer kills moms, daughters, wives, cousins, aunts, friends, etc., and I am not cool with that. Look into these guys and girls and help them out. It’s CrossFitters helping CrossFitters for a great cause on the grandest stage the sport of fitness has to offer.

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7 comments on this entry

1. Louise S wrote...

Woot!!! Found these amazing ladies just the other day on Facebook! I can't wait to do Amazing Grace in October!!

2. john wrote...

good job bro

3. kevin hughes wrote...

we are working on organizing a national burpees for boobies and balls next year (breast and testicular cancer) the website... www.burpeemile.com will be up and running in early august. we will start raising funds nationally and having people "go the mile" in either a relay format or do the full burpee mile. One person raised $550 this year for a local Susan G Komen foundation. the Video can be seen on CrossFit Endurance main Site and also do a search for "Burpees for boobies" on You tube. If you are interested in participating in the event, please email kevin@crossfitftf.com and I will put you on the email list for updates, etc. The date will be late april, early may, 2011

kevin- thank you for what you did!

4. perez,samuel !american wrote...

i do not have an email... you can see me on NEWERAFIGHTING.COM IMIN BLUEHAWAIIN SHORTS.... wow i was their on sunday it was intense and extreme., i thought any one can compete anyways about saving the boobs ., better in person then on TV.. ..i do craft and for 2years i have been stitching aknitting boob covers for no reason other then a premantion .. i also came across a story of an elleven year old with breast cancer i thouhght how amazing along with !men breast cancer ..not to sure how the child came thru with recovery but .. i do research on crimes against birth parents !!...and thought i would personnally be upset being left out of an educational conversation with my children .. as a matter of fact i am pissed off i plan on creating a hallmark card with that theme..!. i am available to come on to a team with cross fit to do charity work . my goal is to do charity work in extreme sports and mma.. if amazing grace is intrested i hope ,you can find me homeless in redondo beach ca. @ the library wear i answer questions G.O.D. DONT DARE TO ANSWER!!!my msg contacs are 7149943255--7143291205--and msg fax 3103167151.. i grew up in carson on a street called grace.. its a diverse city but like many places it has its ?'s.... anyways i still have the boobs covers and like spears i am also surounded by water, its a gud thing that i too am bourne extreme!!>>it was awsome i want too compete SUCKA!!...

5. AnneB wrote...

Woo Hoo- You girls are looking so awesome! I am so proud of you Zionna for all the hard work you have done on behalf for women! Amazing Grace is going to be an incredible event-so excited to be a part!

6. Vardo wrote...

Great writeup, Kevin! I'm sure the reason you weren't on your game had everything to do with the heat and nothing to do with the scenery. I found it very difficult to focus on the task at hand - raising money for a great cause!

For those of you who missed the ladies' tent this past weekend, you'd be remiss to not host your own Amazing Grace in October. I look forward to doing this event at our affiliate and encourage others to do the same.

The Facebook page Louise mentioned above is here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lake-Forest-CA/Mammograms-In-Action/185946386449

7. k Malz~FitMom wrote...

Bravo Kevin! 1. an event for you to honor your Aunt 2. you got a WOD in and 3. you got to hang with some pretty ladies! :)

Great concept ladies~ while commentating this past weekend, I celebrated 3 years breast cancer free (July 18).

I would love to be kept in the loop for events like this in the future!


Kim Malz


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