The team deadlift in the second affiliate WOD.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Cup Event 2

CrossFit Fort Vancouver takes the lead.

CrossFit New England took the overall lead into the second Affiliate Cup workout, which brought the pistol into the CrossFit Games for the first time.

Also new to the Affiliate Cup was an event that called for all six competitors to take part. In 12 minutes, each member had to spend a minute repping out deadlifts (264/173 lb.), one minute resting, a minute repping out pistols, one minute resting, one minute rowing for max calories. One athlete started on the first minute, with the next starting the event on the second minute, and so on.

After the athletes completed Event 2A, they had the remaining time to establish a 1RM shoulders-to-overhead lift. Due to the staggered start for each athlete, the first athletes through Part 1 had more time on the overhead lift than those who started later.

Dan Thacker of CrossFit Valley Park was in the first heat and passed on the pistols to focus on the row and the deadlifts. The 255-lb. athlete crushed both with 36 reps on the deadlift and about the same number of calories on the rower. Then he managed jerks of 265, 275 and 285 lb. without a miss. His max is 320 lb.

“It wasn’t too bad,” he said of lifting heavy overhead after Part 1 of the workout. “The initial attempt felt a little lazy.”

He enjoyed the overall workout: “Anything with a rest is good for me.”

Other athletes found themselves under less weight than usual as well. Kristin McKay of CrossFit Refinery was one of them.

“I had practiced 135 so I thought I’d get 150,” she said. “I tried 155 and didn’t get it.”

Ali Loach of CrossFit Calgary wasn’t tired by Event 2A but felt rushed at the overhead portion. She also topped out at 135 lb.

“I think the time aspect was really what got me,” she said. “You step up and everyone is yelling at you. If I would have forced myself to take a second, I would have had 155 lb.”

Of course, Coach Mike Burgener had some advice for competitors performing a variation of an Oly movement after three minutes of hard work.

“Ya know, the big thing about the jerk is the speed through the middle,” he said. “So these guys are coming off that rower, they’re spent, they’re going to drop under that bar all loosey goosey, and they’re not going to be able to hold the weight. Their capacity is going to be minimized drastically. You’ve gotta keep the arms out of it as much as possible, and that’s going to be the problem here because they’ve been using all legs for the last three movements.”

Coach B was also surprised by the number of athletes using the push press. Surprisingly, the Oly expert wouldn’t recommend a traditional jerk from the rack position.

“You can jerk more from behind the head,” he said. “Your elbows are down and you get more tricep drive, plus maximum contact between the bar and the body when it’s on your back.”

The late heats brought the heavy hitters to the plate, and the early leaders were surpassed, with CrossFit Fort Vancouver ending up on top of Event 2A and CrossFit Oakland on top of Event 2B. The overall lead went to CrossFit Fort Vancouver, with 2009 top finishers CrossFit Central in second and CrossFit Invictus in third.

Next up is the second Masters event, a 1RM deadlift.


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Thacker crushing the deadlift portion of the workout. Sage Bergener repping out the pistols.
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1. xfit wrote...

how many teams advance to the next stage?

2. Suzi Dafnis wrote...

This was amazing to watch. Great work and effort by all the competitors. Those pistols looked very painful. Look fwd to tomorrow.

3. Richard wrote...

no mention of crossfit central that is typical.

4. Richard wrote...

guess what crossfit central doesn't even have the number one team it could given and it is still 2nd overall. Jeremy out there and he doesn't want to take somebody's place, Could have given 4 team that would be top ten. no question.

5. Randy Wilkerson wrote...

Go CrossFit Vancouver, represent the NorthWest!

6. Stacey J wrote...

Go Green! CrossFit Fort Vancouver rocks!

7. George wrote...

Way to get it done team Green. I'm sure we'll see more of you guys on the camera tomorrow. ;)

CrossFit thank you for streaming this live, you guys did an awesome job with this event and it is a great experience being able to watch this from home for free! Thank You.

8. Russell wrote...

Right on Richard.

9. Eva wrote...

Well done Team GREEN!


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