The Event 1 action in the Affiliate Cup.

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Cup Event 1

The results from the first event at the Home Depot Center.

The first workout of the 2010 CrossFit Games found teams confronted with an event that balanced strength and size against speed and body-weight ability.

Four-person teams had to complete two rounds of 70 thrusters (155/105 lb.), 50 chest-to-bar pull-ups and a 100-meter buddy carry.

Bigger athletes tend to do better on heavy thrusters but worse on pull-ups, and they tend to be better at carrying than being carried. That’s right in line with the CrossFit tradition of punishing the specialist, and teams had to be truly balanced to succeed in the workout.

After only a few heats it was clear that many teams would have a lot of trouble getting the work done under the time cap. And of course the heat played a role.

“We’re used to humidity in Chicago, but this is a different kind of heat,” said Nathan Lamb of Windy City CrossFit. “The sun just saps you.”

Lamb’s team failed to finish, and when asked about the worst part of the event, he answered with certainty: “Thrusters.”

After the first heats, CrossFit Invictus had the top time (9:57), with the top regional teams still to come in the final heat. That group included CrossFit New England, CrossFit Omaha and CrossFit Apex, with the latter featuring 2009 individual champion Tanya Wagner.

The final heat was a thrilling race right to the line, with CrossFit New England beating CrossFit Central by four seconds (9:43 unofficial) to post the best time of the day. CrossFit Invictus was third in 9:57, rounding out the group up teams who finished under 10 minutes.

The first Masters event runs next as the affiliate teams await their next challenge.

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CrossFit New England, winner of the first affiliate team WOD. CrossFit Lions trade out heavy thrusters. CrossFit Invictus supporters cheer on their team.
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1. beck wrote...

Go Team Windy City CrossFit! Great job Lamb! heavy thursters - so brutal.

2. Chris P. - CF King of Prussia wrote...

So far I'm impressed by the quality of the live streaming, the input by analysts/reporters, and the quick work with pictures and updates. Keep it up and go KoP!

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4. Aaron Suggitt wrote...

Anywhere we can view the full results?

5. Jay wrote...

Sherwood is awesome! I'm waiting for him to have a Dan Rather, 2000 Presidential Election moment where he just starts spewing nonsense and asks if anyone likes gladiator movies.

Someone get that man a Diet Coke!

6. jim wrote...

2nd workout, this site is so confusing and behind??

7. kmc5000 wrote...

where can we view the results?

8. Jim wrote...

In orange upper right corner

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9. Jim wrote...

anyone know the 2nd affiliate wod?? weight?

10. diego wrote...

Yeah CF Performance!!!!

11. Brad wrote...

Great work Team Green!!!

12. Linda wrote...

Go Fairfax!!!!

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16. Kris G wrote...

Go CFP!! Stay strong!

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18. christine read wrote...

GO INVICTUS!!!!!!!!!1

19. CrossFit Camas wrote...

We're watching and pushing for you CrossFit Fort Vancouver!!!! You all are animals!!! Laura McBee

20. Mike J wrote...

man, o can't do 70- 155 lb. thrusters in 10 min, let alone the rest of the workout...

i need to start pushing myself harder. way to go to all the competitors!


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