Mikko Salo deadlifting 495lbs at the 09 Games

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

The 2010 Games Workouts Announced - But Not Really

It's all about the athletes. Are they ready for anything?

CrossFit is the best way to get fit, and the CrossFit Games test who the world's fittest are.

The Games are all about the athletes. For the 2010 Games, we have the highest caliber pool of athletes ever competing in CrossFit. Each athlete has been established as the best of the best in at least two official competitions. In fact, the list of athletes who DIDN'T qualify is extraordinary.

We at HQ hear predictions all the time. The athletes that perform well locally or who dominate their Regionals are often predicted to win the Games. Sometimes they're right (Austin B on Jason Khalipa in 08 and much of Europe about Mikko in 09), but usually they're wrong (pretty much everyone else!).

This year, we hear incredible things about Chris Hogan from the Australians, about Rich Froning and Michelle Kinney from the Floridians, and about Alicia Connor from the Canadians. They all certainly have strong cases to make.

But what happens when the guys meet Mikko, Tommy, Khalipa, Speal, and Orlando, and the women meet Carey, Kristan, Lindsey, Iceland Annie, Christy and Heather (to name just a few)? How well does Regional success predict international success? The anticipation is killing us also!

The 2010 Competition Structure
What are the Games going to be like this year? What are the events? How many will there be? How will they be scored? These questions are important, of course, but they will not determine the winner. The winners will be the athletes who outperform their peers across broad time and modal domains. Even if we just took a diverse set of standard benchmark workouts like Fran, Helen, DT, Fight Gone Bad, and Murph, the fittest athletes would still end up on the podium.

"Ready for anything" is probably the best non-technical definition of fitness we have. Ready for not just the unknown, but for the unknowable. Firefighters, cops and soldiers have no specific idea of what they will be required to do when they respond to a call or engage the enemy. They don't know how long the effort will be, how much rest they'll get between calls, or how things will change mid-stream.

The 2010 Games are going to emphasize this component of real world fitness (to a point). We're only going to announce the next element of the competition at one time. Everyone will learn what the event is about an hour before it kicks off. Shortly after the event is completed, the athletes (and the public) will learn when their next event is. We're not going to say how many events there are, nor how they are spread out throughout the weekend. We will say that there will be some cuts of athletes and teams throughout the weekend.

All that being said, this is the sport of fitness, not BUD/S. The events are going to be great tests of fitness across broad time and modal domains, but rest assured we're not creating an insane paramilitary drill. By the end of the weekend, you'll see the method to the competition. The athletes will get the chance to rank themselves against their peers fairly and broadly.

Here are some more facts:

  • The general schedule is the same as we published earlier.
  • Everyone will know when the first event starts, when the details of the event will be released, and when the time of the second event will be announced.
  • This will be true throughout the weekend. You'll always know when the next event will start and when the workouts will be announced.
  • You won't know how many more events are in the competition or when the later events will start.
  • From the athletes' perspective, they'll know what time their next event is. The workout and standards will be explained about an hour before the event. They will have plenty of time to warm-up and wrap their minds around the task. At the conclusion of the event, they will be told when their next event is, so they will have a known period of time to rest, refuel, etc. There will be no tricks or deception. It's just about taking it one event at a time.
  • From the fans' perspective, you'll be in the same boat as the athletes. When Dave Castro briefs the athletes, we'll publish the event details here on the Games site. That briefing will also be streamed live, so if you're watching, you'll literally hear it with the athletes.
  • Athletes must register at the Home Depot Center on Thursday, July 15th from 12-8pm Pacific.
  • We will announce the scoring system as part of our live Preview Show, webcast on Thursday, July 15th at 6pm PDT (the site is live.crossfit.com, which will be converted to the Games Live Webcast page within a couple days).
  • Teams will be briefed on their first workout at 9am on Friday, July 16th at the Track. Their first event will begin at 10am. At approximately 12:30pm, they will be told when to report for the explanation of their second workout. At that point, this website will also be updated with that information.
  • Masters will be briefed on their first workout at approximately 12:30pm on Friday at the Track. Their first workout will begin at 1pm. At approximately 1:45pm, they will be told when to report for the explanation of their second workout, and the website will be updated.
  • Individuals will be briefed on their first workout at 6pm on Friday at the Stadium. The Opening Ceremonies will take place, then their first workout will begin at 7pm. At approximately 9:15pm, they will be told when to report for the explanation of their second event, and the website will be updated.
  • If a cut will occur after a given event, that will be clearly explained by Dave Castro in that event's briefing.

In summary, the athletes don't know what they are competing in (specifically). They know they will be asked to perform a wide variety of tasks over diverse periods of time. They know those tasks will be comprised of functional movements. They know they will have to outperform their peers if they want to win. But all the specifics are a mystery.

This is significant because this doesn't allow for specialization. In a powerlifting meet, you know you're going heavy and short. In a triathlon, you're going long and light. Being prepared for either or even both in the same event (theoretically) is a very different demand, and it makes our sport unique.

Still, all the athletes and teams are in the same boat. They know when their next event is. They'll have a little time to prepare mentally and warm up for the event. They'll need to perform well at every event because they don't know what comes next. Just like the real world.

Join us, and get your tickets now!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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1. Adam wrote...

Wow! 7pm WOD for the individuals! Good luck guys and gals! I feel an all-nighter comin on!

2. Bob Guere wrote...

When will the HDC be open for specators/affiliates to setup tents in tent city? Friday AM? Thursday PM?

I'm stoked!

3. Donald Clarkson wrote...

Wow! I cannot wait to see this!!

4. Tubbs wrote...

Should be one hell of a show, good luck to the athletes and travel safe everyone!

5. Chase Ingraham wrote...

Wow! Mixing it up, I love it. See you guys in two weeks.

6. Jesus wrote...

Crap!! First event is at 7pm on Friday?? I'm probably going to be driving to the games around that time!

7. Greg wrote...

Really excited to watch it live from my beach house in LBI that weekend, good luck to everyone, i'll do a burpee for you!

8. Sarah Lockhart wrote...

If anyone is looking for extra tickets please email me!!! I am volunteering and just want to unload them so I can use that money to buy CF gear :)

Pass it on to anyone you may know..

9. PXT Cody wrote...

We are planning to watch the live stream on the big screen in our box on Sunday for the climactic finish.
A Paleo (ish) Superbowl-of-CrossFit Party!
But we don't want to miss out!
When might we know a general itenerary for the final day? (closing ceremony)

10. PatS wrote...

Individual all-nighter? I agree. Good luck to all of the competitors, I wish I could be there to support all of you.

11. Ben Lunak wrote...

O man that is awesome im pumped to watch the monstrosity that is about to go down!!!
Semper Fidelis!!

12. Stevie B wrote...

So will the athletes even know when it is the final event or will the not be told that until the WOD is over? Sneaky sneaky

I cannot wait 4 this to start... Wish I could be there. My money is on Kristan Clever for the ladies, keep on smiling Kristan. But goodluck to all the competitors

13. Chris wrote...

Are there any swimming facilities at HDC? If yes, Im betting om à wod with swimming. Alot more "real life" than for example rowing imo. Will be following this online. Very excited!

14. Dannie wrote...

Hey Sarah how many tickets do you have??

15. Joel wrote...

Holy Mother guys, be extremely ready the unknown, more than ever.
Good luck everyone.

16. Tony Budding wrote...

Stevie B.
Yes, the athletes will know when it's the final workout. Remember, the idea here is one event at a time, not the creation of some super mind-game. Think of driving a country road at night. You can see the road in front of you, but not beyond that.

PXT Cody, the awards ceremonies and wrap-up show are planned to be finished before Sunday 5pm PDT.

17. BK wrote...

What sport tells its athletes what they are competing in the same day of competition? 1 hour before??
Just another move by CrossFit to reinfoce its stature as hands down the best sport on the planet. Peerless...nothing comes even remotely close .
Last years games was the best sporting event I have ever seen in my life and this year is going to blow that through the roof.

18. ken c wrote...

great idea for the format of the games. i like it.

19. Ken Gall wrote...

Cool concept. Kudos to the organizers. I agree that this makes the crossfit games even more distinctive than other sports...Very exciting.

20. Ben Lunak wrote...

how does a guy buy tickets?

21. Ben Lunak wrote...

Never mind im just blind up in this bitch

22. Jenni wrote...

I like not knowing the WODS!! Now MAYBE I will be able to sleep at night!! No time to stress...Just do!!

23. Brad wrote...

Is there going to be a twitter feed for updates again this year?

24. Latham Fell wrote...

At 7 pm on 15 July:

"Complete every Girl and Hero WOD in alphabetical order. You have 48 hours. 3, 2, 1, Go."


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