Kristan Clever and Carey Kepler

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Women's Epic Matchup 1: Kepler and Clever

Carey Kepler and Kristan Clever tied for 3rd in the 09 Games. And, they're back!

Kristan Clever was tied for third with Carey Kepler after all eight events in the 09 Games. Built into the scoring was a tie-break. The tie-break was whoever had the best individual placement in any single event won. Well, both Carey and Kristan won one event. So we go to the next best placement. Both had a second also. So we had to keep going. In the end, Carey had 1 first, 1 second, and 3 thirds, whereas Kristan had 1 first, 1 second, 2 thirds, and 1 fourth. Wow! That fight for the final position on the podium couldn't have been more closely contested.

Both are pre-qualified for the Games, so they weren't required to do any of the Regionals. Instead, they both fought for their affiliate teams (Valley CrossFit for Kristan and CrossFit Central for Carey). Kristan competed in (and DOMINATED) the SD/AZ Sectional. She took first place in every single event. She beat the closest female competitor through the chipper by 7 minutes! The top place male competitor was 1 minute behind her.

She also dominated the Triplet in the 09 Games. She beat Charity Vale by 5 reps; next closest was 50 reps behind her (Jolie Gentry). She was able to crank the HSPU unbroken in every round.

Kristan is 26, 5'2", and 130lbs. She snatched 130lbs at the Games, and has since reported overhead squating 175x5. Still, she is no stranger to running. She has run the LA Marathon multiple times and at one point was running 4-6 miles a day, and she took 4th in "the run" at Aromas.

She has a sweet, shy demeanor, and is similar to Mikko during workouts - not given to dramatic faces/noises/finishes on the ground. She remains poised and usually claims she's "ready to go again." She gets lots of support from fellow Valley CrossFitters Rebecca Voigt (#1 in the Southwest Regionals) and Katie Hogan.

Carey Kepler has a background in triathlon and Ironman competition. She is a 34, 5'8", 137lb, mother of 2 children, owner of a "center of excellence." She holds the one of the fastest known "Helen" times for women (7:31).

In 2009, Carey took 1st place in the "Hell's Half Acre" Regional, finishing first in 3 of 4 events, and placing 2nd in the one she didn't win.

In the 09 Games, she was 3rd or better in 5 of the 8 events. As with Clever, Kepler is very proficient at "traditional" CrossFit events. She dominated the Couplet. Her time was 11:01, which was 17 seconds faster than the fastest male (Khalipa) and a full minute faster than the next fastest female (Sarah Dunsmore).

"I know one of the biggest advantages to my training is having at least 5 other rock star athletes training with me at the same time. Crystal McReynolds (who took 9th in the 09 Games), Jessica Sharrat (2010 South Central Regional 4th place), and Jen Cardella (2010 South Central Regional 3rd place), as well as two or three other CrossFit Central bad-asses trained at the same time." Her brother and gym co-owner Jeremy Thiel is also an elite athlete, taking 3rd in the '08 Games.

These two phenoms return to center stage in a little more than a month. Who has the advantage is hard to say at this point. But one thing is for sure: They will have their hands full with at least a dozen other top women. Stay tuned for more Epic Matchups coming soon!

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Kristan Clever 2009 Interview, Pre-Games

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Carey Kepler 2009 Interview, Post-Regionals

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Carey Kepler 2009 Interview, Pre-Games

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Kristan Clever 2009 Interview, Post-Regionals

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14 comments on this entry

1. kris kepler wrote...

that is my wife!!! the Kepler's are huge fans of you Kristan. It will be fun watching you compete along side my wife again!

2. Havalah Winslow wrote...

Carey is going to dominate at the 10" games... I'd expect nothing less of such a rockstar elite athlete. Good Luck!!!

3. Jessica Sharratt wrote...

IMPRESSIVE!!! Congrats to both of you for your hard work and dedication. Carey is my girl so GO CAREY ;-) Good luck to BOTH of you!

4. Adam K wrote...

This is one of the cool things (add it to the list, I know...) about this community - you can be a fan of so many competitors, root for them all, and hope all of them win. Rock on!

5. Ron Fielder wrote...

Good luck Carey! We will be cheering for you.

6. Kimo Kockelman wrote...

Hardass Fitness is also a fan of both Carey and Kristan. It will be great to watch all the competitors go at it. Of course we will be cheering the loudest for our own Hardass Elyse Umeda.

7. MICHAEL LATCH wrote...

We are so lucky to have Kris as a part of our dysfunctional little family! She is amazing, and humble as can be!

(Just don't pronounce her last name like "Cleaver," or she might Tabata your face. It's pronounced like "Cleh-ver.")

8. CrossFit Pasadena LLC wrote...

CFP has their money on Kris to take it all this year!

9. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Best of luck to you both~ breathe fire!!

10. Laura wrote...

Go Kris!! Can't wait to see you kill it this year!

11. slowjoe wrote...

Good luck to both ladies. Kristan especially made a big impression on me when I watched the games videos on the Journal.

But seriously guys, "Men will die for points"...can we have some numbers here. Who has the better Fran? who has the better deadlift? Who has the better deadlift? Same thing with the Khalipa/Salo matchup. That could have been something I spent hours over. I won't be reading it again, because it's brain-dead fluff.

Where's the beef?

12. Tony Budding wrote...

You got it. Once all the athletes are registered and update their stats, we'll launch the stats section of this website, which will have very detailed stats on every athlete competing at the Home Depot Center. Barring unexpected technical details, that should be in about 10 days.

13. JJ wrote...

All the competitors are awesome but my money (and positive vibes) are on for Carey.

14. Moon wrote...

Go Kris!! Can't wait to see you kill it this year!


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