2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Women’s Epic Matchup 3: Christy Phillips and Heather Bergeron

Two outstanding athletes back with a vengeance!

Christy Phillips and Heather (Keenan) Bergeron had their first Games experience in 2009, but both have been part of the community since 2007. They have dominated their respective Regionals for the past two years, and are top contenders for this year's podium.

Christy Phillips - CrossFit MPH
Age: 24
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 130lbs

Heather Bergeron - CrossFit New England
Age: 32
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132lbs

At the ’09 Games, Bergeron ended Day 1 tied for 16th with Tamara Holmes (only 16 competitors went on to Day 2). There was a tie-break system established and after three levels, she was left in 17th place with her competition over. She has been haunted by missing the second day of the games by such a small margin (a mere 10 seconds faster on the couplet would have done it), and is coming to the HDC to win. "I want to walk away from this year without any regret...and I have a lot of regret."

Part of that regret came after learning the Day 2 events, which were very much in her wheelhouse. Proof is that the events in her Regional qualifier this year contained a great deal of similarity, and she won them handily.

Heather and Christy were pretty close through the first three events. Christy was 45sec ahead in the run and 20lbs heavier in the deadlift. Heather came in 5th in the sandbag sprint but 44th in the sledge. Heather was 20sec faster in the couplet. At the end of the day, though, Christy went on and Heather didn't.

Christy did well on Day 2, finishing in 6th overall, one place away from prequalification for this year. She had an epic race with Crystal McReynolds in the first heat of the final chipper.

Christy performed with such domination at last year’s Mid Atlantic qualifier that she took a 1:39 lead into the final event, which had a staggered start to add to the drama. She won the Women's division by nearly two and a half minutes, and set course standards on multiple events. This year was no less impressive, winning four of the five events. She came in fourth on the deadlift, pulling 320lbs, which is 25lbs heavier than the 295lbs in last years deadlift event.

Heather showed her adaptability this year en route to the Games, having to surmount unexpected challenges like shouldering stones (New England Sectional) and navigating prowler pushes and a ski erg (Northeast qualifier).

These athletes are similarly sized. Heather has a few inches and two pounds, but nearly a decade and motherhood differentiate them (Heather is the senior by nine years, with two kids).

One of their biggest differences may come in total volume of training leading into this year’s event. Heather comes from a competitive running and marathon background and this year she’s putting in the occasional double and triple days. Christy on the other hand is trying to emphasize quality over quantity, while still taking the intensity through the roof. She has not been hitting any one thing in particular, but the tide has been rising in all areas for both athletes.

No one knows what the events will look like at the Home Depot Center in July, but these two women are certainly among the favorites going in.

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10 comments on this entry

1. Terry wrote...

wheelhouse refers to area of expertise, or a particular skill...so I am assuming the events in Day 2 were something she most likely would have killed.

I am looking forward to watching Heather and the rest...I don't think there is much that will not be in her wheelhouse this year, go Heather!

2. Jason Lyons wrote...

I love watching women that can beat a lot of guys using the guys Rx. These two are animals. I can't wait to see everyone battling it out.

3. Christy wrote...

Ahem, I'll be 25 next week and I'm 5'4"!!

...alright 5'3 and 3/4" but I have to count every quarter inch I can.
Mine and Heather’s competition history dates back to when she took 2nd and I took 3rd (Tanya Wagner-1st) at the Albany East Coast challenge hosted by Jason Ackerman in 2007. That was my first crossfit competition and I’ve been hooked ever since.
As both a fellow New Englander and crossfitter, I've always felt a strong camaraderie with you, Heather and I've enjoyed all the times we've gone head to head. Looking forward to going at it again in just a few short weeks!
Good luck to all the competitors as we wrap up our final weeks of training.
See you in LA!

4. Ro wrote...

Sorry Christy - we have returned what is rightfully yours!

5. K Malz wrote...

Do your thing ladies~determination and perseverance!

6. L.Plumey wrote...

Hmmmmm...good match-up HQ! Both absolutely PHENOMENAL athletes.
The write-up is correct....day two was totally in Mrs. Bergeron's wheelhouse (MUs, heavy snatches, HSPUs, etc..). She's gonna kill it this year.

I saw Christy at the first NE comp. that she referred to in her comment (she was still better than me then too:+), but she has come so far. Her domination at her qualifier (did anyone else win EVERY EVENT at a qual??!!) is evidence of this.

I cannot wait to compete along side these (And so many other) stellar athletes.

Happy training!

7. Chris Schaalo wrote...

Yeah Heather!
Good luck to both of you, and all the competitors, in LA !

8. Coach Joe wrote...

Knowing all three wonderful ladies (LP has definately put herself in a position in the past year's competitions to be considered one of the elites) - I cant wait to see all of these beast man-handle the wods... Epic should be used to describe the focus and determination all have taken since stepping off the Ranch almost a year ago... To keep yourselves mentally and physically tuned is nothing short of amazing. The most important lesson us commoners can take out of this is that each one of you are great human being both on and off the competition mat... Thanks for making our community a positive and strong one... Best of luck...

9. Dax Minary wrote...

It said that Heather comes from a competitive running and marathon background. Christy (or someone who knows), what is your athletic background? This is definitely one of many incredible matchups I can't wait to watch! Is it July 16th yet??

10. MAX wrote...

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