Iceland Annie and Lindsey Smith

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Women's Epic Matchup 2: Annie and Lindsey

Iceland Annie and Lindsey Smith are our next pair of top contenders.

Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Smith are both natural athletes with an extensive competitive sports background. Annie was a gymnast and pole vaulter. Lindsey was a four sport D1 athlete at Depaul University. Both entered last year's Games with limited pure CrossFit training and did very well.

Fast forward one year and they are both Aromas veterans with another year of CrossFit experience to pull from. Both athletes have been increasing capacity, hammering on weaknesses, and will be tough contenders for the podium at the Home Depot Center.
Lindsey, 27, took 5th place at last year's games, having never even been inside a CrossFit affiliate before the Hell's Half Acre regional qualifiers last year. She showed up with limited experience gained from training in the garage with her husband and took 5th place or better in every Regional event. She finished in 4th and decided that she did in fact like CrossFit. Smith now trains out of CrossFit Central and competed for their affiliate team in the South Central Regional.

She had a brief career as a semi-pro soccer player. Prior to that, she ran track and played soccer at the collegiate level for DePaul University. "I love to compete and CrossFit has provided me that platform," says Smith.

At 5'11 and 155lbs Smith is a tall, lean athlete. But her strength numbers remain impressive. Last year in Aromas she took 9th on the deadlift event by pulling up 315. She also took third in the snatch event by hauling 130 pounds overhead. In addition to these showings, impressive finishes in the rest of the events landed her in the top 5. She was 33rd on the run, 12th on the sandbag sprint, 22nd on the sledge, 7th on the couplet, 11th on the triplet and 8th on the chipper event.
The younger Iceland Annie (20 years old), finished 11th in 2009 after tailoring her training to CrossFit specific drills for about 6 weeks. At 5'7" and 148 pounds, she is solid, a more compact athlete than Smith. Although her bootcamp program consisted entirely of functional movements performed at high intensity, she had only done CrossFit-specific training for six weeks before she stepped foot in Aromas.

Thorisdatter clocked the fastest female time of the day in the sandbag sprint which put her in first place until Wagner reclaimed the lead in the sledge/row event. Annie remained in second until the chipper. All of her finishing orders were impressive. She was 7th in the run, 15th in the deadlift, 4th on the sledge, 14th on the couplet, 9th on the snatch and 4th on the triplet.

Annie's incredible natural ability is highlighted by the fact that she had never performed a barbell snatch, a parallette handstand push-up, a GHD situp, double-under, or muscle-up before that Sunday competition. She entered the final workout in second place. With no prayer of finishing the event, Annie fought for, and eventually achieved, her first muscle up in one of the most dramatic moments in Games history.  

Annie won this year's European Regional with a dominant performance. She finished with three firsts and two seconds in the five events. Samantha Briggs from the UK also had a stellar performance, with three firsts, one second and one fifth, which left her in second place overall.

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9 comments on this entry

1. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Love it! Good luck girls, can't wait to see all of the women compete, absolutely amazing athletes.

2. Shane Gibson wrote...

Get some Lindsey! Karen and I miss you guys and we continue to pray for your training and performance at the games! See you at the HDC! The podium is yours!

3. ryan delcua wrote...

world's fittest "crossfitter" competition continues...

4. Jenni Dant wrote...

Lindsey was also a heck of a basketball player too, where she walked on to a top 20 D1 program at DePaul!

5. Michael Malmfeldt wrote...

Wait, how did two girls each get 3 1sts in 5 total events? (Annie and Samantha Briggs)

6. Megan Allen wrote...

At a great European Regional event Annie and Sam traded firsts and both tied for first in one event.

7. Dani wrote...

i think Lindsey needs to do some more sit ups to work on her abs ;) Holy cow, what a freakin amazing body...AND shes a mom!?!? Incredible!

8. Duane wrote...

Clever is gonna drop bombs on both these girls. Shes gonna win for sure. Bet the house on it.

9. Gum wrote...

I know plenty of guys with strong legs who can do a workout with less than 50 pullups. That doesn't make them well-rounded.


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