2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Tickets Available for Opening Night Soiree

Start your weekend off right

Tickets are now available for purchase to the 2010 CrossFit Games Opening Party. Join us for dinner and drinks on the night of the Opening Ceremonies. The festivities will be located in the premium lounge of the Home Depot Center and will include a buffet dinner (lots of meat and good chow!) and bar. One drink is included with the price of your ticket and a cash bar is available after that. The Party will last from 9 pm until midnight. Start the competition weekend right, mingle with old friends and make new ones.

The price will be $60 per ticket. You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

23 comments on this entry

1. Becca wrote...

On the topic of tickets, is there a chance that we will be able to purchase single day admission tickets for the Home Depot Center?

2. Adam wrote...

I'll be shocked and amazed if people pay money for this, on top of spending $100 for tickets to get in.
This would have been a great opportunity to pay the fans back and welcome the crowd by throwing a party for the spectators and competitors.

3. Armen Hammer wrote...

I agree with Adam. This is getting ridiculous and borderline insulting. HQ is starting to take advantage of the strong sense of community they've created by gouging us when it comes to ticket prices and that's unacceptable.

4. paul wrote...

Please, be reminded that you do not have to attend the party. I'm pretty sure there will not be any of the participating athletes at the party Friday night. The ones eliminated from competing on Sunday, may attend the party on Saturday night. If there is a way of sending a message as a consumer, it's by not purchasing the product being sold. People that don't mind paying the $60 don't see any issues with supporting this grand event. If you are offended by the cost, DON'T GO.

5. Leo wrote...

I agree with #2 & 3. I’ve posted a comment before about how expensive the thickets are and now they’re throwing a party and charging $60 for that? ...come on....this is getting ridiculous. Next thing they will charge you $20 for taking pictures with Annie Thorisdottir, Lauren Pryor or Miranda Oldroyd.

Wait...I take the last part back!. I WOULD PAY $20 for taking a picture with them!

6. lame wrote...

How does a company that makes 6 million a year on level 1 certs have an event at the Home Depot Center with the grand prize being a whopping $25,000? Can anyone say national beer pong championship? It's not about the money though, right?

7. Adam wrote...

I understand that I don't have to go; all I was saying is that this would have been a great chance for HQ to pay back to the fans.

8. Armen Hammer wrote...

Paul, that argument is silly. Let me show you why by applying it to a couple of other situations.

If you don't like the price of gas, the best way to send a message as a consumer is to not pay for the product. If you are offended by the cost, DON'T BUY IT.

"Hammer," you might say, "gas is a necessary component to the functioning of my car. You're mixing up something necessary with something optional".


Have you ever been to Disneyland? It costs about $80 to get into Disneyland. What HQ is doing here would be the equivalent of Disneyland charging people to enter the separate kingdoms within the theme park even though they've already paid to get in. But whatever right? You're already in Disneyland! If you don't want to go to Tomorrowland, then DON'T GO.

It's just wrong to charge 80% of the face price for a ticket to a weekend event for a 3 hour event on one night.

Also, Paul, by merely not purchasing the ticket, I'm not sending a clear enough message because there are many many reasons why people won't buy tickets. The best way for me to send a message is to literally tell them. So here I go:

Hey, HQ. This is f*cking bullsh*t. Cut it out or you're going to eventually ruin the goodwill you've created with your community.

9. ben wrote...

i bet lots of people will pay the $60. I bet a lot of people will be happy that they went. Hopefully, the food will be good. Seems like they could have made it closer to an open bar or something. But this is a capitalist world and I'm not sure if anyone reads the articles that are often linked to on the mainsite, but they are always very pro capitalist, pro free-market and that there is no global warming. So dont be surprised at the attempts for this business to make cash. Lakers' games are close to $100 for 3 hours and there are only 24 athletets. The $94 for the 3 day even, i think, i very reasonable.

10. Bob Guere wrote...

While I agree that the cost of this dinner is crazy - high, and I won't be attending, I don't see the need to get vulgar with HQ. But, it's America still, so have at it.

And on that subject, while this is still America (and I have serious doubts about this fact in the future)... we're still capitalists. HQ can charge what they want, and those willing will pay for it. Those unwilling, won't.

To me, this falls right in line with the ridiculous amount of money it would've cost me to attend FilFest. I just won't go.

11. Chad Givens wrote...

6 million a year??? Are you serious im starting to like CroSSfit HQ alot less and will consider not attending and watching it on tv instead. this is a joke.

25k should be 100k what a rip off for the fans and compeititors

12. Dave wrote...

what night does this event take place?

13. danielle wrote...

An event like this are not cheap to put on and they should not be cheap to attend.
This is a world class sporting event and you should all be grateful that the organizers are trying to make it as epic a weekend as possible for the athletes and the spectators.I think the dinner is a great idea and not over priced. Try going out to a nice dinner in LA for any less.
CrossFit is trying to do us all a service, you all probably think you should get the journal for free too?

14. lame wrote...

danielle please. Its the CrossFit Games, not the olympics. The athletes are paying their way out there, paying to compete, etc. Its still a hobby until there is money it for people that they talk about on their site every day.

chad yep. look at the certification pics and do the math.

15. kris kepler wrote...

“Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true”

Polish Proverb

Now for the small investment the Kepler' have made to get to the games this year, I hope my wife kicks ass and wins the $25G's!

16. Jake Worthington wrote...

Family of 4 Movie tickets to any IMAX 3D (2 adults 2 kids) = $66 (no popcorn, milk duds, or Red Vines)

Baseball game ticket $12-$120 (not including weiners, beer, foam fingers, etc)

Airlines $25 for 1st bag, $50 for 2nd bag, and $100 for 3rd bag (not including food in the airport and on the plane)

Disneyland $154 per 9 year old $184 per adult for 3 day hopper (not including churros, mickey mouse ears, and giant turkey legs)

X Games Kickoff Bash = $160 youth + $208 adult (not including refreshments)

3 day pass for the CF Games = $90 after fees
An OPTIONAL buffet/dinner = $60

McDonald's (official sponsor of the Olympic Games) has a dollar menu if that is better suited for your means. And there will be a live feed via the internet for the duration of the games.

The options are there, I'll be at the games spending most of my money trying to buy out the beer tent.

17. Andrew wrote...

$60 for this doesn't bother me, if it's worth it you, do it, if not don't. I will not be attending the party because $60 is too rich for my blood.

There will be a lot of people not attending who still want to party, so let's do it! Anyone know what the rules are at the parking lot at Home Depot Center? I seem to recall that it's ok to have grills and beer in the parking lot (I could be wrong, can someone confirm?). If they don't have rules for how long you can stay let's just get a ton of people out in the parking lot with grills going and kegs pumping and have an awesome time. If they do make us vacate the parking lot by a certain hour, let's find somewhere cool in the general area and get a ton of CFers in there for a good time.

Let's have some fun.

18. Justin Judkins wrote...

Chad, Lame and all of you that think Coach and HQ are a bunch of money mongers, the following is from Steve Liberati:
Club Kids Go to Cali
Thank you Coach Glassman and the team at CrossFit HQ for helping to save a city--one kid at a time. Five kids from Camden, NJ have been sponsored to attend this year's CrossFit Games. Faithful members of Steve's Club, these kids train five times weekly. They are all employees of Steve's Original, and three of them competed in the recent Northeast Regionals. In addition to sharing a hometown, a box and a workplace, they will all share their first plane ride on July 14 as we travel to sunny LA. Big props to Coach Glassman and crew for making this literally the first a trip of a lifetime.

19. Jason wrote...

Seriously had a gutful of people whinging about the cost of this, the cost of that.

Don't like it, don't go, don't pay. Easy fixed.

Get your head outta your arse and stop thinking you're owed something in life.

Go train!

20. Matt wrote...


Trying to buy out the beer tent.....? Proooooove it!!!!

21. Natasha wrote...

Andrew...Great idea! Tailgate party baby!

22. Dan Schnieding wrote...


Who cares if they've spewed the largest collection of high-quality fitness information and media on their website for free for nearly a decade?

Who cares if they're broadcasing the event online, so more people than ever can watch the Games?

Damn those capitalist finess snobs.
Give me a break.

23. seriously wrote...

I don't think they allow tailgate parties at the Home Depot Center, and the local area is the ghetto. $60 bucks is not a bad price for a cool party at the event. If I were going I would have payed to attend. I have spent more then that taking kids to see the latest movie. For those thinking HQ owes the fans and the community anything, come on, seriously. They have changed the world. Were and what would any of us be doing this weekend if it weren't for Crossfit and the HQ staff that started this thing. You think they haven't invested money and time into this. In America people get payed for goods and services. Have you ever heard of the rule of commons. A free party for everyone like the one they described would eliminate any profits from the games, which is probably capital for next years event. Maybe those people should go back to Gold's gym were they give out free lunches at their games.


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