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Forging mental toughness

The key distinguishing factor of Special Ops warriors, Adventure athletes and individuals who overcome extreme adversity is mental fortitude.

CrossFitters also require mental fortitude to excel and endure the intensity of their training. Athletes in the CrossFit Games are taken to the brink of their physical abilities multiple times in a day. How they perform after that point determines who is in the winning heat.

Training for Mental Toughness is critical for elite athletes but a difficult process which must be done in a controlled environment and with professional guides. At SEAL FIT, training Mental Toughness and the Warrior Spirit is our passion.  As CrossFitters and former Navy SEALs, we understand firsthand the mental fortitude and internal control required to endure the rigors of intense combat. We bring these tools and techniques to the public through a few incredible training programs held at our beach training center in Encinitas, CA.

SEAL FIT is the training authority for preparing prospective Special Ops candidates and elite athletes to excel in their chosen professions and passions. The program was developed by Navy SEAL and CrossFit affiliate owner, Mark Divine, and combines training of the mind, body and spirit by integrating Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Mental toughness, Awareness and Durability training.

SEAL FIT Camps challenge individuals to find the deep inner resolve that we all have but rarely tap.  This "spirit strength" is accessed after the physical body meets repeated failure. Our SEAL FIT Warrior Spirit camps will challenge the most accomplished athletes to face their demons and grasp their own inner warrior ("Kokoro") spirit (read testimonials)

Moe Kelsey (3rd place finisher at the 2009 CrossFit Games) attended the SEAL FIT Kokoro camp in March and had this to say about it:

"I definitely feel the Kokoro camp was beneficial. When I am in that place in a workout, I'm dragging and need to keep on pushing through the pain and suffering, I sometimes reflect to my self: I can do this. This little WOD is nothing compared to what I did at the Kokoro camp. The mental toughness I developed in the camp really does help in training"

Join the many CrossFitters and Affiliates Teams who are finding SEAL FIT just the challenge they are seeking to up their game and take their mental training and teamwork to a whole new level!

Call Mark at (760) 634-1833 or email him at mark@sealfit.com to learn more. Visit us online at SEALFIT.com to enroll in our camps or learn about our online coaching program.

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12 comments on this entry

1. Dan wrote...

I attended a SEAL FIT Immersion camp and am a graduate of Kokoro Camp 10. I have nothing but praise for the program. It was by far the most challenging experience of my life, yet the most rewarding at the same time. I have taken my mental toughness to the next level by finding the warrior spirit within me.

I began with a strong CrossFit background, but SEAL FIT has taken my training to the next level. I recommend everyone participate in a SEAL FIT camp, so they can reap the same benefits I have.

2. Alan wrote...

I am a 20 year old male who attended the Kokoro camp (Class 8) Words cannot do justice to how much the camp propelled me towards my life goals and achievements. I never thought that I would be able to push my body to the limit over and over and at the same time continue to grow and improve in my performances as the camp progressed.

I have been training in Crossfit for the past 10 months and have been training in SEALFit for the past 8 months. The SEALFit program in Encinitas, CA is unlike any other; the people, the atmosphere and the WOD/s are extraordinary!

I am a graduate of Kokoro Camp Class 8 and I challenge all CrossFit athletes of all skill levels to embark in the challenge of the Kokoro camp.

3. Dole wrote...

This past weekend, I had the honor of graduating Kokoro Camp 10 through SEAL FIT, one of the toughest and most fulfilling challenges of my life. Through the SEAL FIT training, I surpassed my own expectations by miles, and I feel I now have the mental capacity to take on any challenge life can throw at me. I’ve been with Crossfit for over a year, and love it, but I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to kick up their performance to the next level.

4. Aaron wrote...

I like Dan also attended the immersion camp and Kokoro Camp 10 and have to agree with everything he said. This program is simply the best and will push you mentally and physically farther then you could ever imagine. The long term gains that come from the brief time of being uncomfortable and tired are invaluable. After going through the camp and Kokoro weekend I honestly believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that quitting really is not an option. In addition to this if you go to one of these camps you will meet a rare group of dedicated and determined individuals that will not take no for an answer and would rather die then utter the words 'I quit'. Being around a group of men with that attitude is inspirational and something people seldom get to be around.

5. Luca (A la Lucia) wrote...

Do you think you have what it takes to push past all points of physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion? Want to really get to know who you are deep inside. Then this is the place. I attended and graduated from Kokoro Camp 10 and like the rest of my teammates had the great honor to be schooled in the fine art of the warrior mentality. If you come here with an open mind, give your all and really pay attention to what is being taught, you WILL be transformed at the end. This is not for the mentally weak, come here prepared to push yourself to the limits.

The cadre on site are some of the sharpest and down to earth people I have meet in life. They are also brutally honest, expect no sympathy for anything here, if you have a weakness, they will exploit it. Adapt or quit.

In the end I can honestly say that this was the single most intense and difficult thing I have done in my life. However, it was also the most eye opening and rewarding as well. I can not express enough how grateful I am to Mark and the rest of the Cadre on site for everything.

Ask yourself two things:
**What is your WHY?**
**What dog are you feeding today**

6. alex wrote...

I am one of the recent graduates of SEAL Fit Kokoro Camp 10 and i can say that i have never done anything in my life quite as tough or satisfying as this camp, all the preconceptions you have about your mental fortitude and physical abilities will be broken down and molded into something you never thought yourself possible of achieving. anyone looking to find out what resides at your core being, SEAL fit is the place to find out.

Conquer your 5 Mountains !!

7. Chris wrote...

I have been crossfitting for over a year, and have been playing competative water-polo for over six. I am always looking for ways to improve my overall self; including the mental game. I recently completed Kokoro Class 10 and truely feel it was a big developmental marker in my life; not just for improving my athletic life, but also my life as a whole. The team at SealFit are some of the most knowledgeable and honest people I have met. Getting through this weekend is a testament to your spirit and only benefits you as a person in the end.

8. Ciralli wrote...

No matter your chosen path in life we all meet challenges. There comes a point in any persons life where they must meet and exceed these challenges in order to grow. Every morning something lies ahead of us, whether big or small, that challenges us. SEALFIT has helped tremendously. It has helped me tremendously by making me fail, making me exhausted, and making me question my motives. But what resides after that is a beautiful thing, because at that point you can tell yourself I will not give in. You cannot see the edge till you get there, and once you get there you will know who you are. I owe a lot to SEALFIT, it has been a tremendous honor to take part in these workouts, and to attend and graduate a Kokoro Camp (9). Stay humble, stay focused, and always strive to get better, that is what SEALFIT has meant to me.


9. shannon wrote...

being an active USCF'er has afforded me the unique opportunity to watch SF multiple times a week (and even participate occasionally) for over a year now. it is an incredibly challenging and motivating program. In this last year I have watched, supported and cheered on participants in numerous immersion camps and kokoros. From still teenagers to much older men, they come to find out what they've got. and what i have seen is that the men who are willing to throw themselves into these programs find out more about themselves than just their physical strength, capacity and endurance- they find out whether they have the mental dedication and discipline to push themselves to the extent demanded of them. It is brutal. it is amazing. and it is inspiring. i am, every single time, deeply impressed with their accomplishments. after a kokoro the pride and satisfaction that emanates from the participants is tangible...... and finally - a shout out to the very staunch and loyal web SF community across the country- you guys are bad asses too for doing it on your own so religiously- come visit us in encinitas!

10. Trey Fischer wrote...

Professionalism, efficiency, and dedication are three words that come to mind when thinking about the staff that work for Mark Divine at SEALfit and USCrossfit. I have nothing but praise for his establishment, because of his program he has prepared me for the special forces unlike any other coaching I have experienced.

I like many of there others posting comments on this forum attended one of the Kokoro Camps ( Camp 9). It was a grueling and arduous camp that brought out the best in you not only individually but on a team level. With this camp I know it had better prepared me for BUD/s not only physically but mentally.

As for SEALfit as a whole Mark has available different types of camps that will fit you physical and mental toughness demands. Whether it is the 48 hour Kokoro camp that gives you a taste of what Hell Week is like, to a 3 week immersion camp that helps you develop in all walks of life.

I can honestly say that the program Mark has created are worth every penny and i can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Also one important note is that you do not have to have any interest at all in being the the service to receive the full benefits of Mark's Camps and WODs, whether you are a business executive hoping to become a better leader or a fitness junky,his programs are designed for almost every niche.

11. Adam Shreim wrote...

SealFit WODs were the tool I needed to rapidly excel in the CrossFit world. After training with CrossFit for a year, I felt like I hit a huge road block in decreasing WOD times, maximizing my efforts and setting new PRs. After utilizing SealFit for 6 months now, I have set elite times in most of the named/Hero WODs, pushed my weight-lifting PRs to a level I did not think I could achieve in as little as 6 months (increase in over 115 lbs. on deadlift as an example, from my previous PR) and have been able to constantly stomp that little nagging "give up and go home" voice that haunts me during WODs.

Even the Warm-Ups can get challenging and most of the WODs demand our bodies to go above and beyond the onset of fatigue, but still find a way to tackle them day-in and day-out.

SealFit is my secret weapon and, by far, my favorite sponsor of the 2010 CrossFit Games!

12. Mike wrote...

I just got back from the Kokoro Camp held by SEAL Fit this past weekend and let me just say this makes standard wods look easy by comparison. This camp tests you not only physically but mentally as well. if you have what it takes to make it through until you are secured by Coach Divine then you will have come to the realization that you are capable of anything. Not just in Crossfit, though I am confident that with this new mental outlook you will be able to push through a lot of the barriers that have ben keeping your times up, but in life as well. This camp is designed to allow you to find you inner strength and harness it for your benefit. I recommend the Kokoro camp to anyone who is looking for the next challenge in their life and wants to free their inner warrior.


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