2010 CrossFit Games Finals

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Home grown company provides equipment for the CrossFit community

We’re in business for one reason: Greg Glassman. In October 2006, I sat at my first CrossFit Level I Certification Seminar, and Coach gave a now-dormant lecture called “The Revolution”.

The core concept was simple: pursue excellence, and the market will reward you. Pursue money, and you’ll go to jail. In my mind, the takeaway was clear: each and every day, we had to be better than we were the day before. Again Faster was born.

Since that day, we’ve pursued excellence as our end goal.  

In four years, Again Faster has gone from a one-man show to myself and five full-time team members, every one of us a dedicated CrossFitter. One of our staff members, James Hobart, will be competing in the Games this year, and the entire customer staff competed in Sectionals and Regionals.

Patrick Cummings and Ian Wittenber have been running around the country filming the Games Qualifiers and making slam-bang pieces for the CrossFit Journal, all while producing our instructional series of videos, The Mic’d Instructor. I’m really proud of those guys and the work they do, and I hope you’re enjoying their coverage.

Simultaneously, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to be a member of the Level I Certification Staff, traveling all over the country and the world helping to educate and inspire the next generation of CrossFitters. Almost every weekend, I get to watch the excitement and passion of the newly-Certified, something that gets me fired up over and over again, and keeps us roaring come Monday.

The equipment business has surpassed our wildest dreams. We’ve gone from a single item, the Again Faster Portable Pullup Bar, to thousands of items for the home and Affiliate gym, from one supplier to over 25. In the process, we’ve outfitted thousands of gyms with the kit they need to CrossFit. I love the idea that we send the equipment folks need to change lives.

We appreciate your role in this so much.  Without CrossFit, without Coach, without you, we’d be nothing: no audience, no athletes, no customers. Keep training hard, and give us a call when you’re ready to get that next piece of equipment. We’ll be here, aiding The Revolution.

Jon Gilson
Owner, Again Faster

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Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

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Again Faster: Six Times

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6 comments on this entry

1. Don Clarkson wrote...

Jon is a great guy and a great American. He has traveled overseas to bring CrossFit to the troops and helped supply their gear out of his own pocket.

His company has great custoner service and integrity and we are lucky to have people like him in the community!

2. Will Malz wrote...

Jon and his team at Again Faster have created the single greatest customer service organization I've encountered. Any time, any question, any issue, Jon and his team treat every phone call like you are their most important customer. From buying thousands of dollars of equipment to get our gym up and running to picking up the occasional one-off jump rope, our experiences with Again Faster have consisted of only supreme customer service coupled with outstanding products at excellent prices.

3. Matt wrote...

Even down here in New Zealand, Jon and Sam have looked after us and taken care of our equipment needs.

Along with the really useful video's, Jon also writes great articles, "You are beautiful" is a must read for all our female clients.

Thanks to Jon and his team for all that you provide to the CrossFit community world wide.

4. Jason Lyons wrote...

In my opinion, Brother Jon is one of the most generous people in the community. His knowledge about what we do and why we do it is unreal and his willingness to share it with you and answer your questions is unparalleled. My relationship with him has made me become a better trainer and I wish him all of the success that he can find, it is surely warranted.

5. AJ Lester wrote...


Jon even gave some really fast, helpful replies to my queries about his web videos (when it was clear I wasn't even going to buy anything). Truly the mark of someone pursuing excellence rather than money.

I really respect Jon, his approach and his contributions. Keep it up!

6. Aimee Lyons wrote...

Since my husband took care of giving Jon some much deserved respect...I thought I'd give a shout to Ian and Patrick, although not typically in the spotlight I haven't seen guys work as hard as these two trying to capture every angle and all athletes at Sectionals and Regionals...what a Class Act and great team at Again Faster...keep up the good work guys!


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