Moe Kelsey, Mikko Salo and Tommy Hackenbruck will battle again at the HDC!

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Qualified Athletes

The list of qualified athletes and teams for the 2010 Games is final!

The long Qualifier season is over and we finally have the official list of athletes and teams who are invited to compete at the 2010 CrossFit Games on July 16-18 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

These are the best of the best, the ones who have distinguished themselves in the heat of battle. The quality of these athletes is extraordinary; the finest collection of the world's fittest ever assembled.

Who will make it to the podium on Sunday, July 18th? That is anyone's guess at this point. So many stellar athletes, all of whom have top finishes in at least two official competitions. No one is untested. No one is unknown.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be highlighting several of the epic matchups worthy of your attention: Athletes and teams who are remarkably similar or remarkably different, whose strengths and weaknesses play off each other beautifully.

In the meantime, take a gander at the lists of incredible athletes about to take center stage at the Home Depot Center!

2010 Qualified Athletes and Teams

For those of you who like to play with data, here is the master Excel version. Please note that we didn't include athletes who qualified but have informed us they won't be competing. Charity Vale and Jolie Gentry are pregnant, Tanya Wagner is competing with her affiliate team, Caity Matter Henniger's family business (Rogue Fitness) is booming and all-consuming, and Steve Willis is injured (knee).

If you are on this list, you will receive an email invitation very soon (if not already). Please follow the instructions and register online ASAP. Also, as you make travel plans, please note that all athletes and teams must check-in on Thursday, July 15th between 12-8pm. The team and masters competitions start Friday morning, with the official opening ceremonies early evening Friday. More details coming soon.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

15 comments on this entry

1. Kevin Penner / CrossFit by BodyFit wrote...

Go Camille......You rock! So very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

2. corey wrote...

does this mean individual’s begin to compete Saturday?

thank you for the update!

3. Adam Stevenson wrote...


Does this mean that the entire team will have to be there for the check in, or just the team captain?

4. Tony Budding wrote...

Individual schedule is not announced but it is not safe to assume that individuals begin on Saturday.

Yes, all team members need to be there on Thursday (though not necessarily at the same time). We're not in Aromas anymore. Security and credential requirements are much stricter at the Home Depot Center, especially since we're expecting 2-3x the crowds as last year.

5. Nando Moreira wrote...

There is a mistake in the list... Nelly Rodríguez won the South America Regionals for the women... so she is the top 1 in her category and her name is not in the list....

6. Adam Stevenson wrote...


Thanks for the quick response, cant wait!

CrossFit SoCal

7. Kristin wrote...

Crossfit sky in Tulsa, are awesome! We are so proud of you guys!!

8. Chris Pace wrote...

DIRTY SOUTH will represent!!!

9. C.J. Martin wrote...

Amazing list of athletes and teams! It's astonishing to see how far the sport of CrossFit has come sine 2007. Congratulations to all who qualified for the Games . . . that alone is an impressive accomplishment.

10. Neilfit wrote...

Tony Budding

Hi Tony,

I hope all is well with you and the rest of the Crossfit HQ team.

Re Masters event

14 Americans V 1 Scotsman/European

Interesting odds - put down for $20 (Ha! Ha!)

Beat of luck to all the qualifying athletes, especially the Masters.

Hope catch up with you at the Home Depot Center.

BTW I still don't row on water

11. Neilfit wrote...

Should have read

Best of luck to all the qualifying athletes, especially the Masters

Hope to catch up with you at the Home Depot Center.


I really must start wearing my glasses.


Crossfit Scotland
@ Basix Gym

12. Matt CrossFit Cayman wrote...


Does the Non-Competing Coach for the Affiliate teams have to be from their affiliate or can it be anyone?

13. corey wrote...

Thanks Tony. Can you give us an ETA on when you think the individual schedule will be released? Sooner the better for those of us that need to plan ahead with travel arrangements and accommodating friends/family in addition to dealing with logistical expenses. Some of these itmes become more expensive at the date gets closer.

14. gb wrote...

so do athletes get cut after each event in LA? IS IT KIND OF LIKE THE NCAA basketball tourney down to the final wod??

15. Rory Maccoll wrote...

Hey Neil good luck dude!!!! As you said, where sunglasses!!! Ha haa,
We aint used to that bright light.

I missed your heat because my wife wanted to do the flaming banking haha. ill find it though!!

Awesome effort from everyone!!!



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