2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Q & A with Lauren Plumey

Games veteran is focusing on mental toughness

Do you feel more prepared this year, and if so, why?

Yes, I feel stronger both mentally and physically. I have PR'd on all lifts and "girl" WODs since last year and really worked on that inner voice that tells me to slow down in WODs. Now that I have made it to the Games a second year, I also feel that it is not a fluke and tell myself that I am just as good as any other athlete competing.

What athletic attributes have you been working on the hardest?

Mental conditioning. Every WOD is game day. Suck it up. Never making excuses; i.e., “This is my second WOD today, I'm tired, I ate poorly yesterday,” etc.

Can your fans expect you to be the sole winner of the shortest shorts title in 2010 after you tied with Libby Dibiase last year?

You know it! Can't let the people down! I may not beat Libby in much, but I think I took it for the shorts last year. (I) told Castro that I'll be auctioning off the shorts from the hill run last year to pay for my plane ticket to Cali.

What would your dream WOD be at the Games?

1-rep-max deadlift, then 20-inch box jumps, 95-lb. hang power cleans, 1.5-pood kettlebell swings and double-unders in any format and any rep count, or just the Filthy Fifty.

What would your best strength event be?

Deadlift. Certainly not shoulder press or bench.

Besides yourself, name three women you could easily see on top of the podium at the end of the Games.

Kristan Clever, Carey Kepler, Christy Phillips... Annie T. is a beast too! Tough question.

If you could "steal" something from one competitor--Annie Thorisdottir's raw athleticism or Kristan Clever's strength, for example--what would that be?

Heather Bergeron's ass. Seriously. Kristan Clever's shoulder strength, and pretty much everything she has. I don't really see a weakness in her performance.

There's a track at the Home Depot Center. How does that make you feel?

I am not too worried about it. I run better on a track (but so does everyone else). However, I am a better distance runner than sprinter. I am just glad that they can't get a pool in the Depot Center—or can they?

Do you have your competition outfits planned already? Any hints you can offer?

Less is more. It is hot in Cali. No definites yet, though. LuLu, I'm comin' for ya!

Have you set a goal for yourself this year? Winning it all? Top 5? Top 10?

Making it to day 2. Ultimately, as I told Ian from Again Faster in my interview, I do not want to collapse mentally in any WOD. There is a quote I have been keeping in mind that reads, "It is shameful for the soul to quit when the body perseveres." That's it in a nutshell, no mental breakdown before the physical!

Whose voice do you need to hear to get you through the last minute in a brutal AMRAP?

Well, Zack de la Rocha from Rage can get me through almost anything. But there is nothing like my original CF coach, Ben Kelly (CrossFit Performance), and good friend Jocelyn Leydon (CrossFit Milford) inspiring me to keep going (something about a crazy Aussie and a 5'2" hot blond screaming at you in unison that won't let you stop moving!).

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Plumey went head-to-head with first place finisher Alicia Connors

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11 comments on this entry

1. Melissa Mulligan wrote...

LP and I started Crossfitting together in Milford when Ben Kelly (Performance) and Jason Leydon (Milford) started their boxes just over two years ago. It was an all out riot to train with LP and watch her turn into such a beast out there!!! She's as feisty (and FUNNY) as they get, and tougher than any athlete I know. And she looks stunning while she does it!
Girl, you're going to kill it in Cali - I'm working on my Aussie accent and will be cheering for you with all my heart. Pump ya heart up, mate! :)

2. gaucoin wrote...

Best picture in CrossFit history.

3. ec wrote...

lp -

you are hysterical! and a beast. GOOD LUCK!

4. Kimberly Malz wrote...


I don't have Ben's sexy Aussie accent and I certainly am not a hot blonde...but damn it girl, I'll be cheering and screaming all you need in Carson!


Kim Malz

5. Denise Thomas wrote...

Go get 'em, tiger!!! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE....and FLIP THE SWITCH!! See you there.

6. BK wrote...

Will be in ya corner when the whips are cracking mate, cannot wait!
World class athlete and hands down the worlds best partier is Mrs Lozza Plumey!!!!

7. jason leydon wrote...

We are so proud of you LP and how far you have come! We will be there for you when the lights turn on...

8. Blanco wrote...

I won't be able to be there to cheer you on in person but YOU KNOW I'll be checking up on that sh*t!! All the work you've put in and now the games are here! Good luck from all the Blanco's!

9. mark t wrote...

Well don't you worry LP, i will make up for BLANCO not being present to sceream and yell, we will all be in your corner pushing you every step,of the way.

10. Heather Bergeron wrote...

LP. You can take my ass if I can have those legs. Deal? You're bad-ass, girl. I'm obsessed with you. :)

11. joy wrote...

does anyone know what kind of sports bra lauren was wearing during the muscle up wod?


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