DJ at the 2009 CrossFit Games

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Q & A with DJ Wickham

Up close and personal with this Canadian veteran.

You were 38th after the run that started the Canadian Regional. What was going through your mind at that point?

I was expecting to do better in the run then I actually did. After I had a chance to take it all in, I realized I would likely need to average in the top five for the remaining four events. I knew what I had to do, and I went out and did it. It was an experience that I learned a lot from.

Did Jason Khalipa and the 2009 CrossFit Games cross your mind? What did you learn from watching Jason claw his way back?

Much like Khalipa going into the Games last year, I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me going into regionals with the success I had the previous year. Most of this pressure I put on myself. Once I shit the bed on the run, the pressure was off and I could just focus on putting everything I had into each of the remaining WODs and seeing what would happen. Khalipa’s performance last year definitely inspired me to claw my way back, but in the end it came down to how bad I wanted it.

You're a solid Olympic lifter. Did you feel confident of a win in the snatch-complex WOD that came second at the regional?

I knew I had to win that event. After my warm-up, I was a bit concerned about being able to accomplish that since I was struggling with lighter weight. As soon as I felt the energy of the crowd and got my first set of the complex out of the way, I knew there was no way I was not going to win that event.

You won the Canada West Regional last year. Was the level of competition higher this year? Of the other male athletes who qualified, who impressed you the most?

Shit, last year I think there was like 40 competitors or something like that in all of Western Canada. This year the pool of athletes probably at least quadrupled. On top of all the dudes who were tops at the regional’s last year, who were coming back even stronger, there were a bunch of beasts who came out of nowhere. Nobody really impressed me more then others. They all had their freakish moments. Eric Szakaly crushing that wall-ball/pull-up workout was something I will never forget. Fitzy (Mike FitzGerald) dug deep on Day 3 after some hardship and showed why he will be around for a while. Dan Rogers is just a beast in general. Garth (Prouse) is like the little engine that could, and his performances on the run and burpee/DU WOD were impressive. Nate Malton seemed to fly under the radar, and his consistency is something to watch out for. It will be a pleasure to represent Canada with these guys.

What have you done differently in preparing for the Games this year?

This was a tough year for me. I broke my foot in November and received corrective surgery shortly after. Even though I wasn’t able to do much for a couple months after surgery, I took it as an opportunity to focus on some gymnastics stuff. I’ll tell you one thing: doing muscle-ups and HSPUs in a boot cast is a sketchy idea. I feel like I improved quite a bit on my gymnastics and had to work hard to get where I am today. In terms of the majority of my training since recovering, I have to put the credit in the hands of my coach (James FitzGerald). I follow only what he prescribes on his Big Dawgs blog, and it seems to continually lead me to success.

What would your ideal WOD be at the Games?

I don’t have an ideal WOD; I just want to see as diverse a competition as possible. I feel like I am pretty good at everything, and the more events there are the better chance I have at doing well. I have some weaknesses obviously, but I am sure that my strengths will outweigh my weaknesses given they are all tested.

You played linebacker at the University of Calgary. Could you explain the three-down Canadian game to former U.S. college players like Tommy Hackenbruck and Blair Morrison?

It’s simple really. Our balls are bigger and we like to show them off by punting them back and forth every other play for three hours.

What will your post-Games meal include?

Copious amounts of pizza, Coors Original and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Can Mikko Salo be beaten this year? Besides yourself, name three other athletes you think will provide his stiffest competition.

I think so … . despite the fact he is obviously a cyborg, I have learned from Hollywood that humans always prevail. I would watch out for James (OPT), he’s like a CrossFit ninja and even I couldn’t tell you what he’s been up to, but he looks savage and hungry right now. Speal always impresses me, and Khalipa is just a gorilla who I don’t think will go away.

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1. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Great Interview! Good Luck DJ, lookin forward to competing with you again. Great job getting yourself back to the big dance! And yes, I spent a couple weeks in Canada and your balls are definitely bigger up there and yes they spent a ridiculous amount of time on Punting.


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