2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Dan Rogers Interview

Catching up with the winner of the Canadian Regionals.

What sort of pressure do you feel going into the Games as the top competitor in all of Canada?
The pressure is going to be there regardless. I’m coming out of a region where I really believe anyone in the top end of our regional could have come out on top. To be regarded as a peer in this group is an honor, and the pressure is going to be to ensure that each one of us spills everything on the mat every time.

What WOD would you most like to see at the Games? Which one would you dislike the most?
I’d love to see something that incorporates some good Olympic movements with some unconventional stuff like tire flips or sandbag carries and then some running to test the recovery in the legs. Those WODs are fun, and they’d be a blast for the fans that will be down there. As for dislike, I’ve learned over the last two contests to really just accept everything because it’s not as if it’s going to help to bitch about things being hard. At the end of the day you’re going to work through it all the same. That being said, I’d love to stay away from some of the weaknesses I’m working on.

Have you ever been in a hockey fight? If so, did you win?
Never been in a hockey fight (but) would like to think I’d fare well against most.

If you could have competed in a different regional, which one looked like the most fun?
The Southwest Regional looked like a blast with the tire-flip/log-carry WOD, and the energy there was pretty cool with the live feed going as well. But there were some fun ones across the board.

What are your Top 3 workout songs?
Tough call. It really adapts to mood. Sometimes its Cypress Hill’s Rock Superstar. Sometimes it’s Rise Against or maybe Godsmack. Hip hop, metal—anything loud and aggressive.

Lifting heavy or running a 5K, and why?
Something in between with a bit of both suits me best, but on their own I’d go with a solid heavy lift even though against the big guys the run can work well for me.

What was your favorite event at the Canada Regional?
My favorite was without doubt the last one with the tire flips, clean and jerk, and a run. It was the only one that I actually won that weekend, and it got me into first overall, so it ended with one of the most memorable moments of my life.

When was the last time you had a beer, and which one was it?
Last beer was night after the last WOD at my regional with a few other athletes from my gym, CrossfitAI. I think I had a Coors Light (they didn’t have any MGD). Not a big drinker, though. Had maybe a handful of drinks in the last year.

Dave Castro introduces Dan Rogers at the Home Depot Center in L.A. What's going through your mind?
I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out. I’ll be trying to keep focused on the events and visualize my way through things, but at times like that I’m probably just going to be soaking everything in. You never know how many chances like this you’re going to get.


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9 comments on this entry

1. Jacob Hardy wrote...

not only a great athlete but one of the best people you will meet. Guys like this help grow the sport of CrossFit

2. jay rhodes wrote...

"You never know how many chances like this you’re going to get."

Great answer, and very true.

Go get it in Cali!!

3. Louise Hodge wrote...

'' I’ve learned over the last two contests to really just accept everything because it’s not as if it’s going to help to bitch about things being hard. At the end of the day you’re going to work through it all the same.''

THANK YOU DAN. That is the message of a true Crossfitter!!! It was a pleasure to watch you compete. You will represent Canada well. CU next year.

4. Aaron Johnson wrote...

Great words from a great competitor and more importantly a great person. Give them hell down there Dano!

5. Steve Howell wrote...

Thata boy Dan! can't wait to be at the games cheering you on!

6. Lisa Makofka wrote...

I have had the pleasure of doing a few wods with Dan and watching his amazing display at Regionals. Dan is a tremendous athlete, and just a really genuine humble person. Give em hell Dan we will all be cheering for you!!

7. Alicia wrote...

Can't wait to see you kill it again Dan! You're an unbelievable athlete...see you in Cali!

8. S.A wrote...

REALLY COOL GUY!!!! he used to be mypersonal trainer at the Calgary Jewish Centre. I have never felt more fit and happy with my athletic ability in my life!! thanks so much for all the hours you put into helping me be a healthier person!!!

-thanks soooo much! and i know you will do amazing

9. Mike Eberts wrote...

Yayy Dan! You are the epitome of what I feel is the most elite crossfitter out there. Awesome abilities and fantastic attitude! Go tell lululemon to sponsor you cuz next time I'm in Calgary, I'll go buy some!

Oh, and go tear the HDC UP!!!!


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