2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Q & A with Alicia Conners

Winner of the Canadian Regional tells all.

Alicia Conners went 1-7-2-2-2 for a first overall in a convincing performance at the Canadian Regional. In our continuing effort to size up the 2010 CrossFit Games competition, we've caught up with Conners to find out a little bit more about her and her training.

What sort of pressure do you feel going into the Games as the top competitor in all of Canada?
Most of the pressure that I feel comes from within, as I always have high expectations of myself. However, the support that I feel from my Crossfit Taranis family, the athletes I met at regionals and sectionals, and my friends and family is amazing. I just hope I can make them proud!

You were dominant at the Canada Regional. What would you consider to be your weakness?
My weakness is definitely handstand push-ups. No matter how much I practice, I swear they get harder every time I kick up into one!

Do you have a CrossFit idol? Who and why?
Well I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me could answer this question for me. My CrossFit idol is Heather Bergeron (Keenan). I'm still getting used to seeing her new last name. I love watching her interviews; she seems very down to earth. She's a mom, a wife, a CrossFit coach, and she is the perfect balance of strength and beauty. My idol day-to-day in the Taranis box is my coach/mentor/friend, Reedster—a.k.a. Papa Bear (Reed MacKenzie).

Can you do handstand push-ups and muscle-ups? Did it take you a long time to get them?
Yes I can do both handstand push-ups and muscle-ups. Muscle-ups and I have a better relationship than handstand push-ups and I. It took me a while to wrap my head around kicking up into a handstand and being upside down, but once I finally realized I wasn't going to go through the wall, they slowly but surely came.

Describe the WOD you would most like to see at the Games.
A met-con including Oly lifting, pull-ups or muscle-ups, and running.

What was the last CD you listened to?
Last CD I listened to was Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits. However, country music is basically a sin while wodding.

What is your favourite meal (cheat or otherwise)?
Favourite meal: Any dinner at the Sully/Mack residence, usually including salmon or chicken (with copious amounts of Dijon mustard), Sully's famous Brussels sprouts, and steamed broccoli. My "cheat" is an americano with cream. This is only a recent thing I started. Otherwise I have been strict Paleo for five years.

Were you at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and if so, what was your favorite moment?
I wasn't at the Olympics, but I was a supporter from my living room! My favorite moment was watching a family friend (Kaillie Humphries) take home the gold in her bobsled event.

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12 comments on this entry

1. Dan Rogers wrote...

YEAH!! Way to go Alicia. This girl is one down to earth rock star! Keep up the trainin' and I'll see you in Cali

2. Heather Bergeron wrote...

HELL YEAH, ALICIA!!! i just yelled into my husband, "BABE!!! you're NOT gonna' believe this!!! this girl just called me her crossfit IDOL!!!" and, we may as well have been separated at birth: i love your games wod, country music (never while "wodding", though!), brussel sprouts, and americanos with heavy cream. i canNOT wait to meet and compete with you at the games.

P.S. your trucker mouth is HYSTERICAL :)

3. Mark wrote...

Any relation to Sara Conner? The way she kicked some terminator butt I'm sure she'd kill Fran.

4. Dave Kitchen wrote...

We love you and we are proud of you!! Congrats!

Break a leg in Cali!!

5. Lisa Makofka wrote...

Alicia it was a true pleasure to compete against/with you at regionals. You are an incredible athlete and have tremedous all around strengths. I predict at least top ten for you. Go give em sh*& down there...

Heather trucker mouths are part of being Canadian eh!!!

6. Lauren wrote...

Yeah Alicia! Such a pleasure to wod with you and to meet such a down to earth outstanding athlete!! can't wait to see you rock it at the games!!

7. Focker wrote...

Wait to go D-Con......we were just saying at the box today, wonder when you would get on the games site? Everyone at the box is super proud of you, and believes in you, you're gonna rock it! I'll be cheering for you down in Cali!

Ps was Don't Happen Twice on that CD?

8. Louise Hodge wrote...

You are a MACHINE and HILARIOUS. Your interviews have made me LOL. Love the trucker mouth and we have the same idol. Heather is AMAZING, she was a trainer at my level one cert in Montreal and I was in awe of her strength and humble attitude. Go represent for Canada and keep spreading that amazing energy :) xx Oh and if there is a burpee wod, kiss the ground for me :)

9. Chelsea wrote...

Hey it was great meeting you at Regionals, can't wait to see you kick some ass down in California. Show them what Canadian girls are made of, trucker mouth and all.

10. Chris S wrote...

Hell Yeah! That's my girl!

So proud of you babe. You're going to seriously rock it down in Cali!

It's only the weight on the bar that matters...

Love you

11. Reedster wrote...

I don't know how to relay to the world how truly incredible you are. You are MY idol and I aspire to be like you. Bring on the Games!

12. BOOM wrote...

What to say that hasn't already been said girl? You are incredible. Everyone at the box is so proud of you. Can't wait for our trip to Cali.


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