2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Music Anyone?

Sound check with the Boz.

Damn! Music sure can fire you up. As humans, we like to be masters of our environment. What better way to exhibit our dominion over our surroundings by organizing vibrations into emotional landscapes? Top-of-the-food-chain-indeed!

Now, not everyone responds the same to all music the same way (that would be boring), but we can all agree that the right tune at the right time can get you through the darkness. It has been said that if you need music for motivation, maybe CrossFit isn't for you (I agree), but there's a difference between needing music to perform and harnessing it's natural awesome-ness to continue kicking ass when you otherwise wouldn't. War-chants, rallying cries and percussive motivation have all been present in many cultures for thousands of years. To think this is a co-incidence is, in my opinion, a mistake.

Enter the workout:

CrossFit is a very human struggle; the test of one's mettle has been part of our self-identification for generations. If you're asking me, music should also be human in nature. We CrossFitters eschew over-produced, shiny, perfect 'gyms' because we realize that at some point something was lost...I want my musical choices to be real also. You can find albums of any genre that are made by genuine artists, not faceless pop-generators.

Here are some tunes to add to your play list (maybe not all on the same 'list unless you're like me and want some extreme variety). I hate having to pick a 'top-whatever list', so let's just call this THE BEGINNING:

Supernaut, Black Sabbath: My favorite Sabbath song. Ever. As raw as Tommi Iommi's home-made finger prosthetics (how else do you think he got that sweet metallic tone? If you're not down with Ozzy-era Sabbath I'm afraid we can't really hang out...

Chafa Khan, Brown Out: Bringing back the party-in-the-background-play-your-ass-off style of the '70s. These guys rule.

Into the Ground, Acid King: Let's get a bit heavy for a minute, shall we? Simple, epic and unrelenting. Just like your workouts should be. Music to destroy your speakers with. Bonus points for being San Franciscans.

Jerusalem, Sleep: While we're destroying speakers, let's talk about one of the heaviest (and finest) albums ever. One song, 52 minutes of pure awesome. Especially good for long runs and heavy lifts. You may need to belt-up to carry your ipod after you've got this bad-boy on there...

Sun Dance Or Mescal Rite 1, Or Ghost Dance, Tomahawk: Based on traditional Native American chants and rituals, this is like nothing you've ever heard before. Spine-tingling. Todd's favorite.

SuperUnFrontable Or Dragunov, Anti-Pop Consortium: Hip hop for the 3030 CrossFit Games. Bump it on your hover-board. The album 'Fluorescent Black' is great top to bottom.

Hearts Alive, Mastodon: EPIC. 'Leviathan' is their masterworks. 'Remission' hauls serious ass too.

Goat Rider's Hoard, Or Trial Of Champions, Or Demon's Blade, 3 Inches of Blood: The finest Canadian thrash metal. The last minute of Demon's Blade could get stuck on repeat for days and I wouldn't mind....3 Inches of Blood, 2 singers, 1 motivated individual!

The Bones, Tweak Bird: A great reminder. God bless Fuzz guitar. And David for bringing this band to my attention.

Ok. Now your job is to go forth and get motivated. Hopefully there's something on the list that will get you moving...

'Till next time,

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24 comments on this entry

1. Rudy Outlaw wrote...

Boz, as a fellow loud music aficionado - I have to add some suggestions to your list.

1) Call me a meathead, call me what you will, but I have to nominate Hatebreed's Perseverance as the single greatest WOD music of all time. It is timeless, loud, hard, & the lyrics are ultimately positive (if of course you can understand them).

2) Sick of it All - Built to Last. This is one of the great NY Hard Core bands ever (if not the greatest) at their underrated pinnacle. I mean "Built to Last", really? What self respecting elite CrossFitter hasn't told someone that they are punishing themselves for this very reason. Side note - at least 7,435 CrossFitters unwittingly have the Sick of it All dragon logo tattooed on them - it's a fact.

3) Deftones - Adrenaline. This is the Sacramento band's debut & it is as raw, & hard as the first time we all did Eva (hey yo?). Any Deftones album will work, but this one makes me want to pick heavy stuff up instantly.

4) Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing. This is a current favorite at Outlaw CrossFit. You can get away with playing this one at your groups that are more on the feminine side, & you don't have to feel like a complete wuss doing it. It's emotional, but not emo - smart, but still rocks fairly hard, & "I've got friends" will have you singing along after approximately 3 listenings.

5) Rise Against - Appeal to Reason. This is a fairly mainstream band/album, but it's still hard & fast enough to be great. These guys have taken everything good from post-punk & post-hardcore & made an album that even the girls that wear lululemon will listen to. This one has been in constant rotation for over a year on the gym iPod.

Boz, when are we starting the band?


2. Corey wrote...

I"m a big fan of Mudvayne's "Determined" - loud and heavy and great lyrics for any WOD, especially a short-heavy one

3. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Corey, Agreed. Great song for the short heavy met-cons. I have to say Lamb of God is at the top of the list for me when training.

4. James H. wrote...

Mastodon, YES! Now thats METAL.

5. Brandon Crossfit Atlanta wrote...

Mastadon, check.
Deftones, check.
Lamb of God, check.
But wait....
No one said PANTERA?!?! If Phil Anselmo over the top of Dimebag D doesn't make you wanna go hard, heavy, and fast, well... you are deaf or you probably like Coldplay.

6. Rookie Crossfit Gold Coast wrote...

Definitely Avenged Sevenfold for me

7. Ashleigh wrote...

Definitely Linkin Park and Rise Against....and for us ladies too!!! We don't need the upbeat pop/dance stuff. :)

8. Lani wrote...

Corey: Mudvaynes Determined has got me through many crossfit WOD's, AND has always got me pumped before a karate tournament too. ;)

Some of the songs on my list:

Headstrong - Trapt
Self Revolution - Killswitch Engage
No Control - Bullet for my Valentine
So Sick - Flyleaf
If you Want Blood - ACDC
Violence Fetish - Disturbed
Still Running - Chevelle
Fight Song - Marylin Manson
Anything but this - Static X
Dig - Mudvayne

9. Arnold wrote...

Pick and choose, from all albums, thet have primarily made some heavy, kickass stuff, a few of there song are more quiet, like Ohne Dich, the voice of the front singer is total badass!

10. nadia Shatila wrote...


nicely done my friend. Acid King and Tomahawk, hell yes, but where is electric wizard... too much? ;-)

see ya soon-

11. WC at Crossfit Paradise wrote...

Can anyone play? Since there's a metal theme, I'll start out there and put up:

Korn - the old stuff, "Clown", "Blind", and of course "Ball Tongue".

NIN - industrial, not metal, but could there be any greater song to sum up Crossfit than "The Perfect Drug"?

But let's not hate on other ass-kicking music. How about rap? Old school, of course. I just did "JT" last weekend (first time as rx'd) to Ice-T. The "Power" album. Now that's Drama.

12. Christian Larson wrote...

I say if you want metal anything from Children of Bodom - warheart, kissing the shadows, the final countdown, to name a few. Im surprised no one mentions dragonforce or even ozzy osbourne's children of the grave but its has to be live with randy rhoads! one of the best guitarists of those days, then of course there's sabaton, the art of war album. this sh** pumps you up!

13. Christian Larson wrote...

I say if you want metal anything from Children of Bodom - warheart, kissing the shadows, the final countdown, to name a few. Im surprised no one mentions dragonforce or even ozzy osbourne's children of the grave but its has to be live with randy rhoads! one of the best guitarists of those days, then of course there's sabaton, the art of war album.

14. jake wrote...

avenged sevenfold would be my pre-wod choice. however, if you asked me after a wod what songs played during it, i couldn't tell you one. i guess i get that locked in that i don't even notice the music.

15. Matthew Summers wrote...


KillSwitch Engage: World Ablaze (an epic wod tune)

Trivium: Rain

How can we forget Metallica!!! Anything of S&M gets me a Pr.

The Crystal method: Weapons of Mass destruction....thats a track to rock any box at 6am.

Bring the games!!! :D

16. Stephen Flamm wrote...

Nothing fires me up more for a heavy lift or pre-workout than "Promontory" from the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack.

17. TomC wrote...

My friends, this is all well and good, but when it is time to get some work done, Miley Cyrus is who you want on the speakers. I see Pantera's Mouth For War and raise you Miley's Hoedown Throwdon. That is the fiercest metal there is, boys.

18. mcsharry wrote...

@Brandon Crossfit Atlanta

Couldn't agree more with your selections. My top 5:

Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
Rocky IV - Training Montage (Electric guitar cover)
In Flames - Episode 666
Deftones - Engine no. 9
Dragonforce - Operation Ground and Pound

so many PR's set with this set of songs

19. Tenn. Brad wrote...

All great choices!!! But for me I start off with
Mannish Boy- Muddy Waters
Voodoo Child_ Jimmi Hendrix
Bring the Noise- Public enemy/Anthrax
Those about to Rock- ACDC
Throw in some Marilyn Manson, Pantera, and Slam by Onyx
finish off with Welcome the hell by Rhino Bucket and BAM I've powered through another great work out.

20. Federico Zabala wrote...

Who was that talented DJ on the stage at the Crossfit games 2009? OH! Forgot thats me. hehe. thanks Boz for posting that pic. Good times!!

21. kelly starrett wrote...

Two words.




nuff said.

22. Marta Chanez wrote...

1AD7 is not as popular as Creed or Slipknot but don't underestimate their cutting edge ability to get you in the zone and speed up your metabolism. I like Big Bad, among others. I would love to know if anyone else has heard of them. I look forward to what they'll put out next.

23. digodouri wrote...

I like bodybuilding and earning my muscles. Thanks for the great post !

24. Misty wrote...

next time I do Fran with the girls at the gym I'll play "Hung Up" by Madonna, she isn't really Crossfit material but the beat is fast and energetic!


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