Northeast Regional

Reflections on the Northeast Regionals

Jason Ackerman fills us in on his experience running both a Sectional and Regional.

Jason Ackerman pens in his thoughts about organizing and executing both a Sectional and Regional event in the Northeast.

"Behind every great man there are a whole lot of Badass CrossFitters." Now, I'm not going as far as saying I'm great, but I will say there were at least one hundred amazing CrossFitters that supported the Northeast Regionals in the form of volunteers, judges, scorekeepers, staff, garbage pick-up, equipment set-up, and more, and we could not have done it without them!

Being asked to run the 2010 Northeast Regionals was a huge honor and nothing I would take lightly. We wanted to run the biggest and baddest event to date, and more importantly send the best athletes out West to represent at the Games, we whole-heartedly believe we accomplished all of this. Most of us affiliate owners come from a fitness background, we are not used to running a business or event of this stature. This was my third year hosting a CrossFit event and I knew that running a smooth event really comes down to the team you have behind you. I quickly assembled a team of people I knew I could count on: two of my coaches to help with programming and logistics, Caleb and Kevin, two of our great business women/athletes to work the behind the scene details, Joy and Laura, two of our most handy athletes to build anything and everything we needed, Chris and Tom, and three Level I coaches to head up judging, David, Margie, and Jen.

Joy and Laura quickly had sign-up sheets posted throughout the gym, set-up meetings I had to attend, and had dozens of e-mails floating around with price quotes, timelines, and more things I hate dealing with. Their attention to detail was second to none and really without all of this behind the scenes work none of this could have happened. On a daily basis I found Kevin and Caleb at the whiteboard "Good Will Hunting" style, except they weren't solving math problems, they were creating workouts! What a phenomenal job they did. The energy in Albany was electric throughout each individual event, the 3RM Clean and Jerk and "Albany Crippler" were intense, it really felt as if Albany, NY was the center of the universe.

Once the weekend of the Regionals rolled around we couldn't believe the support from the CrossFit community. We had over one hundred volunteers. Every single volunteer did an amazing job. Whether asked to sell t-shirts, move equipment, or empty garbage, no one hesitated. Our Albany CrossFit athletes in particular were outstanding, many of them taking off work on Friday to help out and sticking around throughout the entire weekend. The judges were phenomenal, hot, over-worked, hungry, and tired, but they kept at it for every heat, every rep. By the end of the weekend, eyes were burning, voices were gone, and legs were fatigued, but they all stuck around to judge the final affiliate and individual events and still managed to keep all athletes to strict standards.

I really can't say enough about the CrossFit community, it truly is an honor to be a part of. From judges giving their time and energy, to seeing athletes finish a WOD and quickly get up and move on to encourage a competitor. Where else can you see that? Cheering on someone that is vying to take your spot to the games? Having competed in wrestling tournaments all my life, the camaraderie and sportsmanship you see at CrossFit is second to none and something you are not likely to see anywhere else.

Ultimately this weekend was about our athletes. Orlando, Hobart, Malleolo, Bergeron, Pamanian, and Plumey - they were incredible to watch. Six of the fittest athletes in the Northeast and six of the kindest, friendliest, most humble badasses as well. I am sure they will all represent out West. I did not see a weakness in any of our top athletes. As we all know Rob Orlando is a monster. Those of you that thought the event favored him and all strongmen, take a look at who won the "Albany Crippler" that included fairly light snatches and swings, and well as burpees and double-unders. If this man has a suck list, we couldn't find anything on it.

The women we are sending are incredible, moms and teachers by day, CrossFit phenoms by night. Plumey's work on the "Crippler" was stunning. Knowing she had to win it to move on, she stepped it up and showed she has the mental fortitude to battle with the best. Heather and Jessica are so strong, Heather's return trip out West with last year's 17th place finish weighing heavy on her mind makes her even more dangerous and it would not surprise me to see her standing on the podium.

CrossFit is about elite fitness, but also about friends, family, and community. I believe the Northeast Regionals showcased everything that’s best about CrossFit.

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4 comments on this entry

1. Horse wrote...

good reflections, looked like an awesome event from everything ive seen.

would have liked to see how Rob and Hobart would have done in a run though with the CFE they have been doing...

2. Steve Liberati wrote...

Let's have to give it up again to Jason A. and his crew for putting on a very well run event. They were the unsung hero's at this year's NE Regional next to the terrific competitors and spectators that makes CrossFit the community it is.

3. john wopat wrote...

Now untethered from its Aromas birthplace, the site of the Games should change, like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Albany 2011!

4. Nick at OTG wrote...

The events and weekend ran seamlessly.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Jason and his 'staff'!


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