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2010 Games PED Testing Policy

Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited for Games participants.

The CrossFit Games are the world's most elite test of fitness across broad time and modal domains. The best way to achieve this fitness is constantly varied functional movements at high intensity, fueled by a clean, balanced diet. Of course, there are millions of variations possible of the above, and in that regard, the CrossFit Games are a test of training methodology as much as individuals and teams against each other.

The use of performance enhancing drugs is prohibited for Games competitors. Last year, we had Skins test every individual athlete competing. To enforce it this year, we are using World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved labs and the same collection agency employed by the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Our policy mirrors the NCAA's policy on performance enhancing drugs and their masking agents.

There is a zero tolerance policy for offenders, and all competitors and team members are subject to testing. Any prizes and/or titles will be forfeited with a positive test.

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21 comments on this entry

1. Dan Alldridge wrote...

Unfortunately this is what we've come to in our society on PED cheaters. Thanks CrossFit for ensuring "the fittest men and women on earth" are valid. See you in Carson.

2. FS wrote...

Everyone should make sure they read this list of banned substances from the NCAA whether or not you think you are clean. There are a lot of things like caffeine, guarana, marijuana and the like on there that you might not think of. You could get screwed over by some energy drinks and things like cough medicine. So know your stuff!

3. Dach wrote...

I would like to see some lifetime ban of participation at the Games if you're caught as well.

4. Z wrote...

I applaud CrossFit for taking steps to ensure that the Games are clean. However, I'm not sure what the efficacy of urine tests are when the athletes know when they will be administered (in this case immediately before or after the competition). The NFL, NBA, and MLB employ multiple random tests throughout the year, and even then there are serious questions about the efficacy of their PED testing. Regardless, this move is a step in the right direction and hopefully the testing will become more comprehensive as we move forward.

5. Tim wrote...

Z- how do you propose you randomly test competitors? If you're an entry at sectionals, you get randomly tested starting then? While I agree with you in concept, in implementation it's not feasible because that would be a waste of money and not support the principles of CrossFit- testing costs a LOT of money. Are you willing to put your money where your internet mouth is and donate to the cause? I, most certainly, am not. All in all, in my mind, I still find the Games as something cool, but not the end-all-be-all of competition. Incidentally, I find no sporting event to be such. Life or death professions are far more important than the Games- and a majority of us who reap the benefits from CrossFit (Mil, LEO, etc.) will never compete in the Games.

To revisit PEDs:
At the end of the day the sport of CrossFit attracts a majority of folks to eschew the desire to use PEDs because most of us are believers in lifelong fitness because it enhances quality of life. The reward is simply not there to draw those who would attempt to cheat the system- though the first violator will force me to eat my words... My simple point is that you seem to be advocating a big-governance where it is unnecessary because your comment coveys that you feel that these great athletes cannot achieve their amazing feats through discipline, work-ethic, and diet alone. Remember, these guys make far more as trainers and Level 2 instructors than the winner will take away from the Games.

Great point, though. As CrossFit as a sport gets bigger, this is something that we'll have to consider. I guess taking a Sudafed to cure seasonal allergies will soon lurk in the back of the minds of many elite CrossFitters, eh?

6. Chuck Charbeneau wrote...

Current list (There is no complete list):

7. Joe V wrote...

From that NCAA doc...

"exceptions: phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine are not banned"

Looks like Sudafed is OK.

Caffeine is the killer though. Though it specifies guarana as the caffeine source, is the caffeine in guarana different from from that in a standard cup of coffee or tea?

8. Jackson wrote...


I think Z was referencing a topic that was of great debate last year and that was a one month notification that testing would be done. I am by no means an expert but many were suggesting that all banned substances cannot be traced in your urine if you stop taking them for one month...that you would need a blood or hair test. Things up in the air...

1) Is this even true? Will substances be non-detectable one month out in urine tests?
2) If you stop taking substances for one month prior, would your performance immediately drop off? I do not know anyone that has taken so I do not know an answer to this but I would assume yes.
3) Assuming performance drops off, I am confident that everyone competing was legit last year but I still think it brings validation because all of the haters will find any excuse they can to bring us down.
4) What would be interesting is to note how many people that qualified for the games did not show up and compete without a legitimate excuse like injury, service, death, etc.

9. Jesse Gray wrote...

Joe V.

-Essentially, the caffeine in Guarana is just much more concentrated which would lead to a higher concentration of the chemical to be found in your blood stream. Drinking coffee or a soda is not going to fail you on a drug test (you can't get enough caffeine that way) but taking caffeine pills will.

This is an important step being taken by Crossfit. Clearly, CF does not yet have the resources or infrastructure in place to perform random tests, keep biological passports or any other number of anti-doping measures available to top pro athletes but that doesn't take anything away from what they are doing. This is another step towards legitimacy and represents the continued progress of CF as a sport. Well done!

10. Adam wrote...

I suppose I should ask this now before I compete next year. Does anyone know if Jack3d is banned?

11. Zach wrote...

"Personally, I've done anabolic steroids straight for the last 28 years." Louie Simmons - crossfit powerlifting instructor

12. Jeff Chester wrote...

Zach - Don't worry about it. Louie didn't qualify this year.

13. Steven Platek, PhD wrote...

My athletes were just asking me about this the other day... So proud that this is happening, it will make for a better games. That being said, I suspect all the high caliber folks are fine anyhow...

14. Z wrote...


Thanks for the response. You ask thought-provoking questions, but they do not address my argument (and in some ways, serve to strengthen it). I simply questioned the efficacy of a single, announced urine test post-competition if the announced intention of CrossFit HQ is to ensure participants are not using PED's. I agree with Steven that the "high caliber folks" are likely clean, but any top athlete that is clean would also reasonably share my concerns.

As for "donating to the cause", please see the cost of spectator ticket prices for attending the games.

Good discussion!

15. doc wrote...

what about prescribed medications for medically diagnosed conditions such as adhd, adrenal deficiency syndrome, etc? recent studies indicate that appx. 2 out of 3 people consume 300mg or more of caffeine on a daily basis. this amount is more than the 200 mg. in an over the counter product like no-doz. 300mg in ones urine would cause a fail according to the ncaa rules that state one can only have 15 micrograms/ml, that would be awful if one of these tremendous athletes went all the way to the games and won and were eliminated because they had too much caffeine in there urine. for an organization like crossfit that does everything spot on, i can't see this happening and hope it wont.

16. Ben wrote...

Why draw the line where the NCAA does? Isn't fish oil performance enhancing? ZMA? Protein? Paleo diets? If all those things aren't enhancing athletic performance, why do so many top Crossfitters take them?

Crossfit is supposed to be some sort of sports and fitness revolution, right? Don't test.

17. Billy wrote...

Do we get to see the results of the tests, positive or negative?

18. Jon B wrote...

Ben, your argument is epicfail.

19. EgorG wrote...

>17. Billy wrote...
>Do we get to see the results of the tests, positive or negative?

yes, anybody see result drug test Games2009?
give me link please

20. coachjbolduc wrote...

Can someone send me a link to the list of banned substances? I heard that caffeine products are banned...wanted to check in to it

21. Keith wrote...


The point is to ban substances that have relatively harmful side effects. Even the caffeine ban is only for particularly high amounts. Caffeine has a really short half-life anyway, so you won't have to abstain for days before the event. High levels of stimulants could be dangerous at such a high-intensity event- it could contribute to dehydration or heart problems.

Many people who do Crossfit do it, in part, to obtain optimum health. They shouldn't have to feel that they need to jeopardize their health to compete.


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