Canada Regional

Event Recap: Canadian Regional

Leaving it all out on the floor.

The organizers of the Canadian Regional check-in with the following report.

There were a number of highlights from the weekend, some of the most notable are:
* Canada lived up to its reputation by puking snow the 24 hours leading up to the event. And then being gracious enough to let just a few drops fall during the XC run.
* Garth Prouse's XC run; there wasn't another competitor in site when he crossed the finish.
* DJ Wickham's winning Snatch Complex lift; 220lbs bested 2nd place by 15lbs (see video).
* Erik Szakaly's time of 8:18 for Event 3: Wall Balls/Pull-ups bested 2nd place by over a minute. Emily Beers put in a similar performance in Event 5 Tires/Clean & Jerk/Run by taking first by over 30 seconds. All other firsts were decided by mere seconds.
* Jason Fleming not finishing the DU/Burpee workout in the allotted time (10 minutes) so he moved outside of his station and finished - no timer, no judge. That's heart.
* Alicia Connors going 1-7-2-2-2 on the 5 events. She took first place by a 28 point margin over Lauren Pryor, a top 15 finisher at the 2009 CrossFit Games. Compare that to the men, where 1st was decided by the final event and by only 5 points.

Individuals were challenged with 5 events:
1. Friday: XC run that was shortened to just over 5k due to weather conditions
2. Saturday: Snatch complex for load: Snatch grip deadlift, snatch, OHS, squat snatch.
3. Saturday: Four rounds of 35 Wall Balls (20/14#) and 20 Pull-ups
4. Sunday: 50-40-30-20-10 of double-unders with 10 burpees after each double-under set for time.
5. Sunday: Three rounds of Tire flips, Clean & Jerk (135/95#), run.

At the end of Saturday, here were the top 6 females and males:
1. Alicia Connors
2. Lauren Pryor
3. Shelly Fleming
4. Nancy McKeage
5. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
6. Emily Beers

1. Dan Rogers
2. Andrew Swartz
3. Erik Szakaly
4. Nate Malton
5. Garth Prouse
6. Jon Robichaud

Sunday morning brought event four which included Double-unders and Burpees. Burpees to a concrete floor. Trip up on a double under or rest even for a few seconds and drop a few places. Garth Prouse got it done in 3:21 for first. Michael "brOPT" FitzGerald was just off the top pace by 3 seconds and followed up the WODs with some primal screams. Brett Marshall rounded out the top 3 in 3:35. For the women Louise Hodge took first with a 4:09. Alicia Connors was a second slower, Tannaya Hantelman came in 3rd with a 4:28. The double-under skill factor took Emily Beers out of contention. She entered the workout sitting in the 6th spot but a 40th place finish in the event would dash her chances of moving on to the Games.

Going into the final event the top placers were in a pretty good spot, assuming no major catastrophe happened. But the event had tire flips in it named "big fucker" (for men) and "sort of big fucker" (for women). After each flip you had to jump into the middle of the tire and then back out on the opposite side and then flip it in the opposite direction, then there were clean and jerks at 135/95#. All that plus runs on the inside perimeter of the arena.

The final women's heat of the final event stacked the top 10 women against each other. Emily Beers had set an unbeatable pace in the prior heat of 10:59, she left it all out there on the arena floor as James "OPT" FitzGerald had talked about doing in the opening ceremonies. But the women in the top 10 would not be bested, the 6 going to the Games would come from this heat. Alicia Connors would put in another great performance for 2nd place in the event.

Qualifying Women
1. Alicia Connors
2. Lauren Pryor
3. Nancy McKeage
4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
5. Elanna Robson
6. Shelly Fleming

The final men's heat of the final event found Dan Rogers sitting in 2nd behind Garth Prouse (they were tied in points). DJ Wickham (10th at the 2009 Games) and Brett Marshall (2nd at the 2007 Games) found themselves on the outside looking in, both would need to improve their positions for a spot at the Home Depot Center. DJ Wickham gutted it out and was able to bump his way into the top 6. For Brett Marshall however, it was not meant to be this year, he finished the event in a surprising 43rd taking him out of the top 6 to 13th overall.

Qualifying Men
1. Dan Rogers
2. Garth Prouse
3. Erik Szakaly
4. Michael FitzGerald
5. Nate Malton
6. DJ Wickham

Teams were challenged with 3 events:
1. Friday: XC relay run
2. Saturday: 3 sets for total score: 2RM squat clean and AMRAP ring dips
3. Sunday: For time: Run, OHS (95/65#), burpees, SDLHP, run. Run and sets performed in tandem.

The weekend ended in a tie for first between CrossFit Calgary and CrossFit Vancouver and it would go to the second tie breaker to name the team from CrossFit Calgary. CrossFit Vancouver would take second, followed by Optimum Performance Training.

Qualifying Teams

1. CrossFit Calgary
2. Crossfit Vancouver
3. Optimum Performance Training
4. CrossFit Vancouver Island
5. CrossFit Regina
6. CrossFit Lions
7. Taranis CrossFit
8. CrossFit Winnipeg
10. Element Crossfit
11. CrossFit Connection
12. CrossFit AI

Congratulations to all of the athletes on putting themselves out there, and leaving nothing!

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