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Bingo muses on the vibe of the Games.

Are you a music fan? Big concert goer? Have you ever been to a Grateful Dead concert or a Phish concert? How about an outdoor Dave Matthews jam session? They are really different from other concerts, aren't they? You lay down your blanket, unfold the chairs, and immediately begin making friends with everybody sitting around you. It's not really so much a concert as it is a festival, a place for “old friends” to meet for the first time. So it is with the CrossFit Games.

It didn't really matter where that Dead show was, either, did it? Outdoors in some massive stadium, indoors in a tiny club in San Francisco, or someplace in between. It was still a Dead show, and it was still the same experience. Everyone in the audience spoke the same language, knew the same words, had the same memories. For weeks before the concert you would be on edge, anxious, barely able to wait until you saw all your friends again. So it is with the CrossFit Games.

For sure, there's something about that first festival, whether you attended it as a teenager, young adult, or in midlife. Something about that first “fluffernutter” sandwich was just magical. It didn't matter if it was handed across blanket to blanket from your neighbor, purchased from the kid in the logo T-shirt trying to fund his trip, or wolfed down after standing in line at the big, beautiful food tent in a modern arena. It was the best damn fluffernutter you ever had! So it is with the CrossFit Games.

You see,CrossFit Games are OUR festival! In exactly 4 weeks, almost to the minute, I'll be hopping on a plane from CLE to LAX on my way to see CrossFit friends I haven't even met yet. This year the Games are at the Home Depot Center, and I gotta tell ya I'm just as excited for this trip as I was for every other CrossFit Games I've attended. It's like going from Estes Park to the Forum following Dave Matthews; the seats are cushier, the food is better, and someone else is responsible for icing the beer! And hey, it's still Dave Matthews! So it is with the CrossFit Games.

I'm telling you, I just can't wait. This is where we come out of our cyber-gyms and boxes and get to meet face-to-face. So keep your eyes open for me. I'm the skinny old guy, comfortably seated in the middle of the CrossFit Bell curve. My T-shirt will probably say “Brand X something or other”. We are CrossFitters, so I know we're already friends. We just haven't met yet!

No matter where we are, this is how it is at the CrossFit Games.

- Bingo

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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