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Cowboy Musings from Hell’s Half Acre

Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics weighs in on the South Central Regional.

Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics weighs in on the South Central Regional.

It has been ten days since the Southern Central Regional came to a close. I have yet to fully decompress from the event itself, the six months of prep work, the exhaustive double checking of each component for the event, and the clean up continues still. I’m still riding high from the adrenaline rush of the entire weekend, the palpable feeling of community, the discourse of fans, affiliates, teams and athletes who attended. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when the final guest left GSX, as we looked at each other we were able to say, we did it! It was a GROUP effort that made it all happen.

I am not sure how to express the measure of gratitude I have for every volunteer, judge, helper, well wisher, athlete, spectator, vendor, and sponsor. It is said, that it takes a village to raise a child – well our village was in full swing that weekend, they were dedicated, unselfish, and committed to raising this thing we call CrossFit. It would be impossible to have done this without you and I am forever grateful to all that were a part of the spectacle.

We lived up to our name in full, the competition at Hell’s Half Acre at its peak was 106.6 degrees, but this year no tornados were lurking about and we dodged the swine flu epidemic of last year. An event like this is never perfect, no matter how well you plan and we know that improvements need to be made. We will endeavor to improve all aspects from scoring to judging and then some. To Pam and Matt Munson of CrossFit Champions – I love you both so very much. I admire and respect your passion for our community. Yours was indeed one of the most difficult and thank less jobs at our event, you recruited the volunteers, judges, and support for this event and lead them well. To the over 100 judges and volunteers – thank you and God Bless you all.

I made a comment off the cuff, well I make a great many off the cuff comments – but I stated for the record, “this is why we love what we do, and we do what we love” I love being a part of this group of people and was privileged to host our region. Our box was honored to open the doors and allow all comers to witness the growing phenomenon towards elite fitness. Watching these gladiators move, sweat, and bleed for their passion was poetic as some dreams were realized.

For me, the most poignant of moments came from those who did not move on to the Games. I witnessed many continue to give of themselves regardless of scores, regardless of having a muscle-up, regardless of hitting a PR. I watched the grueling repetition of movements under the Texas heat and was simply inspired by the many that battled fiercely only to walk away and say – wait till next year. These athletes showed true character and sportsmanship for nothing more than the experience of the event, accompanied by accolades of comrades and piers. They were for me, the true spectacle and the purest part of our community.

God willing, we will see you all next year.


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4 comments on this entry

1. Shane Gibson wrote...

Tucker, as always, you are the man! Thanks very much to you and everyone who had a hand in this event and community!

2. Kelly Guillory wrote...

Absolutely! Wait til next year! When I completed 10 muscle ups and 15 handstand pushups at Regionals, I WAS DONE! I accomplished so much more than I expected! I had no idea where the clock was when I found you and exclaimed "Tucker, I got my muscle ups!" I didn't care about competition, I had done what I set out to do...conquer those damn rings! The fact I was able to finish that final grueling workout in 12.23 was absolutely a bonus. Now that I've got the muscle up I can work on my Olympic lifts....look out next year! I'll be back! :) Thanks for a great experience all the way around.

3. Theo Tsekouras wrote...

Hey Tucker, again it was a blast. We both discussed out firefighter backgrounds and the heat of the weekend and I am still impressed with the jeans ya wore; but the events were top notch and I tip my "helmet" to ya!
Bayou City Crossfit

4. Greg wrote...

Read this blog about Character and Crossfit community, reflects much of what you believe.



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