Jessica Pamanian, 2nd Place at the Northeast Regional

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

All Over the Map Parts 2 & 3

Visiting with Pamanian, Bergeron, Plumey, Phillips and Smith

Again Faster's Ian Wittenber has driven across the country many times, from Boston to California and back again. As of early June 4th, he's at it again--though this time, it's going to be different. 

This trip, he'll make many stops, in places like Washington DC to talk with Christy Phillips, the winner of the Central East Regional, Austin, Texas to sit down with the girls of CrossFit Central, and Park City, home of Chris Spealler and Eric O'Connor. In between, he'll be dropping in on some of the other Games qualified athletes to talk with them about their training and about their expectations of what they may face this year in California. 

"All Over the Map" is the result of Ian's travels. Each episode will bring us a few more athletes, a couple states nearer the Pacific, and just a little closer to the third weekend of July.

Part 2
Ian Wittenber of Again Faster is back in the car after visiting with top Northeast Regional finishers Rob Orlando and James Hobart in Part 1 of this series.

The second leg of this multi-part journey finds Wittenber about 215 miles from home as he rolls into New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The first stop is The Rock Health and Fitness Club in Astoria, N.Y., to chat with Jessica Pamanian (second place, Northeast Regional) about her current training regimen. A former softball player at U.C. Berkeley, Pamanian has the athletic background but lacks much experience in CrossFit, having just starting hitting WODs seriously three weeks before her fourth-place finish at the New England Sectional.

Next up are two veterans to the CrossFit Games, Lauren Plumey (Shoreline CrossFit) and Heather Bergeron (CrossFit New England), who talk about their experiences at the 2009 Games and their outlook on this year’s event.

Part 3
Still in his car, Ian Wittenber is in the American capital, Washington, D.C., to catch up with Christy Phillips (first, Central East Regional) and Ben Smith (second, Central East Regional).

Christy Phillips is currently in nursing school and a trainer at CrossFit MPH. She takes her work very seriously but tries to keep her workouts and time in the gym fun and lively. “It’s the best hour of the day,” Phillips says. Given her experience at the Games, she’s got an interesting and potentially unique take on volume leading up to this year’s competition.

At just 19 years young, Ben Smith already has one CrossFit Games under his belt, and now he’s on his way to his second. While he trains in his garage, his performance at the Central East Regional shows that he has what it takes to perform at the highest level.

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