2010 CrossFit Games Finals

All eyes on LA

The countdown to the CrossFit Games begins.

Only the big show remains.

After more than 30 sectional events and 12 regionals, the field is set for the 2010 CrossFit Games, where the fittest athletes on the planet will battle it out July 16-18 at the Home Depot Center.

In the fourth edition of the Games, legendary past champions Mikko Salo (09 Champion) and Jason Khalipa (08 Champion) will resume their battle. They are joined by veterans Rob Orlando (first in Northeast), Blair Morrison (first in Europe), Chris Spealler (first in Northwest) and Peter Egyed (first in Southwest) as well as new firebreathers Dan Rogers (first in Canada) and Rich Froning Jr. (first in Southeast). All will be looking to claim the title, "World’s Fittest Man."

2009 champion Tanya Wagner is competing in the Affiliate Cup and Charity Vale (second overall in 2009) is expecting her fourth child. This leaves Carey Kepler and Kristan Clever as the top returning athletes. They tied in points for third with Kepler standing on the podium due to tie break rules. Past contenders Christy Phillips (first in central east), Annie Thorisdottir (first in Europe), Heather Bergeron (first in Northeast) and Rebecca Voigt (first in Southwest) cannot be dismissed, but they’ll also need to beat the likes of Rebecca Eastwell (first in Australia), Alicia Connors (first in Canada) and Candace Ruiz (first in South Central) if they want to reach the podium in 2010.

Never before has it been so difficult to get to the Games, and the list of athletes who didn’t qualify is littered with a host of CrossFit stars (Josh Everett, Pat Barber, Ricky Frausto, Jeremy Thiel, Dave Lipson, David Millar, Stacey Kroon, Cyndi Freiling, Lauren Erwin, Kim Ball, Glory Dawson). In 2007 and 2008, competitors only had to register and show up at The Ranch in Aromas, Calif. In 2009, regional competitions decided the field. In 2010, each competitor has proven his or her skill beyond doubt either by winning the CrossFit Games, finishing in the top five last year or fighting through a savage qualification process that included both sectional and regional bottlenecks.

As the elite make their last preparations for the final showdown, the rest of the CrossFit world reflects on amazing qualification events, marvels at the prowess of the top athletes and counts down to July 16. Favorites are being chosen and dark horses identified. Stars of the past shine alongside new heroes. Excitement grows as the global community awaits the announcement of the WODs, the live Web broadcast and the “3, 2, 1… go!” that will kick off the Games.

For new information presented daily, check this site and the CrossFit Journal. We’ll be publishing videos, athlete profiles, news stories and features designed to highlight the best of our community and set the stage for the world’s ultimate fitness competition.

Let the Games begin!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

23 comments on this entry

1. Adam K wrote...

Amen. This is going to be epic. Good luck to all!

2. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Go get 'em Rich! You have more than what it takes to be a champion.

3. j.C. Nessa wrote...

Respect the stache... Joel Nessa (Master's Division) is gonna crush it!!! Get Crunk!

4. Horse wrote...

Will we get athlete profiles for everyone like last year?

5. 2POOD.com wrote...

This is going to rock! Good luck Rich. This dude defines the word manimal. Also, much respect to the masters. Looking forward to see what you old guys got!

6. nick wrote...

not forgetting Chris Hogan returning from last year after crushing this year's regionals.

1st in Australia finishing 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st and 1st in 5 WODS

7. 209 Crossfitter wrote...

It is time that the CROSSFIT world starts giving GABE SUBRY froms Crossfit 209 Sport in Stockton, CA. Some love and recognition. He has worked hard and has taken out big Crossfit Stars and still gets no love. Lets be real give credit where credit is due.

8. Horse wrote...

Rooting for Chris Hogan and other individuals from down under in Australasia!!

hope i can see the games in action!!

9. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Yep, I think Chris Hogan will surprise some people. Having said that , you know its a strong field when those big names cant even qualify.

10. Vitaly Sender wrote...

No mention of Chris Hogan? I have a feeling there'll be a lot more talk about him after these Games are done :)

11. randy wrote...

lets not forget 2008 and 2009 north central regional champ matt chan!!! and also a shout out to pat burke and ryan lilienthal from the north central regionals.... lets go men!!! get some

12. Lifetime wrote...

Is there going to be streaming video of the events?

13. Slaughter wrote...

Will past competitors such as Jost Everett, J.C Nessa, Pat Barber, and David Millar be expected to start at Sectionals next year or Regionals?

14. Nate wrote...

Does anyone know why Tanya W is only participating in the affiliate cup, I love watching her compete?!

15. Tony Budding wrote...

Apologies to all we didn't mention. There are 100 individual athletes competing this, all of whom have a legit shot at the title. These mentions were not meant to be exclusive or complete. We were just trying to whet your appetite!

In the upcoming weeks, there will be tons of competitor information coming, including a new robust athlete stats section and a video series on the competitors.

16. Jacob Hardy wrote...

Keep a close eye on Dan Rogers he held first all weekend in Canada... His drive and determination makes him one of the greatest athletes in the world!

17. Bonnie wrote...

VCF represent!!!!!! Kris and becca are going to kill it! So proud to train with you ladies! And Randy representing VCF in the Masters event.....the weekend will be epic! Can't wait!

18. Web Smith wrote...

Yeah, Tony. You forgot Lindsey Smith on that list of top competitors! When she didn't see her name she went into the garage and knocked out 50 handstand pushups for time. I haven't seen that fire in her eye since the Big East Track Championships back in 2006.



19. Ryan wrote...

Three letters....OPT!

20. geoff wrote...

Awesome competitors coming from the North! This also includes OPT!!
#16 - garth was there too, he was first after day one, and they were tied in points after event 4. Definitely was amazing to watch Dan. A big man with a huge engine!

21. Abe wrote...

Alicia CONNORS aka D-Con (Decepticon) from Canada, will quietly and unassumingly put the pressure on everyone. Some will look at her and go no worries there. That will be a big mistake. Good luck ladies, Decpticon is lurking.

22. Wesley Stoneman wrote...

I am so freaking pumped for this to go down! Go Dirty South!!!!!

23. Lindsey Smith wrote...

Web made that up, Tony. I like being a dark horse. ;) No mentions, please.


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