Dave Leys and Team CrossFit Santa Cruz at the 09 Games

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Cup Competition Update

Additional details on the 2010 team competition.

Here is what we can tell you about the Affiliate Cup competition at the 2010 Games:

  • The first event will be Friday morning
  • There will be multiple events throughout the weekend
  • There will be at least one event each of the three days
  • Teams must be comprised of three men and three women
  • Some events will be two men and two women competing
  • Some events may assign different numbers and/or combinations of athletes
  • There will be some cuts throughout the weekend
  • The final event will be Sunday around mid-day
  • All necessary equipment will be provided
  • If jump roping is involved, you will be allowed to use your own ropes
  • Specialized footware is not needed but not prohibited
  • Team-oriented clothing is encouraged and highly recommended for easy identification of team and team members during events

Teams can also have a non-competing "coach" from their same gym. This coach and the athletes not competing in a particular event will not be allowed into the competition area with the athletes.

The Home Depot Center does not have locker and shower facilities for 500 athletes, there will be no standard access to locker rooms, showers, etc. Please plan on taking advantage of tent city. There will be plenty of bathroom access and concessions for sale (we'll have lots of healthy options, but pack coolers for full control).

This is going to be the best team fitness competition in history. Bring your A game, and be prepared to throw down hard across broad time and modal domains!

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The Affiliate Cup finals from 09
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7 comments on this entry

1. Tom wrote...


Thank you for the information you posted.

The above states that "Some events will be two men and two women competing" and
"Some events may assign different numbers and/or combinations of athletes".

Each team must have three men and three women per the rules so what happens if a given male or female team member cannot perform once the Games arrive (due to injury for example)? In other words, will there be a workout or workouts that require all three of a gender and/or all six team members to participate within? If one person is injured and cannot perform, would that disqualify the team in workouts where all three of a gender or all six team members must perform?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

2. darren shaw wrote...

cant wait... see you all there!

3. Tony Budding wrote...

Good questions. If a team did not have enough healthy athletes to meet the roster requirements of the workout, they could petition the event director to be able to compete with one fewer athlete. Obviously it would be a disadvantage, but most likely would be allowed so that the team wouldn't have to be disqualified.

Does that make sense?

4. BrandonP wrote...


I've heard on good authority that the WODs will be a serious challenge and HEAVY!!

bring your A-Game and your POWER!!

5. Shane Gibson wrote...

Tony, so once the final roster is done on Monday, there are no substitutions allowed even due to injury after that time?

6. Tony Budding wrote...

Correct. Stay healthy!

As an aside, do you know that the rate of reporting injuries on affiliate teams SKYROCKETS right after the workouts are announced? It's the strangest thing, but it happened last year at the Games and pretty much at every Regional this year. Who knew that announcing workouts was so dangerous?!?!

7. Shane Gibson wrote...

Tony, thanks for the clarification.

Pretty wild how dangerous it can be for the athletes for you to post the WODs!

I like the policy though!


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