2010 CrossFit Games Finals

The 2010 Games Season: A Perspective

A look at where we are, and where we're going.

Are all the Qualifiers really over? It seems like just yesterday we were checking the scores for the Midwestern Sectional, the first event on Feb 13-14. It's unreal to think that we are five months into the CrossFit Games competition season, and only six weeks away from what promises to be a Games finale like none in history. Deep breath, now, let's take a look back at where we've been.

Consider the rapid evolution: the 2007 Games started small, a voluntary exhibition of the definition of what it truly means to be fit. That first year 70 athletes battled in front of about 200 total spectators, comprised of mainly friends and family. This was in the dirt and heat of the Aromas Ranch, and a new sport was forged. The following year participation increased four fold. The 2008 CrossFit Games put 300 athletes to the test while over a thousand spectators watched on in amazement. Jump to 2009 and more exponential growth, catalyzed by the affiliate competition. There were 750 athletes in front of about 4,000 screaming fans.

The 2010 Games have continued to foster the growth of the Sport of Fitness. This year about 6,000 athletes participated at some level (2,800 individual men, 1,200 individual women, 2,000 among the teams plus almost 200 masters athletes). The top athletes from 33 Sectional events around the world, spanning 7 countries, but representing all 7 continents, provided the majority of the Regional athletes. Added to that were the 100 athletes pre-qualified from last year's Games, plus the top few from the military online qualifier for deployed personnel. 

To put into perspective just how difficult it is to qualify for the Games, fewer than 1% of the men entering the four Sectionals in the Southwest Regional made it to the Home Depot Center.

Another first was the live-stream of the Southwest regional. This was the first ever live coverage of a Games event. We saw over 20,000 unique plays throughout the weekend from around the world. Our coverage of the Games final will be better still, with new features such as instant replay, athlete stats and highlights.

New Digs
The growth in the Sport of Fitness has exploded, and we literally outgrew the Aromas Ranch. In April, the Home Depot Center was tapped as the new home of the CrossFit Games, and instantly the working capacity of this newest of sporting competitions was elevated to Firebreather status. Spectacular, first-rate viewing for fans is now available from comfy, elevated seats. Skyboxes line the stadium for VIP hospitality. And the available space for affiliates and sponsors to setup, display, and mingle is dramatically improved.

More to Come
Check back here over the next few weeks for highlights on:

Information on the weekend - How to maximize your experience in LA no matter what your role is, including: hotels, tent city activities, child care, parties, etc.

Rivalries - Epic battles have started to form. With so many amazing athletes, how will it shake out in head-to-head competition? Can't wait to see Mikko and Khalipa in the arena again? Neither can we. Keep an eye on this space as we begin to flesh out the possibilities of these intense rivalries.

Athlete Stats - In a few weeks, we'll introduce a full Athlete's Stats section for you to compare the hard numbers and histories of all of the competitors.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

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1. Jake Trahan wrote...

Whoooo hooooo yaaaaaaaa! im so pumped

2. Rashmi Cole wrote...

A shout out from Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram, India.
The children and young adults from our affiliate love the games. We study stats, watch videos when our internet allows, we know the past players and look forward to learning about the new competitors. This is our sport, entertainment and sets the benchmark for our goals. I couldn't ask for a better role models. Just wanted folks to know what an important role the Games plays in our small village in rural India. We are cheering you onwards! And of course special cheers for Coach Spealler, who is our personal favorite.

3. k Malz~FitMom wrote...

Best of luck to all competitors at the 2010 Games!

I'll certainly miss being in the thick of the competition this year. I have 10 years of sectionals and hopefully regionals to get ready for the Masters Division!

4. Slaughter wrote...

cant wait!!! this will be epic!!

5. Ricardo wrote...

Anyone know who designed this website? It's so slick!

6. Mike Jones wrote...

Khalipa, us BIG guys are rooting for you! DO WORK!!!

7. bartolomeo wrote...

CrossFit 100%

8. Ronny wrote...

Word Mike - Represent for the Bay Khalipa! GET AT IT!!

9. KLowe wrote...

My money's on the Dirty South athletes! watch out!.....looks like they are all out of bubble gum!

10. Sara wrote...

Hi, I'm just wondering what the latest time will be for athletes to check in on the Thursday? We are trying to book our flights from Canada...

11. Candace wrote...

So excited to cheer for the Canadians!!!! Can't wait to be there!


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