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Jason Khalipa finishing the 09 Chipper

2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Q & A with Jason Khalipa

Chatting with the 08 Champ.

In 2008 Jason Khalipa stole center stage at Aromas with a come-from-behind win and immediately became an icon in the CrossFit Games community. Last year he was awarded the Spirit of the Games award for rebounding from a near DNF on the run event.

In addition to his life as an athlete, Khalipa runs a thriving CrossFit box (CrossFit Santa Clara), and travels with the Level 1 seminar team. We caught up with Jason to find out how he juggles all these tasks, what life is like outside of competition and how he's feeling about the upcoming competition at the Home Depot Center.

You've got a lot going on - box relocation, travel for HQ, wife - how are you feeling as we approach the Games Finals?

Life has been pretty crazy, it has been for almost 2 years now. With that said, life is good! How can I complain, I have the best job in the World, a great wife and family, and an opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games this year. Like any business owner I am stressed pretty often on how to make my gym a better place for our members and how to keep up with our growth. Fortunately I have not had to stress on making the rent which, I like to think I am... good stressed. Unlike last year I am really trying to mellow out before the Games and not get to wrapped up in them. Several weeks before the Games I was having hives and couldn't sleep last year, this year I am working hard to not let this happen. I am trying to relax more and focus on the excitement I have for the event in comparison to the expectations.

Wow, you might want to get those checked out! That being said, the Games have gone from a picnic atmosphere of Aromas to the HDC since you've been involved. Picture yourself coming out of that tunnel to 8,000 screaming fans - emotions/thoughts?

The event at the HDC will be amazing! I am extremely happy with the growth this sport has seen in the past few years, it is absolutely amazing. Having the Games at the HDC obviously takes a way a little bit from the home grown feeling of the Ranch, but it was inevitable. The growth of the sport is so huge it was only a matter of time before we had to move the venue. I think the HDC will be an inspiring atmosphere and a place where individual/team accomplishments will peak and continue to peak for hopefully a long time to come. Records will be set, amazing performances will be performed, and thousands of fans will be capable of watching the entire thing with ease. Wow!

Last year you came in with a lot of pressure and you mentioned that it affected you, talk about that and whether the pressure is the same this year?

I believe that this year I have as much if not more pressure. However, with that said I also believe that I have shown the community and myself that I belong in the Games and have the capabilities to perform. As a result this has allowed me to relax a little more knowing that people have seen what I am capable of and hopefully do not doubt my entry into the 2010 Games.

The Mikko Salo documentary effected you a little bit, did you train differently after seeing that and do you see him as your biggest competitor?

I believe that every single male competitor that has qualified for the Games is my biggest competitor. Mikko is a beast, Speal is amazing, Matt Chan, Rob Orlando, Peter Egyed the list can go on for 50 names. The great thing about this year is that every person deserves to be where they are. I can't wait for the events to go down!

Nutrition was not very big for you when you won the games, is that still the case? Are you taking supplements?

Nutrition has been something that I have put a pretty good deal of time into lately. I am eating the official CrossFit prescription of meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, and some fruit. In addition to this I also take Progenex, I am a pretty big fan of their Recovery Drink.
Any new PRs we should know about?

I have put up fairly even numbers on most of my met-cons however my back squat, deadlift, clean and jerk have all gone up. My running has also improved significantly (not that it was as bad as what people thought, but it's still better).

Have you ever been in a fight? Did you win?

Yes I have, and yes I did.

What Regional would you have loved to compete in, which would you have hated?

I would have love to competed in the Southwest Regional. I believe the workouts were towards my strengths. The regional that Speal was in would have been challenging for me with the rope climbs and 5 mile run... I wouldn't have looked forward to that.

When we saw each other last, you had driven overnight from Vegas to the Southwest Regional. So, what does Khalipa do for fun? Is it all training, all the time?

Lately it seems like all I do is CrossFit and CrossFit related stuff. However I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to dinner's, BBQ's, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and mountain biking. My wife and I really enjoy traveling, we try and travel as much as possible and explore new places around the World.

Tell me about your best non-competitive CrossFit fitness experience (saved a baby from a burning building? Wrestled off a rabid puma)?

My best non-competitive fitness experience/experiences have been happening pretty often lately with the move of our gym. I really see the benefit of what we do when moving heavy or even not so heavy objects with people who don't move anything ever. It is amazing how winded and tired people get when they don't do CrossFit, CrossFit makes a lot of things much easier. Just yesterday a friend and I pushed a refrigerator up the stairs at our new location, or having to move houses twice in the last year. Both of these are great examples of how CrossFit has helped.

Talk about any perceived weaknesses. How have you addressed them? Be honest now, was it a fluke - can Jason Khalipa run?

I can run. Some other major weaknesses of mine are knees to elbows, box jumps, and ring dips. I try and add these in several times a week to practice What I Suck At! I really think that is the key to CrossFit, to try and get out of your comfort zone and work on things you know you should be working on.

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