Australia Regional

Australian Workouts

Day 1 and 2 Events

Saturday 8th May

0620  Athlete Registratioin/Orientation
0700  Judges Meeting
0750  Open Games
0800 Event 1 Commences
1730  Day 1 Finishes

Individual Event 1
Max reps in Five minute, to over head 50/30kg Girls

Individual Event 2
2x Sled Pull over 20m - 20kg/10kg Girls
21 Box Jumps
21 KB Swings 32/24kg Girls

2 x Sled pull over 20m - 40kg /20kg Girls
15 Box Jumps
15 KB swing 32kg (24kg)

2 x Sled pull over 20m - 60kg /30kg Girls
9 Box Jumps
9 KB swing 32kg /24kg Girls

Individual Event 3
12 OHS Men 60kg / Girls 40kg
21 Pull Ups
Run 2700m
21 Pull Ups
12 Thruster Men 60kg / Girls 40kg    -----------Timeout 25min

Affiliate Cup Event 1
Max Reps OHS in Ten Minutes 50/30kg Girls, each team member must attempt. Only one bar is lifted at once.

Affiliate Team Event 2
In a team of four every team member must complete three rounds of 15 reps Swings32kg Men 24kg Women, 15 Burpees, Sled drag. One of the team members will rest then when sled gets back they can rotate to the next exercise.

Affiliate Team Event 3.
 Each Team must carry a 15kg sand bag around the track. Only one person can carry the bag at once. Every member must carry the bag for a minimum of 100m.

Sunday 9th May
0825 Volunteer Meeting
0830 Athlete Registration
0830 Judges Meeting
0845 Open Games
1700 Games Finish

Individual Event 4 Men
3 rounds
6 Muscle Up
12 Snatches (Full Squat)40kg
18 Toe2Bar

Individual Event 4 Women
3 rounds

3 Muscle Up
6 Snatches (Full Squat) 25kg
9 Toe2Bar

Indiviaul Event 5
AMRAP in 10min
6 Deadlift Men 120 / Women 70kg
6 Clean Full Squat and Jerk Men 60 / 30kg

Affiliate Team Event 4
Each team member must cycle through each station, only one person can exercise at once. The team can’t progress until they have finished the station.
The Team Only Has two Bars.
9 Deadlifts 120/70kg
15 Pull Ups
21 Thrusters 40/30kg

Affiliate Team Event 5.
Each team must lift from ground to over head through a full squat 5000kg
The team has 1 bar the weights are pre set at a load prior to commencing.
Once the load has been decided it can’t be changed.
Each team must complete ten lifts each.
60kg =84 lifts
50kg = 100 lifts
40kg = 125 lifts
30kg = 167 lifts

Due to the requirements of the venue we have a protective surface over the grass. Some athletes may find it benificial to wear cloves whislt conducting the workouts. Others may prefer to just harden up.


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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

52 comments on this entry

1. Brett Fforde wrote...

Thanks Mick, see everyone soon. It's on now!!!

2. JennaB wrote...

When is the Master's competition??

3. Imtiaz wrote...

Brutal!! Australia and NZ REPRESENT!!!

4. Alex Porter wrote...

Hurry Qantas, hurry...

5. Hari wrote...

In Affiliate event 4 does each person need to finish the full number of reps for a given exercise before the next person can start? Or can each of the 4 people do, say, 7 thrusters and cycle through 4 team members 3 times.?

6. Matthew Summers wrote...

Wod5: 6 Dead Lifts, 6 Squat Clean and jerks...

...That is a brutal combination....Auzzie Regional is no Frekin joke!

7. Greg wrote...

"...Others may prefer to just harden up."

Love it!

8. Gunit wrote...

Go hard all NZ WARRIORS!!!
Special mention to crossfitauck and crossfitnz!
Harry lets get hardcore!!

9. Jono wrote...

These are awesome. Can't wait for 2mrw.

10. justine wrote...

In affiliate cup event number 2, how far is the sled drag?

11. Fi wrote...

How high are the box jumps for individual even 2?

12. Darren Coughlan wrote...

Well done Mick, I like the workouts.
This will be a great weekend. Those that get through will do well at the Games in the USA.
Justine/Fi, there has to be some 'unknown & unknowable' doesn't there? ;)

13. nick w wrote...

Go hard Matt S. Laugh through these WODs

14. tess wrote...

WE ARE ALL CHEERING YOU ON!!! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. Ben wrote...

Nice work mick, sensational looking workouts, should be a fanastic event.

Good luck ro all those competeting over the weekend, 'specially Em from Adelaide!

16. Andrew Cattermole wrote...

Woo Hoo

Looks Good Value!
Roll on Sunday!

17. Andrew Cattermole wrote...

Looks Good Value!
Roll on Sunday!

18. Shannon Mahoney wrote...

Awesome WODs! Good luck to all ;)

19. Fi G wrote...

Go Perth affiliate team.........YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!! ...........wish I was there !

20. Jason wrote...

Great WOD's guys.

Just wondering though why the bum steer regarding goggles and combat boots in the suggested equipment list. I know it was just a "suggested" list but if CrossFit is to be taken seriously as a sport I think silly little games shouldn't be a part of competitors preparations. Not all athletes are military/LEO and I know it caused a lot of unnecessary stress and expense over here for people trying to find boots, especially with the ladies.

Leave the games to the athletes.

All the best to everyone competing and volunteering. Good luck to the Sandgropers, especially Stef and Michelle from The Cell!

21. Darren Coughlan wrote...

G'day Jason,
No games were played.
Last minute logistical problems made for some changes.

22. Jason wrote...

Fair enough. These things happen. Thanks for clarifying Daz. As long as that is communicated to the many athletes that forked out for boots they'll never use.

23. Darren Coughlan wrote...

Yeah for sure, it is a shame.
Mick did everything humanly possible though, and it was really last minute.

24. Megan S wrote...

Good luck to Doug Armstrong from Crossfit Rocks in Brisbane. We'll be watching!!

25. Jeanne Stokes wrote...

Good Luck Shane from CF SEQ ;-)
we are all very proud - wish I could be there to cheer you on!
Stay focused and have fun!!

26. Paul wrote...

Good Luck to Emma from Crossfit Adelaide.

27. Andrew Smith wrote...

Good luck to everyone from WA.

28. David Murray wrote...

WOW....those workouts look tough, I wont be competing but Ill cheering from the sidelines with my affiliate shirt, coffee and vibrams ;) cant wait to see some real firebreathers and that can do attitude...

29. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Great selection of workouts!

30. Jeongwon "Crazy" Ross Hwang wrote...

Those all wods are scary and nervouse!!

Well,, I will do my best!! Bring it on!

It is show time!

31. Roy wrote...

Great looking WOD's for regionals well done. I wanna say good luck to the competitors from Southern Crossfit.

32. Gareth Baly wrote...

Some crazy WOD's there. Should be a great weekend!
Good luck to all competitors from WA.

Especially Dan Williams, go hard mate!

33. Tom Sowerby wrote...

Give 'em hell Dan, good luck mate!

34. ness wrote...

Go hard crossfitters from NZ!!!!!!!

35. Ash wrote...

That looks like an awesome weekend !!! Good luck to all athletes.

36. darrenshaw wrote...

Another day.. Another thruster

37. Brenty wrote...

Rip it up Dan Williams and Jamie Jones and the WA athletes !

Good luck guys!!

38. Gino Saccoccio wrote...

Looks like some fun to be had! Good luck D-son (dan Williams), stef and all the west ozzies - team Essence will be watching! Gino

39. Rob Forte wrote...

Good luck to all the competitors over the weekend and GO the CrossFit MP crew.

40. Steve wrote...

Looks like a brutal weekend of workouts Mick! The Australasian best who get through these are going to be world class! Good luck to all the athletes - especially all the WA guys! Go get 'em!

41. mitchell caine wrote...

cant wait to show my new vibrams tomoro everyone who has a pair we should hang out and talk about our fran times and how well we eat cashews.... cant wait 3..2..1..GO!!!!!

42. Johnny McK wrote...

Wow those WoD's look pretty brutal cheering all competitors on! Suck it up and hit it hard!

Good luck everyone from Crossfit Brisbane

43. Jono Griffiths wrote...

Good luck Dan! Hope you and the WA boys kick arse.

44. Dave Carran wrote...

Best of luck especially to CFNZ & other NZ affiliates! Enjoy yourselves and dominate those WOD's!


45. WEISBAR wrote...

Go Matt S and all the guys from XFit Brisbane. Be thinking of you for the next two days. Awesome WODS!

46. Jill Williams wrote...

Go Dan! (Williams) and Team WA. We'll be beside you all the way! Amy will be our voice... Mum and Dad.

47. Bryn and Kirsty wrote...

Human Wrangler - Kick arse Dan!

48. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hari yes every person in the team will complete all the set reps in that workout.

49. Mick Shaw wrote...


It was not a silly game. For workout three the Athletes were to be taken to a location. At this location the Athletes would have been required to climb a 6m rope three times run KB Swing, Swim 200m Burpee then Run 500m. Sometime due to certain circumstances this have to be changed at the last minute.

I hope you can understand this and enjoy what we have on offer over the weekend.

Mick Shaw

50. Adam wrote...

Go Crossfit Perth!

51. Gym and Fitness wrote...

Congratulations to everyone that competed in the CrossFit Games. Great turn out by all. Special thanks to Mick and Steve for an exciting weekend, and good luck to those who will compete in the states!

Gym and Fitness.

52. alfred beilin wrote...

hi all the best have a gud new year
alfred beilin


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