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Why I CrossFit: Regina Flanagan

CrossFit Games sponsor is supporting military athletes and their families

Growing up in a military family, Regina Flanagan learned the values of discipline and determination.  In 2008, she joined LaLanne Fitness in San Francisco and discovered Crossfit and a similar set of values.  “At the 2009 Crossfit Games,” says Regina, “I was inspired by the phenomenal commitment of this community of athletes. Their energy and resolve drove my every thought.”  

Over the next four months, Regina started two businesses to support CrossFit athletes:  
the Fit for Life Fund and OMG*Omega3, which is a sponsor of the 2010 Crossfit Games.

The Fit for Life Fund, a 501 (c) (3 ) non-profit,  pays for children to attend CrossFit Kids while their military parents serve overseas.   

“People don’t realize how much stress children suffer when a parent is absent,” says Regina, speaking from her own personal experience.  “Exercise helps reduce anxiety – regardless of your age.  I started Fit for Life to help these children learn that exercise creates self-esteem, relieves stress and gives them better coping skills. “

OMGOmega3.com is a distribution channel for Mila, a plant-based source of Omega 3.  An alternative to fish oil, Mila provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids in a raw whole food.   “With Mila, I have the soldier athlete in mind”, says Regina. “Fish oil is not feasible in the desert.  Plus, soldiers need hydration, and access to a portable energy source.  Mila metabolizes slowly and keeps the body hydrated.”

All proceeds of Mila sales through the OMG*Omega3 website go into to The Fit for Life Fund.  “This business model is designed to support the soldier athlete while he or she is deployed.  By providing nutrition and resources for the families, I’ve found a way to show my passion and commitment to Crossfit.”

To help kids become more physically active and fight childhood obesity, The Fit for Life Fund is in the process of applying for a grant from the national “Let’s Move” initiative!

Look for Regina at the Crossfit Games this summer.  Find the Fit for Life Fund and OMG*Omega3 on Facebook. Donations are welcome at www.fitforlifefund.com  (email info@fitforlifefund.com.)  To purchase Mila, go to  www.omgomega3.com  (email  info@omgomega3.com)

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8 comments on this entry

1. Chris LaLanne wrote...

We love you Regina!

2. Julian Marquez wrote...

SOOO Proud of you Regina!!!

3. Natalie B. wrote...

Regina you never fail to amaze me with your positive attitude and generosity towards others. We are so lucky to have you as part of the Lalanne community!

4. Scott Mainini wrote...

Nice work Regina...well deserved recognition! You are a superstar with a super BIG heart!

5. Ty Texidor wrote...

i feel honored to know you as a friend and athlete. absolutely amazing!

6. Lavinia Lindsay wrote...

Regina- I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with you and to have gotten to know you over this past year. The work you do is truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you for being such a supportive friend to all of us.

7. alyssa hershkowitz wrote...

I admire your passion for Crossfit and your giving heart... a deserved recognition.

8. Kelly Powers wrote...

You rock Regina!! I miss you!


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