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South Central Regional

What to Expect at the South Central Regional

A preview of coming attractions, Texas style

Event organizer Jeff Tucker has provided some intel for all of you heading down south in Texas about what you can expect at GSX for the upcoming South Central Regional.

I want to offer the athletes and guests as much as possible this year for the event. We know this is a special day of competition and fellowship and our staff is working hard to bring you all we can to make this CrossFit Regional better than last year.

Athletes: We will have chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedic doctors on hand for all your needs (tape, ice, therapy, you name it); along with several massage therapist for after the workouts. Progenex will have a recovery tent on hand with shakes and product for all of you. If you need to stop by the gym before the big day and work on any movement please feel free to do so, ”mi casa es su casa” and GSX will be open to all athletes. We have announced your check-in times previously on the Games site but you will also be receiving an email reminder with more details about our Friday mandatory registration check-in and competitor packet pick-up.

Guests: All of you must check-in at registration. Once you check-in at registration table and pick up your entrance wrist bands we will have food and drink along with some very reasonably priced Paleo fare on the grill. There will be BBQ all weekend, free beer (yes free beer will flow), snacks and water stations, some special vendors will be present this year – Life as Rxd, Rogue, CF apparel, TX Heritage Grass Feed Beef Company, C2, Dollamur Mats, Media975 professional photography, and Progenex to name a few. Free parking for the event – parking will be similar to last year. We don’t have room for RV’s or buses so if you plan on such you will need to shuttle your folks in and find a spot for your bus or RV.

Volunteers/Judges/Staff: We have posted the info on the main site about check-in, t-shirts, and logistics for you all.  We are assigning our every need this year and we appreciate your service.  Pam and Matt Munson of CrossFit Champions are compiling your information packets and will be emailing you in the next few days with more details. Judges and volunteer standard meeting will begin at 3pm on May 28th and all judges must attend. This meeting will last for about an hour or so but will be completed by 6pm. 

Social / Check-in for all Participants: Friday May 28th we will begin packet pick up of all athletes for teams and individulas at GSX starting at 2pm - this will be completed by 6pm.  At 6pm we will go over any questions from athletes about the event standards.  7pm - we eat the fatted calf and relax a bit before the big day.

The Main Event! I will announce the events one week out from the actual date for all Affiliate teams, and Individuals. CrossFit HQ has approved all movements and the event challenges are kept under double secret key. No one has access to them! Video standards will be released on the CrossFit Games Site as well as the so you will know what the judges will be looking for. 

Please email me if you need or have any questions –  See you all real soon!

- Tucker

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

15 comments on this entry

1. Joe_T wrote...

This is how you run a regional! Please take note of the accommodations Rogue, and Central East Regional planners. Looks like you're going to have a h*ll of an event Tucker, kudos.

2. tucker wrote...

thanks joe... very kind of you. i just hope we dont miss anything and that the event is good to go for all of you.

some folks have emailed me about getting this above poster. we had 1,ooo printed for the event and we will have them on hand for all.


3. Kat wrote...

Leave it up to Tucker to get the best job done possible!

4. Leah wrote...

Awesome! I'll definitely have to get one of those posters! Can't wait!

5. Dan S. wrote...


Damn I wish I lived in Texas! You're going to have a helluva event! Free beer!? WOW. And if we can PLEASE get a couple of these posters for CrossFit Hollywood?You know where our heart lives!

6. Tom N wrote...

I want a poster too! Looks like an awesome Regional in the works for Hell's Half Acre!

7. Helzy wrote...

Just reading about this gave me chills!! That looks like one hell of an event. Anything that has Tucker at the helm is sure to rock!!

8. tucker wrote...

life as rxd did me proud on that poster and our shirts! they took my cowboy concept and took it to the next level! i love em...

i will get marcus to set up a shoping cart for the t-shirts and posters guys and gals on life as rxd!

it is gonna be a helluva ride!


9. Ron Fielder wrote...

This is going to be a blast!
Tucker glad to see you raising the bar!
Can't wait for my people to be a part of this event.
Thanks again!

10. Matt F wrote...

Tucker this sounds lika an AWESOME event. If I didn't already have vacation plans that weekend, I'd be heading to TX!!! Free beer??? That's all you had to say!

11. William wrote...

Hey Tucker,
Do you have an ETA on the WOD's... I'm dying to know?

12. Jason wrote...

This morning felt like Xmas morning, and Santa never showed up...

I'm wondering where the WODs are too. Any help?

13. Jimmy wrote...

Ditto on the Christmas morning comment above. Did Tucker fall asleep from all his busy-ness?

14. Candice wrote...

I am hearing that they will now be announced on Wednesday. So we shall see what happens...

15. Disappointed wrote...

I guess training for the unknown includes expecting someone to do what they say they are going to do and them flipping the script. Hope this isn't a sign of how the event is going to be run...

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