Southwest Regional

Masters Recap: Southwest Regional

Fish and Flores top the day in sunny SoCal.

While the Affiliate and Individual competitions were kicking off, the Masters were taking on their final event. On the women’s side there wasn’t much drama as Heidi Fish dominated, leading from start to finish after putting up 16.4 rounds of Cindy in 20 minutes.  After placing 1st and 2nd in Friday’s workouts, her total of 4 points was 4 points better than both Helen Szkorla and Lisa Switzer who tied for 2nd with 8 points each.

In the Men’s Masters Paul Flores posted a solid victory after completing 18.13 rounds of Cindy, second best on the day. With 1st, 7th and 2nd place finishes, Paul finished with 10 points, six better than Jon Hults the top performer in the morning with 18.33 rounds.  Filling out the top 3 is Terry Dickman who finished with 19 points (9th, 2nd, 8th respectively).

Note: The scoring for the masters division is done across all Regional competitions. While the competitors may be competiting against one another at each event, their scores are also playing against all other competitors, at all Regionals as everyone will be competing in the same workout format.

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24 comments on this entry

1. ron wrote...

serrano & co. great job!!! where r masters overall results posted?

2. BIll wrote...

hey so what are the events for tomorrow and what is the heat schedule? People are dying here!!!! :)

3. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

Congrats to John Allaire from Crossfit Kinnick for such an amazing performance. We are so proud of you "old man"! Sitting pretty right now John! You laid it all out there and now its time to sit back and wait!

4. Julia Cruz wrote...

Where da brown people at, Flores?!?!? Way to represent!!!

5. Michael Moseley wrote...

Greg Walker you are my hero! Great job this weekend we are all so proud of you. Not many gyms have a 60 year young man top the daily wod against young whipper snappers 30 years younger.

6. Ryan @ CF 714 wrote...

Great job, Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Johnny@Crossfit Excel wrote...

Hell Ya , BIG T !!!!

8. KML wrote...

Congratulations to Joel Nessa Senior (LACo FD Camp 9) for holding strong and representing the "garage gyms" out there. Ever Progressin' Never Regressin'


9. Danny wrote...

You're the man, Terry!

10. John Allaire wrote...

Jeremy-Thanks for the kind words. Overall it was a great two days of competition. There are are still six regionals to go, so we'll see where the final results fall. I was proud to represent Crossfit Kinnick and our amazing trainers. Thanks to everyone at the gym for their support. Thanks for pushing me every day. Now go out and kick some butt today!

11. Narine wrote...

Great job to all the Masters.
A special congrats to Heidi, very impressive work this weekend.

12. Mark wrote...

Many thanks to Steve "Doc" Serano and his team for their efforts. Crossfit Ethos was a great venue. I feel privileged to have competed in the Inaugural Event. For me the competition was both humbling and inspiring; humbling in that I discovered I had a higher opinion of myself than warranted and Inspiring in that I am fired up to re-dedicate myself for next year's Masters event. I really enjoyed meeting some of my Crossfit heroes. Two final thoughts:
1) 50 years old is absolutely the correct minimum age for the Master's Competition. (It gives the 40 y/o +, something to look forward to.)
2) I hope Crossfit HQ gives this level of competition a couple of years to evolve. I am positive there will be more of us next year.
Semper Fi

13. Nick and Danielle wrote...

Go mouse! you are the Man. When do we get do see how these guys compared to the rest of the world? We can't wait.

14. John "Moose" Mustafa wrote...

Huge congratulations to all of the athletes, Steve Serrano and company, the Wolf Pack and all of the great folks who volunteered. The Masters division did not disappoint!

While I agree with Mark about how well suited the Master's division demonstrated itself to be, perhaps some thought should go into another division just below that, since there is likely an 8 to 10 year gap between being a regionals-level competitor and a Masters competitor ... and that's a long time to wait.

15. P Dizzle wrote...

Congrats to both Nessa's, JC & Papa Joel (master division) !!! Awesome effort!!! First father/son competitors? Go garage gym guys!!! Love u both!!!! The girls xoxoxoxo

16. Mark wrote...

Great idea on a level just below Masters. Give the 40 somethings prep time. Maybe we call it the "Junior Masters"

17. Grant wrote...

I would agree with Mark; I can't see a 40 year old winning so perhaps a 'Middle' Division would be merited.
I am really new to Crossfit but want to thank Steve and Jimi for putting this on. I met some wonderful competitors who are truly fit in every sense of the word. I did OK for being really subpar technically and it was just a great time and test for me.
Thanks Crossfit!

18. Nancy wrote...

Thanks to CrossFit Ethos for putting on such a well organized, fun, first day of the Masters event. Thanks also to all three of my judges -first for volunteering and then for being so supportive of this old girl ... you all made me feel impressive! And, of course, to my family and my CF family for all of their support.

19. Mark S. wrote...

Thank you Crossfit Ethos for hosting the first day of the Masters event. It was well organized, well planned, and very well judged. The judges in my first two events were knowledgeable, considerate, clear, and helpful. Their instructions were spot on for what I knew I needed to do to get every rep counted. There was no interpretation and I appreciated that immensely.

Most importantly, I met some good guys and plan on staying in touch with many of them and will offer my home in So Cal as a lodging to the ones that have long distances to travel. It will help defray the cost of competing. My family and I will love the company.

Cheers to all the competitors and congrats to the four men and women going to the finals. Humbling indeed. You think you are a big swinging d!#k in your gym and then get stuffed by guys over 50 from elsewhere. Amazing.

I'm trying to track down one of the Masters Competitors. If anyone can get me in touch with Lee Tannenbaum I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

20. Ruth wrote...

I was proud to be part of a small, but mighty group of Master's women! It was a true pleasure meeting all of you and being so inspired by you all! Now that we are all bonded, is everyone coming back next year? Congratulations Heidi, Helen and Lisa! It was amazing seeing you in action!

21. Ron wrote...

wonderful in every sense. amazed @how much planning and support is needed to carry out such a production. As for me: 1.I'll be back; 2. I'll be better (hopefully);3. I'll be older.

22. karen wrote...

I was also so incredibly proud to be a part of you all. I loved meeting all the "old kids!" You all are really incredible, powerful, wonderful ladies. Thank you so much. Yes Ruth, I definitely feel bonded. and I will most definitely be back next year!

23. KS wrote...

Lisa, it was a long road back from a tough year after a surgery that nearly ended in disaster. This result is a Great example of your determination and persistence to get your health back to such a level of excellence. Job well done!!

24. ksonkyoggbt wrote...

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