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Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional Events and Schedule Announced

Finally it's here!

The following message comes from Steve Serrano, organizer of the Southwest Regional Qualifier.

We are looking forward to seeing friends from throughout the region, as the Southwest Regional Qualifier events get under way on Friday, May 7th, at CrossFit Ethos and the University of California Irvine.  Our great hosts and outstanding sponsors have come together to make this venue and this competition an incredible weekend.

None of this would be possible without the tireless work of over one hundred and fifty incredible volunteers and staff. We thank them all for their work.

Now for the fun...

  • Both Individual and Team events are listed in their order of staging: two scheduled workouts on Saturday, one on Sunday.
  • Sunday workouts will be posted on Saturday night.
  • There will be a third “floater” workout for individual athletes on Saturday.  You will sign up for that workout on Friday when you check in.  It will be announced at the check in venue.

Order of Use, Event Locations:
Individuals: Saturday - Vista Field, Crawford Field, Basketball Court
Teams: Saturday – Crawford Field, Track

Individual Workouts
Event #1 On the grass throwing field outside the stadium – Vista Field

  • The athlete flips a tire (large truck tires / smaller tires for women) approx. 75m, from behind a start line or cone to beyond a destination line or cone.
  • Runs back to the start point.
  • Then a log carry (10’ x 8” – approx. 85# - men; 7’ x 7” – approx. 65# women) from behind start cone so the entire log is past the destination cone. if any part of the log hits the ground the athlete must stop completely and re-shoulder the log before continuing.
  • Then flip the tire back to start point, passing the start cone.
  • Run back to the log and then return it, carrying it until the entire log is past the start cone. 
  • At all times during the log carry, it must be held above the shoulder.

Event #2 Held on the grass outside the track – Crawford Field
5 Rounds for time:
5 Muscle-ups Men / 2 Women
10 Power Cleans 135# / 85 #
200m Run – around a barrier.

Floater Workout – On the Basketball Courts. (Announced when the athletes register on Friday 5-7-10)
To be completed on Saturday, based on a time the athlete signs up for at check in:

  • The athlete will have 7 minutes to complete a number of repetitions of two movements for the fastest time.  
  • If an athlete does not complete the event on Saturday he/she will receive a DNF and be disqualified.

Team Competition
Event #1 On the grass outside the track – Crawford Field
A relay involving three stages.

  • The first member of the team does a shuttle run to 10 yd, then 20 yd line/cones, then to 100m (If the ground is not touched with one hand completely beyond the line he/she will have to return and touch the ground completely past the cone/line.), to a set of 50# (m) or 30# (w) DB’s at the 100yd line.
  • The first member does 30 DB Thrusters then runs back and touches the second athlete who starts the shuttle run to the DB’s.
  • The first athlete then does 15 (m) or 10 (w) ring dips, sits down and is finished.  
  • The team continues with each returning member touching/starting the next member before the leading member does his or her ring dips to finish.  
  • The clock stops when the last team member finishes his/her dips (the last team member runs straight to the rings from the DB Thrusters, not to the start line).

Event #2 Held in the track/stadium.
Teams begin on the track in the start positions for a 400m relay race.

  • Each team member runs a 100m leg, passing one baton.
  • The final leg runner runs his 100m, then runs a full lap, picking up his team members as he goes.
  • Once all collected, the team completes another 400m lap from the original start point, together.
  • First team finishing the run gets the pick of the work areas along the side of the track in front of the bleachers. Then only two members at a time work, doing the following:
  1. 250 One Arm DB Power Snatches – any member completes as many as they want with a 50 pound or 30 pound dumbbell. The leading edge of the DB touches the deck each rep, finish position is with the arm locked out overhead and the feet inside of 24” wide lines taped on the deck, each rep.
  2. 500 Double-Unders. When all reps are complete, the team runs together around the track in the same direction and lane they initially ran in, to a pull up bar complex where, one at a time, they complete a team total of 125 Pull-ups (chin over the bar).  Their clock stops when the last pull up rep is done.

Schedule Of Events and Important Consideration

Most importantly: If you don't have an event wrist band you'll be directed to registration. No one without the appropriate wrist band will be allowed in the athletic complex area.

Map link to CrossFit Ethos, 23001 Del Lago Drive
Suite B-2, Laguna Hills, CA

Map link to CrossFit Next Level Performance, 22661 Lambert Street
Lake Forest, CA

Map link to UC Irvine, Crawford Athletic Facility. Detailed map with event times PDF.

Map link to Mesa Parking Structure, UC Irvine (for our event).

Schedule of events Friday 7 May
1000 - Volunteers arrive at CF Ethos
1100 - 1230 - Masters athletes check in at CF Ethos
1130 - Masters' Judges arrive at CF Ethos
1300 - 1500 Masters Workout #1 heats run at CF Ethos
1330 - Volunteers for Registration arrive at both CF NLP and CF Ethos
1400 - 2000 Team Check In at CF Next Level Performance
1400 - 2000 Individual Check In at CF Ethos
1600 - 1800 Masters Workout #2 heats begin at CF Ethos
1800 - 2000 Saturday/Sunday Judges and Lead Volunteers meet at CF Ethos

Saturday 8 May
0600 - Volunteer Check in at Crawford Field, UC Irvine
0630 - Judges check into their work assignments.
0700 - 0800 Remaining unregistered athletes check in on site.
0700 - Begin spectator/guest check in.
0730 - Welcome brief.  National anthem.
0750 - First workout check in begins for Masters (Stadium - this is their last workout), Individuals (Vista Field) and Teams (Crawford Field)
0800 1st Heat begins.Approx. 1025 Masters workouts end.
Approx. 1140 Team and Individual first workout ends
1320 - Second workout check in begins
1330 - Second workout begins for Individuals (Crawford Field) and Teams (Stadium).
Approx. 1630 - Individual workouts end
Approx. 1800 - Team workouts end.

Sunday 9 May
0700 - Volunteer check in
0750 - Team heat check ins begin
0800 - Team workout heats begin
1050 - Individual heat check in begins
1100 - Individual workout heats begin
Approx. 1225 - Team workouts end
Approx. 1530 - Individual Finals end.
Approx. 1630 - Awards / Close

Follow the event in real time with the Southwest Regional live webcast!

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Video Downloads

Movement Standards - Team

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Movement Standards - Individual

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

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104 comments on this entry

1. Steve wrote...

Movement Standards are to the right of the page.

You may bring your own rope/s.

2. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

WOW! So it begins...

3. Alissa Baltodano wrote...

Here we go!

4. paul estrada wrote...

Lets do this!!!!

5. Robert W wrote...

What's with the additional movements at the end of the Individual Standards video? I don't see any of those in the WODs listed here.....

6. Brian Flavell wrote...

For Team WOD #2, are the DB snatches completed before the double-unders are started, or can one person be working on each at the same time?

7. Jen wrote...

Will there be scaling options for the MUs?

8. Lisa wrote...

For the teams, is the tire flip and log thing for Sunday?

9. neil wrote...

Steve, awesome job...can i bring my own jumprope ? Sorry I couldnt resist...

10. CL wrote...

@5 Robert W:

I bet some of those movements will be in the top secret Floater workout

In the team WOD video, there was a clip of a log held by two members as they squatted, and then they passed over their heads from shoulder to shoulder. Looks like that was deleted from the WOD description. Could've been fun to see a short person and a tall person team up to do it!

11. x wrote...

when/where is registration for individual competitors?

12. Steve wrote...

neil - I'll get back to you...

#5 Robert W. - You'll see them later, maybe.

#6 Brian - As long as only two are working, the choice of work is yours.

#7 Jen - No scaling for the muscle ups but if an athlete gets a DNF they can continue with the workouts. Any placing they get will be behind the lowest scoring athlete who completed all events.

#8 Lisa - Sunday workouts will be announced on Saturday evening

neil - jump this, baldylocks!

13. CNB wrote...

Can you clarify whether for the Team Workouts, if 2 men and 2 women are required for each WOD? Or can there be 3 men, 1 women.


14. Allison wrote...

Ok, so just to be clear. The team wods for Saturday are AS WRITTEN above, right? I.e. no mention of tire flips or log work for Saturday's team wods.

15. Major wrote...

On team Wod #1 if the previous person hasn't finished the ring dips before the 2nd person gets to the ring dip station, may the next athlete start the ring dips?

16. Bertie wrote...

I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of strength movements within the Team work outs for Sat. Only 50lbs DB's across two workouts to dictate who progresses in what could be considered the strongest Region??

17. Dave wrote...

why is there tire flipping and log press standards in the video when they are not part of wod 1 or 2? Is that for sunday???

18. Steve wrote...

#13 CNB - two men and two women must compete for the team.

#14 Allison - That is correct.

19. Edgar wrote...

Big concern here....what is the food situation Steve? heheh sorry I couldn't resist either...Great job on everything!!!

20. Danielle wrote...

Is there a time cap on the individual wods? So that way if we are having a hard time with the muscle ups we are not there all day? lol

21. Dave wrote...

Will the thrusters be done on the grass/field or mats?

22. Bruce wrote...

So as i was watching the Movement Standards video I noticed that his head was pulled back putting his ears were blow his chin. During the SoCal Sectionals that wasn't allowed. Are the standards different for the Regional?

23. Mark wrote...

Hmm...what are the two Masters Workouts?

24. Chris wrote...

Awesome WODs!

When/ where is the heat info available?

25. Steve wrote...

Edgar - glad you asked. We're told there will be everything from paleo to zone to nachos dripping with velveeta. There's a caterer who will be working the event with about five EZ Ups worth of grub.

20 - Danielle, we'll try and keep it painlessly short, 15 minutes for that one.

21 - Dave - stall mats.

22 - Bruce - yes they are different.

26. Mark L. wrote...

Yards and meters are both used in the events? Any chance any of you used to work at JPL? =)
I think I might be in love with Event #2 of the Team Competition. I hope the judges have had their coffee!!!

27. Zissou wrote...

In the team movement standards video, team member D should have to run 200m not 100m before they pick up team member A. Team member A will no longer be in his original starting position, but rather in the location where team member B began. Correct?

28. CrossfitChick wrote...

Can the ring dips for the team be kipped? Also, does each individual have to do the dips (each woman 10 , each man 15)or can team-mates help?

29. Steve wrote...

Steve- is that MU WOD really 15 min? Ouch , I was hoping for 20 min so I could actually get 25 MU in the WOD without DNF. I think you meant to say 20 min! :) RIGHT?!?!?!

30. 27 wrote...

In team event 1, any scaling options for ring dips for the girls? Any chance of letting the guys do all the ring dips to keep it Rx?

31. Steve wrote...

26 Mark L. - We are an intercontinental crew here; preparing you for global competition...

27 Zissou - YOU are correct. So quick, who runs 500m (yes, meters Mark), by the end of the complete run?

28 - CC, yes on the kip as long as you meet the points of performance. And EACH INDIVIDUAL must do the ring dips, you can't have help.

32. Steve wrote...

29 Steve - 15 minutes sir.

30.27 - Apologies but no scaling options are being used.

33. Mike wrote...

How many teams advance onto Sunday?

34. Chris wrote...

Steve: Did you see my post (#24 about heat info)?

35. Zionna wrote...

can't wait!!! Great work Serranos!!

36. Mariah wrote...

Thanks Z! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

37. Tina b wrote...

How many teams are competing and how many teams will advance to Sunday? How many teams advance to the Games?

38. Greg wrote...

I must say that the team workouts are terrible. It does not capture the essence of crossfit or hold to any standards in the least bit. Shuttle runs? Baton relays? Pull-ups like a pez dispensor? Look at the Central East Regional Affiliate events for real crossfit. This is a joke.

39. RIck wrote...

Like Chris (#34) wondering when the heats will be announced - especially for the masters. Also, how many masters competitors will go thru to the games?

40. Steve wrote...

33 Mike - Heat info will be coming in about a day or as soon as we can work it into the post schedule.

37 Tina - 75 teams are signed up. All advance to Sunday. Right now eight are going to the Games.

38 Greg - Short distance runs, odd object lifts, thrusters, ring work not reflective of CrossFit? Thanks for the input.

41. Derek wrote...

100% in agreement with Greg. Two relay workouts, no strength element? It is as if a few people sat around and said, "hey, we have a field, some dumbells, and a pull up bar, what can we do with that?" Where is headquarters in all of this? How are these events still so unorganized and not standardized. Top 15 athletes in 1 region, far more qualified than any other region, getting left out of the games because they don't live in more rural areas? At least they got masters right.

42. Aush wrote...

Steve...38 Greg said "This is a joke" he obviously meant everything he spewed just before saying that.

Complaining is always the best option...I think Oprah said that once.

43. Bonnie wrote...

Steve, are we allowed to wear gloves for the tire flip and log carry in the Individual WOD #1 ??

44. Mark wrote...

Great work Steve. We appreciate all your efforts. I have nothing to complain about except my lack of fitness. LOL.

45. D wrote...

Steve for individuals does everyone move on to Sundays wods too or are you guys going to weed them out?

46. chris wrote...

I think they look great. Those who are complaining either can't do the movements or they are so easy for them they should advance to the games. Either way complaining will get you no where. Never know what sunday has to offer either!

47. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Hey Derek and Greg, do you realize there was a baton relay for the Affiliate Team WODs at the 2009 Games last year? You should try thinking about what you're saying before you say it.

I think Oprah said that once too.
What up Aush!

48. Adam Stevenson wrote...

WODs look great Steve! Those logs are an awesome idea; can't wait to tackle the workouts!!
See you Friday.

49. Larry wrote...

Agree with Greg. With the caliber of athlete in the SW at least make the pull-ups chest to bar. That peaking the chin to the bar stuff is not a good standard and does set crossfit apart from even playground fitness. There is no strength component; not a single barbell! No burpees, handstand pushups or any jumping. This will not display the skill of the awesome competitors in this region.Very dissapointed.

50. mike wrote...

I agree with Greg 100%, the wods are not as impressive as I expected. I think a group of YMCA seniors can tackle those team wods and the indivual wods are good but not great. We have alot of talent in thie region why not showcase it.

51. Tina b wrote...

Wow! I don't understand how you "boys" can put down the WODs for day one when ALL teams advance to Sunday. You are the one's who probably choose a book to read by what the cover look like. Here's my prediction, very sore hams from Saturdays sprints...then Sunday will be a display of strength. Chain down people! Wait for all the WODs before judging.

52. Josh wrote...

I must say I am disappointed with the dissenters that have posted comments for every Sectional or Regional event description that has been posted. If these are not respresentative of the the philosophy behind Crossfit as quoted by Coach, "constantly varied, high- intensity, functional movements", then I don't know what is.
The shear fact that some are disappointed with the events are a testament to the creativity and challenged posed by Crossfit programming and what this Section is doing.
I don't know Steve and probably never will but GREAT job brother. Way to mix it up and throw the wrench in the machine!!

53. Lauriel wrote...

Steve, the PDF file linked above with the detailed map and event times does not seem to be working (part of the list of maps that can be printed). Can someone check the link so that it can be printed before we travel? Thanks!

Looking forward to the weekend, should be fun!

54. Bruce wrote...

I agree with Larry. With the caliber of athlete in the SW chin to bar pull-ups should be a TAP. It seems like the SoCal Sectionals standards were a lot higher then what the teams are being held to for the Regional. I do like the 400m relay race...Nice!

55. Mariah wrote...

43. Bonnie yes you are allowed to wear gloves for the tire flip & log carry.
49. Larry- Why don't you wait for Sundays event & the 4th Floater WOD to be announced before you speak.

Good job ladies for no complaining!
Thanks for those of you who've acknowledged the hard work and effort put in by the people planning the event. For those who don't know, the number of spots were chosen by Headquarters and HQ has been involved in the planning since day 1.
This will be a phenomenal event with some amazing athletes. Can't wait to see what the weekend brings!

56. Joey wrote...

On the first team Workout if the previous person hasn't finished the ring dips before the 2nd person gets to the ring dip station, may the next athlete start the ring dips? or do we have to wait for that person to be done the dips first?

57. Matt wrote...

Great job Steve! This is going to be a great event!

Last year the complaints were the standards were too tight on the boxes and the squats. IIRC Chest to bar was realitivly new to CF when Socal introduced them at qualifiers. These athletes could handle CtB strict, the athlete with the most dead hangs, most CtB, most 40# weighted will probably be the athlete who is fastest at the open standard. I think this takes away the interperutive nature of judging. Less chance for inconsistency.

The cream will rise!

58. james wrote...

are there gonna food at this event.......

59. CFC wrote...

For the team workouts, are we permitted to bring our 6-man team to the last event and divy the workouts that way--as long as our whole team runs to each station and only have the prescribed people woking at a time? Thank you for your help!

60. derek wrote...

#47, you are right, there was a single relay in the games, not 2. There was also squat cleans, toe-to-bars, box jumps, heavy thrusters, muscle ups, burpees, double unders, overhead squat, max-rep pull ups, wallballs, rowing, box jumps, KB swings, push press, push jerk, deadlift, etc.
By the way, Oprah has been unhealthily overweight for as long as I can remember so I would avoid quoting her as a credible source within this forum.

61. Brooke wrote...

For all you complainers out there, I can't wait to see where you finish. Guarantee it won't be first. These workouts are going to kick everybody's ass.

62. Ben wrote...

When is the event roster and times for each individual/team going to be posted?

63. Steve wrote...

How are the team WODs going to be scored? Will teams be ranked, like at Sectionals, or will the actual times be added together? Thanks.

64. Mike wrote...

For the muscle ups. Do your hands have to start facing out? The video shows it but the commentary doesnt mention anything about it.

65. Drewbird wrote...

Question on affiliate WOD 2. After the much appreciated relay run, it states that "only two members at a time work" for the double unders and power snatches. Does that mean one athlete on the snatches and one athlete on the double unders? Or does it mean two athletes on the snatches and two athletes and the double unders? Meaning two members at a time for each movement?

66. Greg G wrote...


Great job programming the workouts. As expected, there are those who inevitably complain, and you can't please everybody, but the workouts are fair and measure the broad fitness domains. For example, the stronger athlete will presumably complete the ring dips, pullups, power cleans, tire flips, dumbbell thrusters, and muscle ups in less time. My advice: stop whining and get ready to compete--you' ll be better for it.

I do agree that the athletes from this region top to bottom are stronger and faster than others, and that there should be 8 men and 8 women that advance to the finals, but the rules are the rules.

67. Ahmik Jones wrote...


You really have no idea what you are talking about.

Steve and several others have been working on this event nonstop for months in close consultation with headquarters, and headquarters has approved every workout for all of the sectional and regional events.

If I am not mistaken, this will be the largest CrossFit competition ever. It is a monumental undertaking, and you are whining about the programming even before any of us have seen Sunday's events. Maybe all of deficiencies you percieve will be addressed. Even if they are not and the events do not meet your standards, the best people will win.

They always do.

68. JN wrote...

Are coaches allowed to register their athletes Friday night. My athlete isn't arriving until after the registration window. Thanks!

69. CCTJOEY wrote...

Steve, I am coming out to hlep judge. Also, a trainer apprentice is coming out with me. I don't see where the cost for spectators is.

70. Greg G wrote...

I couldn't agree more--the best people always win.

71. Phil O wrote...


My hat goes off to you, sir, for planning an event on this scale. I don't think people realize how difficult it is to coordinate the logistics of handling all the individual athletes on top of 70 teams.

As an affiliate athlete, I applaud the programming of the WODS. You have what should be a short sprint of a workout in #1 and a much longer endurance based chipper in #2. The movements are Crossfit in the purest form. Remember Coach's words from way back? The ideal Crossfitter would be a powerlifting gymnast with the lungs of a porpoise (or something like that).

Running/sprinting, thrusters, ring dips, snatches, double unders, and pullups. Instead of trying to come up the latest and greatest "curveball," Steve and his crew have gone straight up, good ol' fashioned Crossfit.

Whatever, to each their own. Respect, Steve.

72. lb wrote...

In the video it says that the arms must be locked out when doing the muscle up...But the guy doing the muscle ups has his wrist facing outward...Do our wrist need to be the sameway?? I mean if my arms are locked out that should be good enough right?

73. CCTJOEY wrote...


74. Bill wrote...

I don't want to keep asking the same question, so can someone please answer the questions from #15 (Major) and #56 (Joey)?

75. masher wrote...

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

The WOD's are fantasitic! If the lay person had any idea about how much planing and how much "HQ" were involved in this process the would pipe down. Like Mariah said "Just wait and see what the rest of the weekend holds".
Hats off to the Steve and "D" and everyone involved.

Sorry Steve I could not resist.

76. lb wrote...


77. Chad wrote...

Is the jump rope being used in the standards video the same type of rope that will be provided for the team double unders?


78. Connor Martin wrote...

77. Chad You are able to bring your own rope yes we are requiring a turn out at the bottom as well a a full lockout

79. Ro wrote...

The issue with the PDF of the maps is now resolved - thanks for your patience.

80. Dan S. wrote...

#64 & #72 Hands must be turned out at the bottom.

81. nate wrote...

Can spectator tickets be bought at the gate?

82. nate wrote...

What is the info on buying equipment from the regional?

83. lb wrote...

Thanks...I dont like it...but this means I got a little work to do :)! Thanks and cant wait for this weekend!!

84. CJ wrote...

Can't make everyone happy, can you? Whiners need to find a new hobby -- CF is about being ready for ANYTHING...
(and if you're not, then *get* ready like #83 or just bow out gracefully, no pouting...see ya there!)

85. JW wrote...

How much do the tires weigh?

86. Jer wrote...

are we still looking at $50 for 2 days for the spectator tickets? or will we end up with 2 tickets for $50 much like the southern cal sectional?

will people be able to buy individual day tickets?

87. Phil O wrote...

@ 86. Jer

It's two-for-$50

88. neil wrote...

@#85 ...alot

89. StevieV wrote...

Can't wait for this weekend to start. The WODs being hotly contested - at first glance the 1st individual WOD looks easy - but 50--75 tire flips each direction (75 meters) will definitely test the ability of a good clean, remember technique will help a ton on these WODs. The ability to balance a 7-10 foot pole and run - sweet - running after flipping a tire 75 meters ; rubber tire flip= rubber legs if you are going fast/hard.

If the workouts are too easy then the top will just be that much faster. This sectional workout will also preserve the women and men advancing to the GAMES as they won't be super strained by 3-4 WODs on one day and 1-2 on the next. Just my thoughts.

90. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Oprah is a saint! It was a joke. You obviously didn't get.

Let's just wait and see what Sunday looks like.

Are you on a team? I would love to be able to compete against you! Best luck!

Remember: "Whiners never win, and winners never whine."

91. saulj wrote...

To the complainers: Read "Virtuosity" and, like Mariah said, see ya Sunday. Steve was at the Nor Cal Sectionals and last years Games (as a medic), I think he has a pretty good idea about how to test TEAMS of athletes.

To the non-complainers: Looking forward to meeting you.

To everyone: Good Luck!

92. Johnnie wrote...

Quick couple of questions regarding the second WOD for the individual competition:
1.) Are you allowed to drop the barbell after a successful power clean repition or are you required to lower the weight and touch the ground in a slow, controlled manner for the rep to count?
2.) Are you allowed to drop down to the ground to "reset" after a successful muscle up repetition or are you required to lower yourself to your original starting position for the rep to count?

Thanks for your help 

93. lamarr of CrossFit NLP wrote...

I hope and pray all of the critics are out there competing. if you know anything about crossfit it is about varied. You guys/gals have to use to the basics. expand your horizons and skill level, No matter what the wod is the best athlete will always come out on top. It just sounds like a bunch of non - competitors making excuses.

Great job Steve and Denise. May the fittest athletes win.

94. Mike wrote...

The standards need to be set high.SouthWest has the most talent in the world. Chin to bar is not acceptable.

95. Catherine wrote...

WOD's look awesome!

Quick Question re Affiliate WOD#2:
Since two athletes can snatch simultaneously, will there be two judges counting reps? I would imagine it might be tough to keep track of mulitple athletes scoring reps at the same time going towards a total number. How will that be judged? (I am probably way overthinking this....)

Thank you for all the hard work! This weekend is going to be epic!!!!

96. allison wrote...

Same question as #95 and for double under counting as well. Also, did we get clarification as to whether snatches and double unders will be going on simultaneously or not?

97. cnb wrote...


See comments 6 and 12. Snatches and Double unders can be performed at the same time so long as only 2 people are working at the same time.

My question is the same as #95. If there are only 2 judges, looks like each judge can count both double unders and snatches depending on how the team divides the work. The judges will have to communicate with each other to add reps to see when the team gets to the correct no.

Is this correct?

98. CROSSFITCHICK wrote...


99. Jeff Martin wrote...

Johnnie (#92)
Yes you are allowed to drop the barbell to the ground and you are also allowed to drop to the ground from the muscle up as well. Just be sure to meet the requirements at the bottom and top of the movements.

#95 and 96
For the team WOD two people can work at a time. One on snatches and one on double unders.

100. crossfitchick wrote...

So I have seen the same question asked 3 times and you guys are not answering it!!!! Please ...... Question #98 Can you give us an idea???? Thanks!

101. Jeff Martin wrote...

Sorry for the delay. No. The second person may not start their ring dips until the first person has completed theirs.

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