Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional Heat Schedule and Rosters

All the details on the Southwest Regional.

The following note comes from Steve Serrano on the Southwest Regionals.

We're under way in less than 24 hours folks. You've worked so hard to get to this point, we want each of you to have a great time and get some good hard work in. Attached are the links for the heat rosters, as well as the heat schedules. Study them carefully, please.

If you miss your heat, you are out of competition for any formal position. If you miss your heat, you are out. Please do not miss your heat.

Other important event notes you may want to consider:

If you do not have a wrist band, you will be asked to go to registration or asked to leave.


We are here at CF Ethos (Masters' first two heats and Individual Check In) and here at CF Next Level Performance on Friday for Check In.

We are here at UC Irvine on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking: Plenty of it in the Mesa Parking Structure.  Once you pay to get in you can come and go all day.

Medical: Our medics will be working, along with athletic trainers provided by the school.

IF you are taking meds or need an inhaler, BRING THEM.

Food: There will be a concessionaire there to sell food and beverages all weekend.

Water: Bring you own, and lots of it.

Download the final heat schedule here... (XLS)

Download the final heat assignments here... (XLS)

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41 comments on this entry

1. Lauriel wrote...

All I can say is WOW, nice job pulling together all these docs. Seriously.

2. Denise Serrano wrote...

Lawrence..Yes the food will be paleo and zone friendly.

3. allison wrote...

Sorry to bother you if this has been posted already but are the team heat assignments only for WOD 1 or are they also for WOD 2? So if you're listed as heat 1 that means you're in the first heat for both wods? Or are WOD 2 heats dependent on performance in WOD 1?

4. Chris wrote...

Is the heats one Sunday (final) the same heats as on Saturday? In other words, will there be no grouping of athletes depending on the score from day 1?

5. Aush wrote...


Looks like CFSD is in the affiliate comp twice...Can you give me a call 2066502738


6. Teena wrote...

I just want to confirm that this is open to the public, right? And if so, does anyone know how much are tickets?

7. Steve wrote...

4 Allison - You are correct. If you are in heat #1 for the first team workout then you will remain in heat #1 for the second workout as well. Hope this answers your question.

8. steve wrote...

5 Chris - Good question, the heats for Sunday's finals will be in reverse order of standing based on the individual or teams combined performance in Saturday's WODS.

9. Ian McHugh wrote...

Loving the spread-sheets! Thanks!

10. Myles wrote...

Hey Steve I'm having trouble with the Heat assignment link. It's only showing me the female athletes.

11. myles wrote...

Nevermind Steve I figured it out

12. Steve wrote...

6 - Aush, it's cause you guys are so bad a...

13. Olivia wrote...

I noticed that on the website post with the WODs, the time window listed for individual competitor registration on Friday is 1400-2000, but on the "Overview" part of the Heat Schedule spreadsheet, it shows registration happening between 1100 and 1230. Could someone please clarify the registration schedule at CF Ethos?


14. Gabe wrote...

Olivia, the 1100 - 1230 registration time on the overview page is for the masters competitors who are beginning their wods at 1 pm. The registration time for the individual competitors remains the same. Hope that helps...

15. Carolyn wrote...

I'm so excited for you and knowing you have worked so hard to be there . Just enjoy and sweat it out, Love your work, Go Anna give it your all, know you will. We are all thinking of you
Big Gym Woodbridge Tas ( :

16. Shane Gibson wrote...

I couldn't find any where else to post this, so, my apologies in advance. Am I the only one who wishes they would go back to the old games site format? I rarely hang around the games site any more since they changed it.

17. joan wrote...

just want to say sincerest thanks to the organizers and judges. athletes: pay your respects by going as hard as you can. should be another phenomenal weekend. good luck to all.

18. joey mag wrote...

Shane: I agree. Really liked the old games site more but am trying to let this one grow on me

19. TOM CHO wrote...

MESSAGE IS FOR STEVE SERRANO. Steve please check Email Messages dated April 28 and 30 from Austin, Crossfit Unlimited regarding Media Pass for Tom Cho. I have forwarded Austin's Email to you via TACACHOTLC@AOL.COM. See you Saturday.

Tom Cho

20. J wrote...

Is there designated spots for the affiliates to set up their ez-ups, tents, etc?

21. Betty wrote...

Are they selling spectator tickets to this event at the door or do you have to be pre-registered?

22. Michael F wrote...

Does every team mate on the affiliate teams have to be there for the 0730am meeting

23. Arlo wrote...

==================================================================================================== Free Parking for SW Qualifier

It leaves about a 1/2 - 3/4 miles walk to the area, but it is free.

101 innovation Dr, Irvine, ca 92617.

It is all industrial area parking.,+92617&sll=33.648047,-117.85296&sspn=0.012557,0.01929&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=101+Innovation+Dr,+Irvine,+Orange,+California+92617&ll=33.646618,-117.853968&spn=0.012558,0.01929&t=h&z=16

24. Steve wrote...

22 Mike F. - no.

21 Betty - see you at the registration booth.

20 J - IMPORTANT - you can ONLY put EZ Ups around the perimeter of the field. we have to stay off the playing surfaces with the tent type poles but you can hang out in front of the jumbotron with your beach chairs and veg out if it's nice and comfortable.

25. Steve wrote...

Arlo, great post dude. Thanks. There's also a park and ride with about 35 spots at the base of the 73 Fwy and University if you can share a ride up with someone.

26. Justin Riley wrote...

Hoping to see the masters results by now. Everyone competed, everyone got a score. It should take about 20 minutes to input and double check the amount of information we are talking about here into the system. This was a competition after all, so who won and by how much. What is the problem?

27. Josh wrote...

The results should of the Masters competitions will be posted shortly after WOD 3 is completed in the morning.

28. Caroline M. Kong wrote...

Which heat is Maria Roselle in???

29. MJ wrote...

Work outs for Sunday?

30. seth Pelletier wrote...

who goes on to sunday workouts for individual events?

31. Chris LaLanne wrote...

If an athlete scored a DNF on Sat. do they still get to workout on Sun?

32. david zeff wrote...

Can we please get the sunday workout and heat times for affiliates

33. SB wrote...

Do the competitors stay in their Saturday's assigned heats for Sunday 's WOD (i.e. if assigned Heat 3 on Saturday, stay in Heat 3 for Sunday).

34. SB wrote...

Do the athletes stay in their Saturday's assigned heats for Sunday 's WOD (i.e. if assigned Heat 3 on Saturday, stay in Heat 3 for Sunday).

35. Ronny Varghese wrote...

Wow... Is this the NorCal sectionals all over again??? It's 10pm and I can't find anything about heats / times and workout specs anywhere for the affiliates. Can someone PLEASE give me a heads up or point me in the right direction????

36. TF wrote...

I hate this years website. It is so hard to find anything. Where is the WOD #3 for Sunday? Anyone know?

37. BJ wrote...

Announced on web stream 1744-1821 interview serrano.

38. CM wrote...

tire flips and log work

39. G CrossFit wrote...

Gotta say that I really am confused on why only 4 men and 4 women get to move on. I was so impressed by the talent this weekend and it saddens me that athletes that definitely can compete are not able to move on due to the minimal spots allotted for what was suppose to be TOP region in the country. Keep at it athletes because you guys all kicked A$$!

40. neil wrote...

I think the Southwest Region of the Crossfit Games is way to large to only allow 4 female and 4 male competitors to qualify. Where is our Southern California athlete to represent us ? What do you think ? 6 men / 6 women, 8 men / 8 women . . .

41. G CrossFit wrote...

Double the original 4...8 men and 8 women! Those were tough WODs...Under 20 women completed all 4 and the men were unreal. Come on guys lets get some support on this. People worked so hard to obviously get here and they walk away when we all know they can compete.


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