Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional: Day 2 Heat Assignments

Find out when you'll be lining up for your event tomorrow.

The first day of individual competition at the Southwest Regional was a huge success today in Irvine, CA. The live feed was dishin' out all of the video throughout the day while the athletes were putting out big efforts to outdo one another.

The results are still being finalized, but for those of you anxious to find out when you compete again tomorrow, wait no further.

Download the Sunday heat sheet here… [xls]

Schedule - Sunday, May 9
0700 - Volunteer check in
0750 - Team heat check ins begin
0800 - Team workout heats begin
1050 - Individual heat check in begins
1100 - Individual workout heats begin
Approx. 1225 - Team workouts end
Approx. 1530 - Individual Finals end.
Approx. 1630 - Awards / Close

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29 comments on this entry

1. Josh wrote...

For those of us anxious, the .xls isn't working...
We're gonna wait it out a bit, probably just loading now??

2. Josh wrote...

It's cool now! Check it! Right on Gang! Thanks!

3. Paige Nutt wrote...

Hi All,

Thanks for helping us search today! - It was my great great grandmothers ring pleeeez keep ur eyes peeled tomorrow. REWARD$$

4. Dave Tsang wrote...

Great event today! Just one thing. The heat assignments for Day 2 seem to be based on current ranking after the first day's events. However, the results sheets aren't complete. I figure the scores are not 100% posted yet and therefore the heat assignment isn't locked in completely.

Nathan Holiday did the floater wod in the first heat available this morning, around 8:30 a.m. He completed the wod in 4:15 which would have put him pretty high up in the rankings. If I'm not mistaken, and you factor in his floater wod score, he would be in the top 10 and in last heat, not ranked 50-something and in the first heat. I hope this gets adjusted in time for tomorrow's final heat order. Thanks for putting on a great competition! Take care!

5. Dave T wrote...

Correction. He would be in the 2nd to last heat if he were in 10th place. But you get the idea...

6. Steve wrote...

Copy Dave. He should bring his competitor card to the scoring table outside the media building first thing tomorrow so we can square away his issue.

7. Jon Boy wrote...

yo, petra is ruthless.

8. Ronny wrote...

What IS the workout for day 2, does anyone know?? It's the middle of the night and no1's posted anything cept heat times.
This craps annoying. That, alongside the heat times were supposed to be posted Sunday "evening" - not Sunday middle of the night.

9. Maria wrote...

not knowing will just make you more bad ass...however, I heard the workout is 1000m row, 30 OHS (135/?? - thinking 85 or 95 for women), and 1400m run.

10. Cathy wrote...

For those of us watching from home, via computer, there is way too much focus on the commentators. Why can't you still interview and comment on the events, but show us constant live stream of the events. Who wants to see the commentators when its the competitors everyone wants to see!

11. gscrossfit wrote...

I'm so confused on this. so how do u know what heat u are in?

12. Suzanne de Beaumont wrote...

I agree, let's see the athletes not the commentators.

13. Leah wrote...

The live feed is great and very appreciated. I do agree with Cathy though. The commentators are great and I appreciate them, but I would love to see the ahtletes competing as much as possible.

14. DS wrote...

Another vote for showing the action. Taking nothing away from announcers and guests -- but we can listen to them while watching the action.

15. courtney wrote...

Paige, one of our members found a wedding ring yesterday and dropped it off at lost and found at the white check in tent. It should be there. I hope it's yours and you get it back.

16. richard hester wrote...

Please show top two groups of team competition! Less interview maybe.

17. Chris wrote...

The coverage is focusing way to much on a single athlete as the action is taking place, try paning once in awhile. Why haven't the men's times from yesterday been completly updated? MY athlete Isreal Wright completed the floater in 6;25, yet he time is not showing. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this snafu caused him to go in an earlier heat than he was supposed to today!!

18. neile wrote...

While very thankful to get to see any of the WODs at all, I agree there is way too much focus on the commentators. You've got cameras on the field, why couldn't you have play by play commentators ON the field calling the WOD? You've been showing the workouts like they are secondary to what is going on in the booth. I really don't care about someone being interviewed WHILE watching the athletes get through their workouts. I'd much rather know how far ahead someone is, or how close they are to finishing, etc. Also, one of the commentators called the early affiliate heats something like "we are watching the losers now". Maybe the guys in the booth are tired, as they have been talking constantly the entire time, but that was pretty lame.

Again, appreciate getting to see any of it, but I think if you all are going to do this for the Games, it could be A LOT better!

19. Ted wrote...

It's awesome being able to watch this event out here in FL. But I agree with some other comments in that while the "booth" interviews are under way, it's not too necessary to leave she shot on them, just the audio.
Also, another plus would be to have a running clock on screen during the workouts.
Again, its great to view this, especially for free. Home the Games are accessible like this.

20. Santos Reyes wrote...


I lost my wallet on Sunday during the individual competition in the stadium. If found please call 530-403-9866 or just mail it to me.


21. Jake Trahan wrote...

from the results it looks like no Pat Barber and no Josh Everett! My question is who do i root for? lol Congrats to all who did made it! cant wait to see the games!!!

22. Paige Nutt wrote...


Invictus found the wedding band - THANKS INVICTUS


AWESOME weekend, thanks for such a great time. The ladies in the final heat so inspiring to workout amongst you. I will track you down for some workouts! - Paige

23. Jeff wrote...

Great job on the broadcasting. Enjoyed watching the whole thing. Interviews were solid, very well done.

sorry about your wedding ring Paige. Hope you find it.

24. Get Some wrote...

So who do I need to bribe about letting more affiliate teams into the games. We are on home soil where crossfit was born. You guys are going to get alot more spectators if you allow more affiliate teams to compete in the games. Not to mention how bad ass our region is. Wheres the love!!!!! These teams played there hearts out.

25. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Hey Tony/media team:

Don't know if you guys are aware of it, but the 13:44-14:44 archived time slot isn't loading on the live feed site...

Great job this weekend! You guys had your hands full, and it all turned out really well. I had friends from San Diego that couldn't make the drive and my parents in Tucson, Az that got to watch online. Big thanks!

26. Lorraine wrote...

Get some I totally agree with you. 8 affiliate teams from the Southwest Region is not nearly enough. There was way too much talent out there for both individuals and affiliates. The regions with the most affiliates should have more spots...just a thought!

27. Southwest regionals wrote...

PLEASE send more people from our region to the games!!!! There are so many talented athletes all over the world, but it started in this huge huge region......take more of us!

28. SW Region wrote...

I agree. Send 8 men and 8 women...we should get double since we had so many athletes that can compete. Arent we suppose to be the most fit region? Why are we only allowed 4? Lets get some support on this!

29. dan S. wrote...

What a great weekend! I would like to thank Lee and the LA S.W.A.T. for having my back and keeping things moving smoothly at the check in areas. I would also like to thank the equipment volunteers, man that took a lot of pressure of me and my crew. Neil, thanks for everything, again having my back and being part of an event that was top notch! Jeff and Mikki Martin for setting the standards that made it easier to judge. A hugh thanks to the Serrano"s! Steve all I can say is I would do all again, it was a pleasure working with you.
Congratulations to all the athletes!


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