Josh Everett - 2009 CrossFit Games Deadlift Event

Southwest Regional

Southwest Regionals Prequalified Men

The top prequalified men from the 09 Games attempt to claim another Games entry

1. Josh Everett
2007 CrossFit Games - 3rd
2008 CrossFit Games - 2nd
2009 CrossFit Games - 35th

More top 3 finishes than any other male CrossFit Games athlete. Olympic lifting, sprints and going heavy are all in his wheel house. In 2009 he stayed with the pack on the distance event and breezed through the 20 DL bars. However he failed to make the cut for day two after the sandbag sprint and sledge events took him from his comfort zone and dropped him from contention. Double unders are a known weakness, however Josh is a tremendous competitor.

2. Peter Egyed 
2007 CrossFit Games - 10th
2008 CrossFit Games - 21st
2009 CrossFit Games - 6th

CrossFit Fury. The fastest submission to enter the last chance online qualifier last year came from 3 year Aromas veteran Egyed, who eventually finished 6th overall. Egyed placed 15th and completed every weight in the deadlift (read well rounded), took 5th in the couplet and placed 8th in the final chipper.  A disastrous workout at the Great Basin Regional qualifier forced him into the online submission. Judging from the way he addressed that weakness, he is unlikely to be caught off guard again. 

3. David Millar
2009 SoCal Regional - 1st 2009
CrossFit Games - 9th

CrossFit Marina. Millar won the SoCal Regional decisively last year. His background in collegiate soccer lends itself well to anything where lots of lung is involved - he took 5th in the 7km event last year at Aromas. He finished last year in 9th and delivered a balanced performance across the board. His strength numbers are good and still improving, but if the weight gets really heavy it could cause problems. 

4. Patrick Barber
2008 CrossFit Games - 4th place
2009 CrossFit Games - 36th

CrossFit Santa Cruz. Anything bodyweight, short and intense plays to Barber's strengths. His lifting numbers are large for an athlete of his size (close to 1,000 pounds on the total). Running and rowing are stated weaknesses, but his course time on the sandbag sprint last year took 5th overall. A third place finish at the NorCal Sectionals for an athlete like Barber is a clear indication that the competition is going to be fierce and the qualifying athletes will have to earn a spot.

5. J.C. Nessa
2009 SoCal Regional - 4th
2009 CrossFit Games - 20th

Nessa entered last year's sandbag sprint in first place after finishing 10th on the run and 1st on the deadliest event. This balance of capacities served him well, but unknown events like the sandbag run and sledge threw him off his game. JC needs to be adaptable if the events stray from the comfort zone of practiced movements.

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Patrick Barber - 2009 CrossFit Games Run David Millar - At the Start of the 2009 CrossFit Games Sandbag Sprint JC Nessa - 2009 CrossFit Games Sledge-Row Event Peter Egyed - 2009 CrossFit Games Sledge-Row Event
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15 comments on this entry

1. Olivia wrote...

GO MANIMAL!!!!!!!!!

2. Jeb wrote...

Let's go Millar.............wanna see a repeat from last year. You got this!

3. Jacob "BullFrog" Tsypkin wrote...

I love this picture of Josh hahaha.

4. Cara wrote...

here we go MANIMAL!! do it for santa cruz, the MECCA!

5. CraigH wrote...

Bummed that Jeff Leonard, NorCal 09 Regional #1 and Games 09 16th, won't be competing!

But we do have pre-qualified, Darren Rosten, NorCal 09 Regional #2 and Games '09 40th competing! And he's in better shape!

Kill it DRoe!

6. Paul G wrote...

Holy crap! South west region is bringing some serious heat, I can think of a few more to watch out for too.

7. Matt wrote...

Also have Jeremy Kinnick wanting to make it to the games for a third time.

8. Justin Riley wrote...

Some of the fittest animals on the planet right there. Holy crap those are some impressive numbers. CF Journal, how bout a Sevan documentary on these guys training and nutrition regimens.

And where's the love for Jason Khalipa? My money is on him.

9. Mike wrote...

Lisa LOL who knows the field is stacked!!!

10. DAN LAU wrote...

Josh E! Your tha man Josh! Do Work sir!

11. Emily Petit wrote...

J.C. bring it home papa!

12. Tracy B wrote...

3....2....1....GO DAVID!!!!

13. Joseph wrote...

Go David! Here comes a repeat of last year!!!

14. Josh wrote...

The SW Regional is indeed SICK. Can't wait to see the monsters unleashed tomorrow. I might not bet on Mr. Millar in any single workout but I don't see any of these guys being able to take the SW Regional title from him. They are all BAD, BAD Men but David is incredibly balanced with NO weaknesses.

15. Aaron wrote...

Don't forget Joey Warren (54th place @ 09 games).


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