Southeast Regional

Event Recap: Southeast Regional

The final results are in from Florida.

The athlete roster for the CrossFit Games Finals has been decided as the last regional event of the season has drawn to a conclusion. The organizers from the Dirty South checked in with the final results.

The 2010 Dirty South Qualifier is in the books. The final podium finish was reminiscent of last year with some familiar faces taking the stage. Jenni Orr, Shana Alverson, Laura Demarco, Mike Giardina, and Brandon Phillips all secured a return trip to California. In the Team event, CrossFit Delray Beach repeated as champions to retain the rights to the traveling Tiki trophy for at least one more year.

The expansion of our Region from four states to seven has definitely had an impact. The Carolinas and Tenessee were added from last year. North Carolina sent us previous Games veteran Spencer Hendel. He will also be returning to California after taking the fourth spot for the males. The addition of Tennessee brought us both the male and female top qualifiers. Rich Froning and Michelle Kinney both won their Sectional Qualifier and show no signs of slowing down as they took the top spots in the Dirty South Regional as well.

The weekend had several awe-inspiring moments. Alan Moore sustained a significant injury to his lower leg during a missed clean on the very first event. He managed to grit through the next 4 events and place 16th overall. Along the way he was required to perform Double-unders, Box Jumps, 60lb weighted Lunges, Row, Burpees with a lateral jump, Squat Snatches, and various runs. Not exactly the remedy for a leg injury.

The final event was predicted by most involved to have top times in the 16-17 minute range. The field blew that away with the fastest time of 11:56 by Froning. The same event had an all out sprint to the finish between Brandon Phillips (second overall) and Spencer Hendel (fourth overall). Brandon edged out Spencer in a near photo finish.

In addition to the great performances by the competing athletes, the volunteers/judges/staff did not disappoint us either. They put in countless volunteer hours and did a stellar job. The Dirty South extends a heartfelt thanks to all involved. We also would like to thank our sponsors and the City of Jacksonville Police Athletic League and staff for their support of the event.

Qualifying Men
1. Rich Froning Jr
2. Brandon Phillips
3. Michael Giardina
4. Spencer Hendel

Qualifying Women
1. Michelle Kinney
2. Jenni Orr
3. Shana Alverson
4. Laura Demarco

Qualifying Affiliates
1. CrossFit Delray Beach
2. CrossFit Wilmington
3. Crossfit Local
4. CrossFit Atlanta
5. CrossFit Charlotte
6. CockDiesel
7. CrossFit Fort Bragg
8. CrossFit Southside

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31 comments on this entry

1. Justin Emmons wrote...

Great job to all the qualifiers! We are very proud of you Michelle! Also, great job to the event staff. We enjoyed the venue and the competition. The state of Tennessee represented well with both the male and female top spot!

2. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Congrats to all qualifying individual athletes and affiliates! This was another incredible weekend for the books. Met some great people and built stronger bonds with the ones I already knew. I thought the venue was awesome, judging was consistent, and the events were well rounded.

I feel confident that the top 4 male and female athletes will do outstanding in L.A. Can't wait to see it!

Big shout out to all the judges and volunteers, and a huge fist bump to Johnny Mac and Andy Hendel. You guys ran a tight ship. Can't wait for next year!

Good luck athletes, Go get 'em!

3. Becky N wrote...

This was an exceptionally well run and organized event. Thank you to all the judges and volunteers for making this a really fun weekend.

Plus a shout out to Shanna Duval, from CrossFit Asheville, who is pictured above and dominated on the final WOD of the weekend. Nice work to all the athletes!

4. Nadine wrote...

I love you Rich Froning!
Awesome work and Good Luck at the Games!!

5. Dana Lynch - CrossFit BGI South wrote...

Thank you to all the judges and event staff. Your willingness to give up your holiday weekend, sweat (have your face melted off in the hot Florida sun) and work on your own dime and your own time for us athletes is SO amazing. I have been on both sides and I have to say that competing is almost easier than what you do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

JMac and Todd deserve a special thank you! I know for a fact that the two of you are still working as I type this and had it not been for Tommy and Rob helping them already on Thursday night before the event, we would have had to start on Saturday. You are all very generous and I am very grateful to you all for giving so much of yourselves so we can compete.

6. Josh wrote...

Did Bionic compete?

7. Maddog wrote...

Rich, awesome job! You are truly a freak. Way to go. Good luck in the nationals.

8. Justin M wrote...

I had a great time this weekend. It is incredibly hard to organize and run something like this. Johnny Mac, you did an unbelievable job with this event. The judges did, too. It's hard to enforce the same movement standards, and our judges did a good job being strict but fair and as consistent as reasonably possible.

Congrats to the athletes that qualified. I never got a chance to meet you, Rich, but you put on a hell of a performance. Great to meet all the folks from CF Charlotte, Affliction, On the Move, Savannah, and everywhere else. And big shout outs to my homies from CF Wilmington and CF Atlanta for doing a great job and moving on to California.

9. KLowe wrote...

What a great weekend!

First THANK YOU to all of the volunteers to make this thing to happen....and happen extremely well. Great team J-Mac....very well done and thank you again!

Incredible weekend of laughing and pain.....great combo right? Everything else Mike said. Great friends, great athletes, great community to be a part of!

I have NO DOUBTS that the SE region WILL be on the medal stand when the dust settles in LA. We are very well represented.

I've got A LOT of work to do to hopefully be able to compete in Jax next year......but now I have some ice cream to eat.

Thanks again yall.


10. Christin S wrote...

Excellent job Johnny Mac and all of the others who volunteered their time.
Shout out to all the Masters who competed in the first ever event! Nice work. I believe we have three of us that will be representing the Dirty South.

11. WEB wrote...

Congrats to all who competed from CrossFit Fort Bragg over the weekend in Florida! You represented the box well and pushed your limits. Outstanding job by everyone - we are all proud of your efforts.

12. Ken Gall wrote...

Thanks to JMac, Todd, Andy Hendel, etc, and all of the organizers, volunteers, and staff. I greatly appreciate your hard work to put the event on.

Congrats to the qualifying athletes. Inspiring work by you all.

13. Annon wrote...

Congrats to all who competed. It sucks that the beast AJ Moore was hurt in the first WOD. Rich Fronning is supernatural.

One complaint though. Andy Hendel should not be allowed to judge when his son is competing, particularly when his son is in contention to advance, and even more so when he barely makes it. Unfortunately for Spencer it casts a long shadow over his qualification. Hendel Sr. took a number of reps away from a number of competitors that may have caused his son not to advance. While, he may not have done this to advance his son, it gives a shade of impropriety. Now, that said, Specncer is a beast just like the other athletes there.

Congrats to all.

14. Kyle Mooneyham wrote...

What an awesome weekend, got to compete with some absolute beasts, got to watch some amazing performances, and I got to meet and hang out with some amazing people of the Crossfit community.

I want to thank J-Mac, Andy Hendel, all the judges, and volunteers for such a well run event. The wods were awesome, definitely learned what I need to focus my training on, oh and sorry again J-Mac for kicking the sign after WOD 3.

All in all I had an awesome weekend, and I can't wait for next year to do it all again, until then let the pain and suffering begin.

15. Justin Key wrote...

A HUGE thanks to JMac and everyone else involved! This event topped last year in my books and I thought that kicked ass.... To all the wonderful athletes that competed, thank you, it was a pleasure to be on the field with you and test my abilities against the best around.

To those that qualified for LA, all I can say is that the south will be very well represented, you are all amazing athletes with the heart and abilities to go as far as you want to go.

Thanks again to everyone!

16. Eric Willis wrote...

Well run event, J-Mac and the entire Dirty South Staff "JOB WELL DONE". To all the teams and individual competitors, you guys put on a great show. Best of Luck in L.A.

17. Lance Mosley wrote...

What a great event put on by Jmac and crew once again. And the athletes male/female/affiliates and masters were top notch. What a weekend of witnessing nothing but some serious "ass busting."

18. Brandon Phillips wrote...

Thanks to JMac and the dirty south crew for putting on a great event. Big congrats to Rich Froning, what a phenomenal athlete and individual. Wish all the competitors going to Cali good luck.

19. Brandon Conner wrote...

To JMac, Justin Bergh, and the whole crew who made our regional a success (again)-thank you, sincerely. I can't even imagine how many hours of thought, and hrad work, went ito making this event such a success.
To all my fellow athletes at Crossfit Atlanta who put on some awe-inspiring performances-thank you as well. Thank you for inspiring me to push myself, as well as showing everyone watching what working hard day in and day out does for athletic performance. Ken, Mike, Whitney, Bethanie, LeahA, Jonathan, LeahP, (& Rob and Brent)-good job guys. I love you all!
To all the people I got to see, friends and 'family' from affiliates all over the Southeast, once again, it was real. It was fun. Wasn't real fun, though. J/k..... Great seeing you all again....
To all the athletes that I met this weekend, NICE WORK. I saw competitors out there giving it their all, pushing their bodies to the limit.... priceless.
See you all in LA!!!
PS-Remember, just because it hurts doesn't mean youre dying...

20. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

JMac, Tommy, Justin, and everyone else-Thank you for all your hard work. You all put on an amazing event. Thank you so much!
I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said. I got to hang out with some great friends and make some new ones. Thank you to all my CFATL crew, BP, Link, KLowe, Russell, Sean P, McGoldrick, and Rich. You all were a great group to have around all weekend. Joking around with you guys helped get me through the weekend.
Congrats to all the athletes who competed, team and individual. You all gave it all you had. That is awesome! Congrats to all who qualified. I will see you all in Cali.

21. Dominic Sirianni wrote...

Awesome events - congratulations to all participants.

22. Johnny Mac wrote...

Your point was noted before the finals. The Event Staff and Event Judging held a discussion exactly to that fact before the top 24 Heats. The decision to stay with the current Head Judge was for our overriding Event Judging goal of Consistency. With scoring only from Saturday in account the top 24 on Sunday could easily change position. The last two heats for both Men and Women necessitated the same crew. The outdoor finals, at that venue, with the prescribed movement was a very transparent event, any impropriety could be easily seen by all. Add in the fact that I myself was on the court and unannounced to anyone, we had 2 other Head Judges working from the sidelines.
The community is small and close, you would be hard pressed to find any heat without a strong personal or related connection from Athlete to Judge somewhere. Andy Hendel has the highest moral caliber of anyone I know, it is not in doubt! True Spencer is a beast!

23. wrote...

That was the rockin-ist most inspiring competion I've ever been to! I didn't feel like I was "working" because I was taking pix of all my FRIENDS. Congratulations to you all!

And speaking of pictures -- I uploaded a few thousand to the CrossFit North Atlanta web (my homebase)

If you need the high-res email me. I'm uploading to the DS Facebook too, so be sure to tag yourself.


24. Johnny Mac wrote...

Thank you everyone for the posts and emails, I hope to FWD the really good ones to all volunteers as they deserve the attention!

FYI the new and improved 2010 Dirty South Qualifier T-shirt is comming soon with Event winners and Games Qualifiers all listed on the T-shirt!

Someone needs to Rock them in Cali!

25. Daniel Martin wrote...

It was an honor to compete along side so many great athletes. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. CF305 will be back for more next year!

26. Ken Gall wrote...

annon. I wasn't gonna say anything but when I returned from the first run my bar was all slippery. I did not know what happened but then I saw Andy Hendel with a small packet of vaseline. I am also suspicious that he rigged the pullup bar to hit me in the face by loosening the bolts on my bar.

COME ON! as a competitor in the final field displaced by Spencer in the last WOD I see no shadow cast other than the one by Spencer over a good number of us as he crushed that last workout.

Spencer congrats, you earned it. As did Mike, Brandon, and Rich. Solid athletes. It was great to compete against you all. I just put up a plaque on my wall with the claim to fame that I actually beat Rich on one of the workouts. Ridiculous performances!

27. Rich Froning wrote...

Can't thank J Mac or his crew enough for a great event and a great weekend! It's awesome to be part of such an amazing community! Great work by all the competitors, and an awesome show that Spencer and Brandon put on in that last wod. Great Event, Great Staff, Great Judges, Great Competitors, and Great Fans!!

And Ken I just had a good weekend, different set of workouts and it could have been anyone else winning! Hell of a performance this weekend brother!

28. Justin Key wrote...

I am shocked that the thought of Andy taking reps from his sons competitors even entered your mind. Andy is a freaking pillar in the CrossFit community and Spencer earned the hell out of his spot. In fact I have been to a good many of these events as a spectator and athlete and this is the best most evenly judged event I have seen yet.
Thank you again to all that helped make this possible, It was the most memorable CrossFit experiance I have had to date (except for my first WOD ever, Cindy... I got 4 rds.... yeah 4 and that was less than 2 years ago).

29. Paul Burnam wrote...

Annon... do you even know Andy Hendel? He is one of the best guys that I know! To even entertain those thoughts is ridiculous! You are questioning his character, and let me tell you he is off the best character!

30. Heidi Hill wrote...

I was Spencer's judge on the last event where Andy was Head Judge. Andy was just as consistent in making sure that all of Spencer's reps were legit as he was with anyone else's. You would have not known he was related in any way. In fact, I think he would have preferred I take some reps away. lol
Andy was truly a pleasure to meet and an honor to work with. I couldn't imagine a better head judge.

Congrats to all and a big thank you to JMac and Todd and those who put the event on.

31. Matt Thacker wrote...

I want to echo what others have said regarding Andy Hendel. Andy ran the best judged event I have ever seen at the NC/SC sectionals and was part of the greatness that was the dirty south regionals. I judged at both events under Andys supervision and I can tell you Andy insisted upon absolute integrity from the judges at both events and wanted to make sure every competitior got a fair shot. Andy exemplifies what a good head judge or event organizer should be. If you have ever been to a 'bad' Crossfit competition where the judges are not upholding proper standards, you would recognize how great these events were. Further, Spencer is just a beast. Nothing can stop this young man, save the few that scored better than him. Changing head judges mid-workout to ensure Andy was not present during Specs WODs would have disrupted the flow of the events and the Judging would have been inconsistant. Judges learn alot during each heat and as the last heats are executed the Judges are finely tuned for the firebreathers, swapping out Judges prior to the firebreather heats would have caused a learning curve and huge inconsistancies. I recommend anyone who has a problem with an event to volunteer for the next one and be part of making the events better. The more qualifed judges we have, the better these events will get. Thanks again everyone for making the Southeast regionals Awesome!


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