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Southeast Regional

Southeast Regional events announced

Updated with schedule, location and heat information

Please note the addition of schedule, location and heat information.

Just three regional competitions remain in the run up to the CrossFit Games finals in July. Event organizer John Mclaughlin checks in with the event details for this weekend's event.

Comprehensive breakdown of the weekend, including: schedule, scoring and frequently asked questions [PDF].

Map of the Southeast Regional facilities. [PDF]

Program heats, by day and by athlete. [PDF]

Individual Events - Saturday (Detailed PDF)

Event 1 - “Old Glory”
One squat clean every 50 seconds
13 bars lined up in ascending weight
(Men 215lbs to 335lbs by 10lbs increments)
(Women 120lbs to 180lbs by 5lbs increments)

One bonus pound will be added to the best lift for every bar the Athlete jerks to overhead.
Scoring: best lift plus any bonus pounds.

Event 2 - “Normandy D-Day”
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
HSPU buy-in (Men 20 Women 10)
Then for the remainder of the 12 min:
20 Double Unders
10 Box Jumps (Men and Women 24 inch box)
10 Sandbag Lunges (10 total steps) (60/40)

Scoring: total reps completed

Event 3 - “3rd US Infantry”
4 rounds for time of:
Muscle-ups (4/2)
16 Kettlebell Snatches (8 each arm at 53/35)

There is a ten minute time limit for this event.
Scoring: total time

Individual Events - Sunday

Event 4 - “Owed from 2009”
For time:
500 Meter Row
25 Burpees
500 Meter Row
25 Burpees

Scoring: total time for completion.

Event 5 - “The Qualifier”
8 rounds for time of:
2 Squat Snatch (145/85)
4 Push Press or Push Jerks (145/85)
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
200 Meter Run

There is a 22 minute time limit for this event. First scored for Time then Most Work Completed. Individual Athletes will be ranked first by the fastest time, then by most reps completed at 22 minutes. (8 Rounds or 22min AMRAP whichever comes first).

Affiliate Team Event - Friday (Detailed PDF)

Event 1 - “Platoon”
10min 1RM Ground to Overhead (4 Bars available).
1min Rest
2min Affiliate Team Max reps Muscle-ups (2 Ring sets available).
1min Rest
2min Affiliate Team Max reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups (2 Pull-up stations available).

Scoring: Team total will be derived from the best lift for each Athlete plus 2 pounds for each Muscle-up and 1 pound for each chest to bar pull-up.

Affiliate Team Event - Saturday

Event 2 - “Taps”
Teams will begin standing on top of two identical stacked tires
50 Meter tire flip (2 tires)
200 Team jump through Burpees (100 reps in and out of each tire)
50 Meter tire flip return (2 tires)
The event ends with the team standing on top of the stacked tires

There is a 12 minute time limit for this event.
Scoring: total time.

Affiliate Team Events - Sunday

Event 3 - “Team Row”
For time:
5K team row

No team athlete may row more than 500 Meters at one time.
All team members must row at least one 500 Meter pull.
Work will be completed in ten continuous 500 meter intervals
There is a 20 minute time limit for this event.
Scoring: total time.

Event 4 - “The Team Qualifier”
120 Front squats (2 Bars, 60 reps from each at 145/85)
200 Meters farmers walk (2-53lb Kettlebells/2-35lbs Kettlebells)
200 Meter run
120 Push press or push jerks (2 Bars, 60 reps from each at 145/85)
200 Meters farmers walk (2-53lb Kettlebells/2-35lbs Kettlebells)
200 Meter run
120 Affiliate team deadlift (2 Bars, 60 reps from each at 215/155)
200 Meters farmers walk (2-53lb Kettlebells/2-35lbs Kettlebells)
200 Meter Run

There is a 22 minute time limit for this event
First scored for time then most work completed. Affiliate teams will be ranked first by fastest time then by most reps completed. (Finish the Event or 22min AMRAP whichever comes first).

Additional Information:

See the Videos and attached Detailed PDF for all Event information and movement standards, most if not all questions can be answered within the PDF.

Heat assignments and Athlete numbers will be released May 27th.

Scoring will be the 09’ Dirty South most points wins 500 scale.

Scaling options are available to Affiliate Team Athletes but will result in a scoring adjustment below all Teams that complete the Event as RXed and loss of opportunity to qualify.

No scaling options available to Individual Athletes or Masters.

All Individual and Affiliate Team Athletes will compete on Sunday, no cuts are currently programmed for this event.

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Video Downloads

Individual Event 1

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Individual Event 2

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Individual Event 3

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Individual Event 4

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Individual Event 5

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Affiliate Competition, Event 1

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Affiliate Competition, Event 2

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Affiliate Competition, Event 3

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

Affiliate Competition, Event 4

Download as QuickTime.
Download as Windows Media.

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85 comments on this entry

1. Russell Berger wrote...

Two thumbs up.

2. Shana A. wrote...

Is kipping allowed on the HSPU?

3. Leo S wrote...

This is going to be wild!

Shana - yeah, it's in the PDF. It's allowed.

4. Shana A. wrote...

Sorry! I got too excited and jumped the gun on the question asking. My bad!! I will do my homework first next time.... :D

5. Sam wrote...

Two questions:

1) Can we deadlift to hang squat clean for the first WOD?

2)What are the weights of the bumpers for the HSPU? 25/35/45?

6. Jonathan Beckner wrote...

For affiliates:

Because Event 3 and Event 4 are linked, does that mean the same 4 competitors who start Event 3 have to complete Event 4 or can there be substitutes?

7. Johnny Mac wrote...

Looks like the class of 09' is taking notice. Good Luck Everyone!

8. Brandon Phillips wrote...

I'm with Russell on this one.....two thumbs way up. Great programming JMac, looking forward to a great weekend. Safe travels everyone.

9. Daniel Martin wrote...

Can't wait.....

10. KLowe wrote...

Fan-friggin' tastic!

Tough WODS but more importantly FUN! I LOVE these movements (well,....except the rowing burpee thing)...but at least it's not run / burpee : )

Great job on the programming.

11. Justin Conelli wrote...

I'm assuming 2 men/2 women for each event? For the "linked" Affiliate events, are we still able to adjust the particpating personnel for each event. Basically, do the four teammembers we choose to complete Event #3 have to do Event #4, or can we switch?

12. johnny Mac wrote...

Jonathan Events 3 and 4 are each scored individually, so with that being the case yes a team may use different athletes for each Event. A small benefit for registering 6 on a team.

13. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

Awesome! See you all in a few days.

14. Russell Berger wrote...

Quick question. Is the scoring system the same NASCAR style as last year or different? I couldn't find that info in the videos or PDF.. maybe I just missed it.

15. Vitaly Sender wrote...

If I had more than 2 thumbs, I'd be putting those up too! Awesome workouts, gonna be some serious competitors coming from this Regional! I love the fact that there are no DNF's here, very smart planning guys!

16. Ken wrote...

On the affiliate event # 4 it says that "each bar must be lifted for 60 reps". Does that mean if the guys get done quickly with their weights, a guy can then do some reps on the girls weight?

17. Brad M. - THE BTB Crossfit wrote...

For the team event do we have to have 2 girls and 2 guys in each event or can we go 3:1 for any of them?

18. KLowe wrote...

It says same 500pt scoring system that was used for the 09 regionals.

It's the SOUTH! NASCAR is how we roll!.....(and always to the left)

19. Grant Scalf wrote...

I like it. Nicely done. Can't wait to see everyone there. Good luck!

20. Jeff Barnett wrote...

Great programming. Tough, fair, and varied. Looking forward to the competition, with the notable exception of the few minutes of my life spent in Event 4.

21. Johnny Mac wrote...

Russell, you call it NASCAR we call it The Dirty South highest points total wins (500 scale) and yes same as last year.

Vitaly Sender, small correction to your statement we may see some DNFs from Individual Event #3, maybe #2. The only Event for time that will not result in a potential DNF is the final event for both Individual and Affiliate Teams.

Ken, you are one astute reader you are correct each bar must be moved 60reps, each tire must be jumped thru 100reps do you see a common thread. I had mistakenly called the bars mens and women's in the Affiliate video. This is a Team Event.

Brad, each Affiliate Team Event must have 2 men 2 women competing, this is an absolute.

22. Link wrote...

Great programming JMac! Can't wait to see everyone! Gonna be an epic weekend!

23. Keith M wrote...

This is gonna be fun!

24. Grant Scalf wrote...

Johnny Mac,

You just said each bar must be moved for 60 reps, etc. I am correct then in my assertion that two males may be working at a time, one on each bar? And the same goes for the muscle-ups and chest-2-bar pull-ups, two males may work at a time?


25. Ken wrote...

Think the programming is great, but the one-second penalty on the 5th event seems really odd to me. It doesn't seem like much of a penalty for reps not completed in the time limit.

I would think that 5 or 10 seconds/rep or more would be more appropriate. I know that the penalty is not meant to approximate how long it would actually take to complete the reps (especially because the last item on each round is a 200 m run), but 1 second/rep doesn't appear to be much of a penalty at all.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the scoring.

26. Johnny Mac wrote...

Grant, Yes. and the same goes for the muscle-ups and C2B. Be forewarned in testing we found that every added rep comes at a cost somewhere else in the Event.

27. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Love the programming! Great job guys. Can't wait to see everyone there!

28. Chuck Carswell wrote...

Nice JMac.

29. Johnny Mac wrote...

Ken you are not, the intent is simply to add a numerical value to a timed event. Blend a Time and Task Priority Event.

At 22 min the course freezes, how much work have you completed. We can add 1 sec or 1 hr per rep the result should be the same as every athlete will line up based on a time score in the order in which they finished. Faster times will always be in front of slower times and those that completed more work within 22 min will will be in front of those that complete less work . F*D/T

30. Boone wrote...

Looks like fun. Good luck to all the Southeast folks.

31. danielle wrote...

This regional looks awesome. Nice work Dirty South, looking forward to the results and some highlight video. Wish this one was live streamed.

32. ScottG CFRX wrote...

I love it... looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

33. Leo S wrote...


On the HSPU - do the bumper plates have to touch the wall or can they be a couple inches away as long as the ABMAT width is maintained?

Thank you!

34. Chewie wrote...

Let's go CFHC peeps, do work!!! And remember, it's not about these teabags, it's all about connections!

35. Johnny Mac wrote...

Leo, the AbMat and bumpers are to establish width and depth of the HSPU a few inches from a wall will be allowed. Movement criteria must still be the same.

36. James CFAddiction wrote...

Sandbag Lunges? KB Snatches? Bonus Point Clean & Jerks? I don't think there could be any more diversity, the sport just keeps getting better!

37. Mariah Provost wrote...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see all my CF friends! The wods are cool!

38. Ken Gall wrote...

Nice job JMac! Well thought out and balanced programming. These kind of balanced workouts hurt the most. Awesome!

39. Ken wrote...


Got it now. Since it will all be converted to points anyway, the 1-second "penalty" is just meant to place competitors relative to each other. The duration of the "penalty" is actually meaningless, it just represents that I finished either in front of, behind, or tied with another competitor (and will serve to reduce ties since everyone that misses the cutoff won't just be lumped together).


40. Talayna Fortunato wrote...

1st. Nice WODs....This will be a very exciting competition!

2nd. On the HSPU's, I know it says you can kip, but it also says feet must stay touching the wall through the entire range of motion. Does it count to take your feet away for the kip, as long as you end with your feet against the wall, arms locked out, not falling?

41. Johnny Mac wrote...

Ken, better than my answer

Talayna, this has come up a few time today the intent is the finish or top of the HSPU is fully extended feet in contact with the wall, we will not count reps where the athlete falls away from the wall pressing out the last rep. Feet may come away for the kip but must always finish in contact with the wall.

42. For Clarity wrote...

Can you confirm that the plates that flank the abmats will be 25# Rogue/High-Temp Bumpers...and not 45's?


43. Ashley D wrote...

Question about the HSPU - Kipping is allowed, so are feet allowed to leave wall for the kip? I read that feet can't leave wall, but not sure if that was just to make sure people didn't push off wall on way back up..

44. Drew wrote...

Johnny Mac--

On the Kettlebell snatched for Event #3, need they be caught in a full squat?

45. Drew wrote...

Nevermind...the viedo cleard that up! :) Thanks! Great events!

46. Drew wrote...

Nevermind...the viedo cleared that up! :) Thanks! Great events!

47. alan wrote...

Are all the workouts going to be outside? There is supposed to be a lot of rain coming in this weekend.

But srew it, if it aint rainin', we aint trainin'.

48. KLowe wrote...

First. - Johnny Mac. Great landscaping at your place! Well done yard!

Second - The bonus pts are the only cumulative aspect of the C&J Wod? The total weight is not? I think it is pretty self explanatory....just checkin.

49. brian p wrote...

I broke a sweat just reading the pdf. It was a cold sweat, not like the hot greasy sweat I'll be experiencing this weekend.

50. David Clem wrote...

Nice programming! I like the HSPU buy-in for “Normandy D-Day”. Looking forward to seeing the action.

51. Johnny Mac wrote...

For Clarity, 35lb Bumpers both Men and Women

Ashley see post 41 I think it was answered there

Alan, Some are outside and some are inside, We have a sever rain and lighting contingency plan.

KLowe, Correct best single lift plus all bonus points.

52. Ashley D wrote...

never mind... just read your answer to question #40.

53. Brian Dunlap wrote...

Oh, good. For a minute I was worried, thinking that this was gonna be tough. I'll be sure to bring my cigarrettes.

54. Dr. Eric wrote...

The Garage Team is psyched!!! And feeling the butterflies already. Love the WOD choices.

55. Brad M. - THE BTB Crossfit wrote...

1. For event #4 of the affiliate comp. will there be racks for the front squats and push press/jerks or will the weights have to be cleaned?

2. Also will the team be responsible for changing the weights for the deadlifts or will there be two other bars?

56. cori wrote...

i think the programming is fab! can't wait to see all of the people i've met over the past year from around the southeast! it's gonna be a mini reunion! 3-2-1....

57. Johnny Mac wrote...

Brian, Cigars please

Brad, racks......nope sorry all weights all weekend will start on the deck, just like the Masters !
We will add the weight for you while your off on the Farmers Walk and Run.

58. Ben B. wrote...

In team event 4, can all 4 members be working on the same lifting elements at the same time?
I understand we only have 2 bars but .....
In team event 2 does the burpee have to be completed before a member makes a jump into the tire?
Please also confirm the deadlift weight for team event 4 -215/155

59. lelak wrote...

Loving these WODs. Wish I could be there.

60. Johnny Mac wrote...

Ben, 60 reps on each bar only one lifter at a time, no 2 person FS, PP/PJ or Deads gotta draw the line somewhere.

One Athlete in a the tire center at a time.

Yes Team Deadlift is 215/155.

61. Chase wrote...

Great WOD's, much respect

62. Justin Conelli wrote...

For affiliate event #4, can teammates pass the barbell back and forth to each other as they knock out front squats and push press/jerks or do we have to ground the weight before each transfer?

63. Justin M wrote...

Excited for the weekend. Looks like a fun set of events.

Great job in picking the events and organizing everything, Johnny Mac. I know you've been really quick to respond to e-mails and all that.

For team event #1 -- Any chance that competitors can void one of the rings and do muscle-ups on the bar?

64. Johnny Mac wrote...

Chase, Thanks!

Justin C, No consistent across all Events to bar must be cleaned from the deck but I like how your thinking......Team!

Justin M, Sorry no.........funny enough we did have Bar Muscle-ups in the programming at one point.

65. Mike K. wrote...

I love the well rounded test of events for the individual competition.

66. Brandon Crossfit Atlanta wrote...

Awesome events! Can't wait to take part in those Affiliate Events, & to see everyone go after the Individual Events! So excited... Great programming JMac!

67. Justin M wrote...

Haha damn. Somehow I can do 3x as many on the bar. Probably my general lack of athleticism.

Anyway I've been relentless in bugging the hell out of you the past week. I owe you a beer or ten. Thanks.

68. Austin wrote...

JMac- Its worth repeating...Great programming!

69. Justin Key wrote...

Johnny Mac..... you are a sick bastard... I love it man, Great individual and team programming. Leaves no room for doubt that the Dirty South will once again be sending the best of the best when the dust settles.... Are you F'ing kidding me... I am jacked up man... Friday can't come soon enough!!!!!!

70. Baker wrote...

great programming across the board, fantastic job there

SAM, silliest question of all time in a public forum.

71. Preston Austin wrote...

Great programming Jmac and everyone else involved with creating these workouts! Watch out for the North Carolina boys and girls! Wish I could've been there but my boss hates me and won't allow my pursuit of hapiness:) Good luck to all competitors. ONE LOVE

72. Matt K wrote...

Great job on the wod's! Nothing too outrageous and still testing all the skills. Big respect for naming the wod's in observance of the Memorial weekend. Can't wait to lay it all out there.

73. Mike Osuna wrote...

JMAC, first off, great job from A to Z. Were coming from the dirty south south aka North Cuba (Miami) and are super stoked!

Need you to clear up two different interpretations we have. To clarify, Event #4, if the men finish moving the 145# bar 60 times. Can the men jump on the lighter 85# bar and help the women finish those sixty?

Also, we see that the spectator tickets are sold out online. Will there be any walk-up tickets available for Friday and Saturdays events?

74. Ben wrote...

Awesome Programming! Great job Johnny Mac......like you haven't heard it enough. :) You can hear it some more brother! Have a safe trip everyone. Look forward to competing with the best athletes in the south.

75. Johnny Mac wrote...

Mike. Yes the women can jump onto the heaver bar and help out!

Spectator tickets are not Sold Out online registration is just closed you can still purchase tickets at the gate same price cash only.

Oh yea and Mike men can help with reps on the other bar.

60 reps each bar, team must stay together, fastest time or most work!

76. Mike Osuna wrote...

LOL! Are girls will probably have to carry our team! Thanks for clarifying. I won the bet... No driving for me tomorrow!

77. Christina wrote...

My free spectator will most likely be checking in on Friday before I do. Will that be a problem? Do we have to check in at the same time as athlete and spectator?


78. Samantha wrote...

Where on the website will the heats be posted?

79. Caleb Whitfield wrote...

On Affiliate event #3 it said in the video that total time will be kept on the rower itself. Does this void the necessity for a quick transition of each individual rower or will the clock still be running as one man/woman gets off and another climbs on?

BTW, awesome workouts!!! Burpee jump throughs in 90 degree heat is going to be brutal!!!

80. DrEric wrote...

Either I am not as computer literate as i thought, or there is a problem with the linked download that says XLS for the heat assignments here:


I do have the latest version of excel, as the .xlsx would require, but i am getting a zip folder of xml docs.

Are the heats posted elsewhere?

81. Steve wrote...

Is anyone else having issues with the program heat file? It will not open on my computer in excel. Thanks.

82. Josh G wrote...

As pertaining to the heat schedule, when and where do we find out athlete or team numbers? Are these given as you sign in on site or sent in an email?

83. Johnny Mac wrote...

Christina, you will need to be at registration for her to receive a wrist band have her call you and meet up.

Samantha Posted above

Caleb, the 5K countdown on the rower will count time if you are pulling or not so total time from the row monitor will be your score.

Dr Eric, we have had an update try again, if not no worries we have all info posted and available onsite

Steve see above

Josh, Team Number is a tab within the Heat Spreadsheet.

84. Bill wrote...

Is anyone else having trouble opening the live results page?

85. Steve wrote...

Has anyone seen anything about start times for tomorrow?


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