Southeast Regional

Southeast Regional Update

Dirty south athletes set PRs by the dozen.

In contrast to the snowy competition in Canada, athletes in Florida are being tested by the southern heat. Director John Mclaughlin checked in with the following update.

From what we've seen in the dirty south, you would think the best prescription for an overhead PR is simple. Just find four friends and an outdoor basketball court, take four bars and set them the shape of a square with copious amounts of Bumpers in each corner. Then start a clock and for take turns lifting something heavy for 10 minutes. If you still haven’t found that PR, try adding in hundreds of screaming fans.

That was how Friday's affiliate competition went down at the South East Regional. The first event was 10 minutes of ground to overhead followed by one minute of rest, then two minutes of max rep muscle-ups, another one minute rest and finally finishing with two minutes of max rep chest to bar pullups. The event was scored by the total pounds from each athlete's best lift. Two pounds were added for each muscle-up and one pound was added for each chest to bar pullup.

One team took a unique approach, scoring .5 in an event with only whole numbers. Either by a stroke of genius or dumb luck a single 2.5 pound plate was left on a bar during a successful lift to overhead. That .5 changed the point’s standings from a tie to a second place finish!

Two Masters event bookended the days activities with Gabriele Schlicht AKA Tigress of Hardcore posting an 8:40 unofficially placing her third overall of all Female Masters!

The prescription was validated on the second day of competition when Ndiya Nkongh PRed her squat clean by 20 pounds. Laura Demarco ran the entire 13 Bar gauntlet with every rep finishing overhead, she was the only Athlete all day to accomplish this. The similarities from Friday were friends, the outdoor basketball court and the roaring fans. What was unique were the 13 heavy bars athletes had to rotate through every 50 seconds, completing a rsquat clean with the option to jerk for bonus points. Women started at 120lb up to 180lb in 5lb increments the men pulled 215lbs to 335lb bars in 10lb increments.

The men moved some amazing weights Also. Rory Hanlin - the top male barely edged out Spencer Hendel by 1 Bonus lift. Both athletes looked as if they could have ran another bar in the series. Equally impressive was the third best finisher in this event. Travis Harrison pleased the crowd by holding 335lbs in the bend of his arms after it slipped from his hands while he was standing up the final clean. He then attempted to jump the weight up into the front rack position for a good lift. It was an amazing effort.

It was an amazing showing from all Dirty South athletes! Clean PRs, Overhead PRs, first Muscle-ups (actually the first 3 Muscle-ups for athlete Silke Vonsaalfeld)!

Affiliates had a true gut check Event as well. they had to flip a tire 50 meters before completing 200 team burpees (while jumping through the tire center).Then they returned with another 50m tire flip to finish. Was it mentioned that there were two tires per team. CF Delray Beach won the event and locked in the top team spot for the Saturday points standings.

The Masters finished their weekend with Chesty Cindy during the toughest part of the day - the 3:30 heat in Florida at that intensity is no small feat for any athletes!

Friday ran 2 Masters Events and 1 Affiliate Event.

Saturday ran 3 Individual Events, 1 Masters Event and 1 Affiliate Events.

Sunday will be 2 Affiliate Events and 2 Individual Events.

Top 4 Female as of Saturday:
1. Michelle Benedict
2. Jenni Orrr
3. Shana Alverson
4. Laura Demarco           

Top 4 Males as of Saturday:
1. Rich Froning
2. Mike Giardina
3. Spencer Hendel
4. Brandon Phillips           

Top 8 Affiliates as of Saturday:
1. CF Delray Beach
2. CF Local
3. CF Atlanta
4. CF Wilmington
5. Team CockDiesel
6. CF Southside
7. I AM CrossFit Miami
8. CrossFit Charlotte

Dirty South Out!




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12 comments on this entry

1. Shane Cross wrote...

Nice work on the 13 bars Laura... Good luck today and I hope you go all the way!!!

2. Julie Weidenfeld/Bo Peep wrote...

GO Gaby and Silke - you are awesome athletes!!! Good Luck CFHC!

3. A.O. wrote...

any word on the new individual heats?

4. Chris wrote...


5. NT wrote...

Crossfit Local all the way today!!!!

6. Baby Osuna wrote...

Go I Am Crossfit!!! Confident that you'll move up to the top after it's all said and done.

7. rebar wrote...

Thanks for a glorious time!.
Atheletesn affiliates, spectators, staff, supportors, & vendors all made for one splendid weekend
Ready for 2011!

8. Adriana Grassi Mosley wrote...

I would love to thank all the judges and volounteers, who gave up their free time and money, to help organazing this great event, without you guys all this would not be possible.

JMAC, Todd and Tommy, you guys deserve big props, you worked so hard this past months, Crossfit is fortunate to have people like you in their community.
Crossfit Hardcore is very grateful for all the hard work you put in for us Athletes.

Gabby you are a role model to to your Crossfit Hardcore family......I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!!

9. Gaby Schlicht AKA Tigress wrote...

Thank you Johnny Mc, Todd, Tommy, Judges and volunteers for all your work and dedication that you have put into the South East Sectionals. The event was very organized (just like last year) and I have to give a lot of credit to the judges who's job is certainly not easy. The whole staff was very positive and so supportive. Got a lot of hugs this weekend. The best part for me this year was of course the add on of the Masters Athlete's. It felt great to compete with the girls and guys of my own age group. You all made us feel special this weekend. Finally, I could not have done this without the support of the best family ever: My Crossfit Hardcore Family from Boca Raton.

10. Jake Johnson wrote...

That Rich Froning Jr. has stolen my heart

11. Dana Lynch - CrossFit BGI South wrote...

Thank you to all the judges and event staff. Your willingness to give up your holiday weekend, sweat and work on your own dime and your own time for us athletes is SO amazing. I have been on both sides and I have to say that competing is almost easier than what you do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

JMac and Todd deserve a special thank you! I know for a fact that the two of you are still working as I type this and had it not been for Tommy and Rob helping them already on Thursday night before the event, we would have had to start on Saturday. You are all very generous and I am very grateful to you all for giving so much of yourselves so we can compete.

12. Carlina wrote...

Gettum Christmas!!


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