South Central Regional

South Central regional events announced

Updated with schedule information and FAQ.

Please note the addition of the heat schedule and frequently asked questions to this post.

Another region notorious for grooming some of the world's top competitors is hosting regional competition this weekend to send four individual male and female competitors, along with 8 affiliate teams to the Home Depot Center in July. The following message comes from Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics.

This is going to be epic! Friday May 28th we will begin packet pick up for all athletes (teams and individulas) at GSX starting at 2pm - this will be completed by 6pm.  At 6pm we will go over any questions from athletes about the event standards.  7pm - we eat the fatted calf and relax a bit before the big day. All heats and final schedule information will be included with the athlete packet pickup on Friday.

You can download a comprehensive description of the events and movement standards as a PDF.

You can download the heats schedule as a PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Yes you can still register as a spectator at the door on Friday or Saturday and Sunday.

Although online registration has been closed, spectators can pay onsite. We will accept cash, check or credit cards.

We have attached a PDF containing the schedule of events and times of importance.

All competitor packets will have credentials and scheduled heats in them for athletes and teams.

Please bring a picture id for all athletes.

Coaches can pick up your packets but all athletes must check in at registration tables for lanyards/credentials and heat schedules.

We will go over all scoring and standards in detail and answer all questions on Friday at 6pm – and if need be for any late comer on Saturday. No doubt you will have questions – and we will answer all of them in full.

As the events have been announced publicly – we are not allowing any substitutions or reassignments of athlete’s participation.

The registrations provided on line will dictate all individual, teams, and masters status for competition. So no, we are not allowing any deviation of registration, period now that events are announced!

We hope all of you will join us for the social on Friday evening at GSX, food and beer will flow till we run out, or we pass out - And then on to the events at hand.

May 28th Friday
8am Gym opens
2pm packet pick up begins
3pm vol/staff/judge/ meeting
6pm athletes walk through and standards
7pm social

May 29th Saturday
Gym opens at 6:30 am
Greetings Ceremony at 8:45am
Regionals begins at 9:00 am

May 30th Sunday
6:30 am Gym opens
7:45 am Greetings
8:00 am Events begin
4:00 Recognition and Awards

Please Note: Spectators are invited to the social event and event walk-through on Friday.

Additional event information can be found on the South Central Regional homepage.

Individual event 1 - Snatch/OHS
10 Bars will be set up for men and women – 20 total per heat.
Weights for the men’s bars:
Weights for the women’s bars:

At each station athlete must complete:
1 Squat Snatch with 2 Overhead Squats or 1 Power Snatch with 3 Overhead Squats
Athletes will have 45 seconds to complete all three movements.
Athletes will have 15 seconds between stations.
Athletes will finish the workout when they are unable to complete all 3 movements within 45 seconds.
Movement standards PDF.

Individual event 2 - Weighted half Cindy
10 Minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats
Men will be wearing a 20lb short weighted vest, Women will be wearing a 10lb short weighted vest. Movement standards PDF.

Individual event 3 - DU/DL/SBR/Row
For time:
100 Double Unders
3 Rounds of:
10 Deadlifts(275/185lbs)
1 Sandbag run(75/50lbs)
Then row 1K
Movement standards PDF.

Individual event 4 - Final Event
For time:
10 Muscle Ups
15 Handstand Push Ups
20 Squat Cleans (155/105lbs)
Run the Block
Movement standards PDF.

Affiliate team event 1 - Deadlift and Double Unders
In teams of 4 athletes (2 men / 2 women) AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
2 men have to complete 100 double unders then 25 deadlifts(225lbs) total, in that order
2 women have to complete 100 double unders then 25 deadlifts(155lbs) total, in that order
Once the entire team has completed 200 DU and 50 DL, they spend the remainder of the 7 minutes completing as many reps as possible of either deadlifts or double unders. Only one man and one woman can be working at a time. Two bars will be provided for each team. Movement Standards PDF.

Affiliate event 2 - The 100’s - Affiliate
100 Thrusters(115/75lbs)
100 Push Ups
100 Hang Power Clean(115/75lbs)
100 Ring Dips
100 Overhead Squats(115/75lbs)
Teams of four athletes. Only one team member can be working at one time. teams must complete all 100 reps before moving on to the next movement.
You must move as a team. Movement Standards PDF.

Affiliate event 3 - Row
As a team, max distance row in 24 minutes.
Each athlete will perform 3 rounds of 2 minutes of rowing for maximum distance. There will be a continuously running clock
Teams of 4 Athletes. Only one athlete will be working at one time. There is one rower per team. Team members will switch off rowing every 2 minutes until everyone has rowed 3 times and the 24 minute limit is up. Movement standards PDF.

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85 comments on this entry

1. johnny wrote...

can you drop of rings after each muscle up? do hands have to turn out at the bottom if you come off rings and get back on them?

2. Jason wrote...

Good WODs, nice job

3. Web Smith wrote...

I am so stoked to see this great group of athletes perform. This is going to be so exciting! Thank you to Tucker for hosting this great event, once again. To everyone, the best of luck.

4. Shane Gibson wrote...

Looks great Tucker! I love it! Good luck to all my peeps!

5. Mike wrote...

Can you split snatch, stand it up, and then do 3 OHS?

6. Nikki Hall Isbell wrote...

Bad ass! Wish I was competing, but looking forward to watching all this go down! Best of luck to all the competitors.

7. Veronica wrote...

Is the requirement for 2 women only applicable to the first team WOD?

8. Jenny Garcia wrote...

Great WODs! This is going to be a great event! Thanks for hosting!!!

9. Candice Ruiz wrote...

Hell, yes! I am friggin' pumped up about this weekend! GSX peeps...bring the NOISE!!

10. Brandon Ecker wrote...

How far is the block apprx?

11. wladi wrote...

on the last 2 affiliate wods it was not specified if there needs to be 2 women and 2 men competing, or can it be 3 men 1 woman, etc etc etc...??

12. Shane Gibson wrote...

In event one, do the reps at each weight have to be unbroken? Let's say you hit the snatch but then fail in one of your OHS. Do you have to start over? If not, can you get the bar back over head in anyway you like once you have completed the snatch?

13. Chris wrote...

Chris here representing GSX,

Johnny: Yes, and every muscle up starts in the straight arm turned out position.

Mike: Yes, but your first lift will not be completed until you OHS it. So split snatch, step up OHS will count as your Squat Snatch. Then your 2 other OHS will be one station.

Veronica: 2 women only working at a time, 2 men only working at a time.

14. Mike wrote...

Thanks Chris!

15. nadia Shatila wrote...

Tucker- these are AWESOME events! pull-ups, hspu, and muscle-ups all at one regionals?!?! LOVE IT!

16. Chris wrote...

They do not have to be unbroken. You have 45 sec to complete all the lifts. If you drop the weight you have to snatch it back up though. You can not clean it. Any snatch will work though to get it back up, power or split. Squat snatch will not count for a OHS.

2 men, and 2 women.

17. tucker wrote...

johnny - on mu... you need to have turn out lock out then hit your mu... you can come off rrings and re-group. but you begin this mu with turn out and lock out then hit it.

Web - thanks

Mike - yes you can split it

Nikki - wish you were too.!!!!!

Veronica - all have two men and two women - get some!

Jenny - thanks!

Candice - there will be noise!

Brandon - the block is also filled with hidden obstacles - like vagrants and hobos from the old west! And landsharks! Watch out for the rattlesnakes - this is Texas! about 550 meters with some slight elevations and descents, and some broken glass!

18. Joe wrote...

For the individual wod with hspu, are women allowed to kipp? Are the standards the same for men & women for hspu?

19. tucker wrote...

nadia - i think so too. so you liked that last one eh? should be fun to watch.

20. CP wrote...

Our females competitors must rock because this is only Regional I've seen that has male and female competitors doing the same number of muscle ups!!

21. Candice Ruiz wrote...


I was told strict on hspu for guys and gals.

22. Mike wrote...

Great WOD's..... On the first affiliate WOD, once both sets of men and women have completed the initial 100 DU's and 25 DL's, the group cah choose to do either DU's or DL's for reps. Does that mean you can only do DU's if you choose?

23. Neal Kay wrote...

For individuals are the first 3 workouts Saturday and the Final one Sunday or 2 and 2 or what?

24. Jimmy wrote...

These loooook TOUGH.
One question:
Individual event 3 - DU/DL/SBR/Row
For time:
100 Double Unders
3 Rounds of:
10 Deadlifts(275/185lbs)
1 Sandbag run(75/50lbs)
Then row 1K

Is the 3 rounds: DL, run, row?
Or does the 1k row follow 3 rounds of 10DL and the run (so you just row once)?

25. Jimmy wrote...

On the Ind WOD 3:
Is it 3 rnds of DL and Run? Or is it 3 rnds of DL, Run, and row 1k?

26. tucker wrote...

Joe - there are no kipping HSPU's... both men and women must do a HSPU ROM. Hands can not go outside of 30 inches.

CP - agreed!

Candice - your right.

Mike - yes they can choose. Then it is a a 4 to 1 ratio. 4 DU's count for one DL... cool? According to Former Presidnet George Bush it is called - Strategery!

27. Jason wrote...

What is the scoring format?

28. Jessica Sharratt wrote...

Yee Haw! I have a feeling Tucker came up with the last workout for individuals! =) Only question is about time cap on last two workouts? Should be fun, thanks for all the hard work!

29. Terry wrote...

Are the event #'s on the pdf the order the events are taking place? If so, wondering why aren't the Masters events following the same order as all the other regionals. Helen and Max Thruster Friday, C2B Cindy on Sat. If not then please disregard the question. Thx

30. ken c wrote...

only 1 1000m row at the end. its 3 rounds of deadlift and sack carry only.

31. Big Mike wrote...

How bout for the half Cindy, we even the playing field and make everybody Push, Pull and Squat 230 lbs. Give them a weighted vest to make them weigh as much as I do! ;)

32. tucker wrote...

mike - yes... your teams choice after the males and females finish there total DL's and Du's. It is a 4 to 1 ratio,,, 4 Du's will equal one DL... make sense.

Neal - two and two for indivduals. so u do 2 events on sat and two events on sunday.

33. tucker wrote...

Terry - they were out of order - that typo has been fixed. It will read DU Helen, Max Thristers, and Then C2B Cindy... We apologise for the mix up - but cfhq is adjusting that info.

34. tucker wrote...

Big Mike - good point. You get extra credit! I am excited to see you there sir!

35. tucker wrote...

jimmy - misspoke.. 100 du's, 10 deadlifts, go run, (for three rounds) then 1K row. sorry - was not tyoing straight.

36. Heather Hodges wrote...

Just to confirm. We do three rounds of 100 DUs, 10 Deadlifts, SBRun, then row 1k?

37. Charlie Lima wrote...

Tucker, you are on the ball man, thanks for hosting this event!!

38. Candice Ruiz wrote...


Knock out 100 double unders.
Then do 3 rounds of 10 deadlift, 100. Sandbag run.

At the end of the above, do the 1000m row.

39. Mel Knourek wrote...

Will guest be allowed to purchase passes on day of if not already registered to attend?

40. Veronica wrote...

If we signed someone up as our guest can we change the name to a different person if the original person can no longer attend? If so, how?

41. Jenny wrote...

So to be clear, Tucker and Candince, there is only one round of double unders (100), not three?

42. Amy Q wrote...


Sorry to continue beating a dead horse on Affiliate workout #1, but I just want to make sure I'm clear. Can all four participants choose either deadlifts or dubs after the initial 200 dubs and 50 deadlifts? Also, can we switch to the other exercise, if desired? BTW, great job on picking the workouts! It is going to be an awesome weekend!

43. Mike wrote...

Affiliate #1 Question: Can each of the 4 participants choose either DL or DU separately, and can they switch at any point or do they have to stick with it?

44. tucker wrote...

100 du's
10 deadlifts and then run 100 meters with sandbag - 3 rounds
then a 1 k row

1 round of 100 du's, 10 deadlifts and then run 100 meters with sandbag - 3 rounds
then a 1 k row

yes you can switch from dl's to du's after the intitial 200 and 50 are completed. judges will count them out and do the conversions when complete.

mike - they can switch back and fourth. 4 to one ratio as explained and judges will convert. we crystal?

45. tucker wrote...

mel - yes spectators will be allowed towalk up and register at the gate.

veronic - send me an email

46. Candice Ruiz wrote...

If this gets posted more than once, I apologize.

I have a question about the sandbag wod. If we pick up the sandbag to run and drop it at some point, do we have to start the run over or do we pick it back up and continue?

47. Crystal Nelson wrote...

For the 2nd Team WOD: Does every person on the team of 4 have to do a minimum amount of reps of each movement?

48. Ashleigh wrote...

Individual competition question: What are the time limits for the 3rd and 4th event?

49. Jenny wrote...

WOD#3 says 100 double unders and 3 rounds of deadlift and sandbag run and then row.

It doesn't read 300 double unders so why are we having to do 300 double unders now? It seems like you're changing the wod.

50. FYI wrote...

Theres not 300 Double Unders, just 100.
The double unders at the begining aren't part or the three rounds, nor is the row at the end.

51. tucker wrote...

jenny - all you have to do is 100 double unders!

then the 3 rounds of dl and sandbag run, then the 1K row - where am i loosing you?

52. tucker wrote...

Crystal - for that second team event. Only one team member can be working at one time. Must complete the 100 reps before moving on to the next movement. Must move as a team.

FYI - you got it! And you read the PDF.

53. Jenny wrote...

I'm sorry Tucker. I'm just excite, anxious, and I guess a bit slow on understanding today! Thanks again for clarifying for me. I think you have done an amazing job with the wods. While I'm not sure how far I will get with #4, I still think they are very fair. Can't wait to compete with everyone this weekend!!

54. tucker wrote...

Jenny! Hugs and Kisses!

55. William wrote...

Is there going to be an additional Affiliate Team WOD on Sunday or is everything posted for the weekend?

56. Christie wrote...

Great WODS! Just one quick quetion :)

Will the double unders in the individual and team events take place in the grass, or on a solid surface?


57. tucker wrote...

Christie - thanks - our planners - had some great imput on these events, as did HQ, Your DU's will be on a solid surface, blacktop to be exact!

58. tucker wrote...

William - teams do two on Sat and one on Sunday... You guys have three events.

59. Kody King wrote...

How are you planning to score the individual and team competitions?

60. tucker wrote...

We will use the standard scoring system from 2009 games.

61. Lindsey Smith wrote...


I must say... very impressed with your willingness to take the time to answer each and every question thrown your way.

This is going to be awesome, cannot wait to be a part of it all!!

62. ken c wrote...


i know you're busy BUT if you sould answer a few of my questions that would be great. sorry if you've answered some these questions already but i don't have time to read all the posts. or read the pdf.

1. where do i park?

2. what time are my heats?

3. do i have to turn out on all my muscle ups?

4. can i power clean the squat cleans on the last wod?

5. will the paleo food you're providing have yams or sweet potatoes (because there's a difference ya know)?

i know i'll have more questions but i just can't think right now. thanks.

63. Ron wrote...

Tucker - do you mean the 2009 Games scoring method, or the Standard Score(standard deviation based) method?

64. tucker wrote...

Yes Ken - I have been doing a million things but I always have time to answer those important questions that every athlete needs to know. I can only imagine the hell you are going thru with strategery for the events announced today.

You can park in downtown Fort Worth and take the bus, but youmight be late for your heat. Your heat starts at 4 pmish I think.

We will have Paleo foods - and I think one of the events is actually diggin for yams - it is in that fine print stuff at the bottom of the pdf... Later we will eat yams and have ice cream. Your right - Yams area Monocot and this plant only has one embryotic seed leaf and the sweet potatoe, often called yams are a Dicot a plant having two embryotic seed leafs and from the morning glory family. But both plants flower. Yams are startchier and drier - and sweet potaotes are just better!

I can provide you a pwer bar for the squat cleans - but no, you cannot use your power clean on the sqaut cleans - OMG I sharded!

If you turn out on the first MU - it is really good enuff for me - but your judges may feel differently... Just ask them!

If you have more questions - call this number. 1-800-SUCIDIE THEY HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS AND A 12 STEP PROGRAM!

L. Smith - I cannot wait to see you again.

65. Keisha T wrote...

I think ya'll have done an AWESOME job putting together these WODs!!

Can't wait to see everyone compete & I'll be cheering on the athletes from my affiliate!

66. kris kepler wrote...

HSPU... 30" , to clarify does that mean the entire hand- fingers included has to be within the 30"? will your reps not count if your fingers cross the 30" marker? for wide shoulder athletes, that sucks, but it is what is.

67. Cynical Bastard wrote...

I'm sorry but some of these questions are utterly stupid and/ or repetitive. Ken C, I hope that was an inside joke with Tucker, because if not it make you look like an egocentric a-hole, who is too lazy to read comments. If it is an inside joke... I get it.

Please, let's not look like total dumbasses to the rest of the world and let's read earlier posts and questions so not to repeat the same things over and over... or hell wait until Fri when they explain everything in grave detail. (though I thought everything was self explanatory.)

68. Skip wrote...

Solid workouts Tucker. It's going to be a great event.

Front Range CrossFit

69. ken c wrote...


i had the same question. your hands can be on the 30" marker tape. not total hand inside the 30" barrier. not great but not as bad as it could be.

70. kris kepler wrote...

i will take what I can get, as i'm sure you will as well.... I'm looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the crew tomorrow. And what about all the running added this year?! i concentrate on strength and skill, and neglect my running because crossfitters don't run, right?!

it's going to be a fun competition to be in as well as to spectate....well done Tucker.

71. Candice Ruiz wrote...

GSX is where I train and I would have bet 100 bucks there would be no running because I didn't think they could pull it off in a fair manner out here. Wrong... They will have us running in places I have never seen the entire time I have been training here! It's going to SUCK but it will be fair, and very hot as well. Damn, excited!

72. tucker wrote...

LMAO! Ken C is a great friend of mine! Or at least i call him a friend, and we had a bit of sport last night... Classic!

Kris - Kepler. You just dont go outside 30 inches and your good, if you do - no count! We will go over some other items as well, locked out shoulder, no kip, show your judge some ear, and feet onthe wall as you push up (i.e. no falling inverted presses will count) - stuff like that. Careful taking advice from Ken C - he has been known to be a cynical bastard! Ken also had far more questions than just that one - it is like playing poker with very young children!

Candice - watch out for the hobos we have stratigically hidden on the run... They are very scary! If you did'nt think we could pull off a simple run, then you have no real idea what we may be capable of - muahahahhaa!

Skip - thanks, we think so too.

73. ken c wrote...


don't let candice scare you. she's a bundle of nerves right now. :) the run will be cake for you. don't even sweat it. "around the block" is about 650ish meters.

74. Candice Ruiz wrote...


Now that I have some sleep in me...the nerves have subsided. But seriously, never would have guessed a run. Great job on everything guys (Chris, Jason, Tucker, Chuck, Kristen, etc., etc.). Your hard work is paying off and this weekend is going to be a blast!

75. Miguel Garza wrote...


Are the spectator passes sold out?

Online Registration is closed.

Miguel Garza

76. Lindsey Smith wrote...

Ohhhh Miguel... not sure I should be telling you this (how much G7 one place can handle???) BUT Tucker said ABOVE that spectators can buy passes on site.

Jk. Good luck this wkend, my friend!

77. Miguel Garza wrote...

thanks lindsey...haha...i guess i should read things first

78. Andy Lewis wrote...

score 32 for cynical bastard, 0 for non-readers.

79. Noah wrote...

What scoring system is going to be used? WIll each event be weighted evenly? Thanks in advance for answering.

80. Blaine wrote...

Can we bring any animals? If so, is there a max number one can bring? My cats hate it when I am gone for too long.

81. bob wrote...

Will singlets be allowed ?

82. Kip Lawson wrote...

Can I compete in my underwear and can my dog run around the block with me when I do the wod that calls for it?

83. Steve wrote...

What kind of beer will you serve the visitors?

84. tucker wrote...

We are NOT SOLD OUT! Come one come ALL!

NO Animals - except maybe varmits!

I love singlets - especially on Galdiators!

Your dog can act as judges for team events only!

We will serve very cold beer only!

Noah - standard scoring system, not deviation style, weighed evenly of course! Performance driven!

I cannot wait to meet you all and see this thing off!


85. Brandon H wrote...

Looks like its gonna come down to the best gymnast. Should be fun. Kris, I'm with you. 30" is a bit narrow, but whatcha gonna do! Good workouts Tuck! Look forward to seeing everyone.


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