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Jeff Vale gets his keg on

Northwest Regional

NorthWest Regional Schedule

Here's some planning help for your weekend!

The NorthWest Regional Staff is pleased to announce a schedule of events for Saturday May 15th and the morning of Sunday, May 16th.

As you arrive, you'll be greeted by our parking crew who will let you know you've made it to the right place and will direct you on how to get to the Green Gate and beyond. Here is a map of the fairgrounds and the surrounding streets. Parking is free in the Green Lot, look for the banners and you'll find us!

6AM: volunteer only registration opens. If you are part of the early morning registration crew please arrive by 5:45 and meet at the green gate.

6:30AM Registration opens for everyone

7AM Judges need to be on site, there is a mandatory judges briefing at 7:15.

8AM Athletes meeting. You'll need to be parked, registered, and in the arena.

Expect a small wait at registration. We've planned for you and think we have a smooth system in place but there will be literally hundreds of you and it may simply take some time to get in the gates. EVERYONE will need PICTURE ID to enter the fairgrounds.

8:45 Welcome message, National Anthem

9AM Individual Event One

11:30 Affiliate Event One

12:45 Masters Event One - double under Helen

1:45 Individual Event Two

2:30 - 4:30 Masters Event Two - 10 minutes to a max weight thruster

3:00 Team Event Two

5:00 End of day one.


Sunday, May 16th

8AM Individual Athletes need to be on site, checked in, and available.

9AM Individual Event 3

**A full day of fun and frolic happens here **

4:45 Awards, closing.

The event times listed above are tentative and subject to change slightly. We will try to stick as close to this schedule as possible but it is not concrete.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

35 comments on this entry

1. RD wrote...

can't wait for the fun and frolic. are there cuts made after the first day for affiliate teams?

2. RD wrote...

can't wait for the fun and frolic. are there cuts made after the first day for affiliate teams?

3. Kurtis Bowler wrote...

There will not be cuts.

4. Loren Winter wrote...

Thanks for all the time you have put into this and I am pumped or the weekend.

I have two questions:
- I was wondering when the WODs will be announced.
- Do I read correct that there are only 2 Affiliate Cup WODs?

5. Jason wrote...

Just making sure. Can we (spectators) pay at the gate with cash? 25 bucks right?



6. Laurie Bower wrote...

Hi Jason,

Common question, lets see if I can clear this up some:

Spectators are 2 for $50 for the weekend. There isn't a Saturday only option. There isn't a single person option.

On Sunday only, it is $25 per person.

Cash only, we do not have the ability to accept debit or credit cards.

Kids 12 and under are free.

Parking is free.

You can bring food and drinks in.

We're trying to make this affordable for everyone!


7. Laurie Bower wrote...

Hi Loren, the wods will be announced about a week before the event. The day and time is not yet set.

There are 2 Affiliate Teams workouts on Saturday. The Sunday schedule, which will include individuals, masters, and teams, will be announced Saturday the 15th.


8. Brett wrote...

Has CF HQ published the standards on the 1 RM Thruster for the Master's?

9. Jason wrote...


10. Steph wrote...

Can't wait to see what kinds of fun treats you've whipped up for the competitors! Should be an exciting weekend!

11. Kurtis Bowler wrote...

They are here

12. Jesse Ward wrote...


13. dw wrote...

is there only going to be 3 individual workouts then or am I reading it wrong??

14. Kurtis Bowler wrote...

We only have the start time for the first event listed for Sunday. The rest of the details for Sunday will be released at the end of the day on Saturday. It will be two full days of work across broad time and modal domains.

15. Laurie wrote...

Hi DW,
This is the Saturday schedule and the start time for Sunday morning only. The complets Sunday schedule will be announced on Saturday the 15th. There are multiple workouts happenening on Sunday, and all 3 groups (individuals, teams, and Masters) will have some work to do. I'm just not saying how much work.... yet :)


16. Damon - Wastch wrote...

Does anyone know where we go to finalize team members on our Affiliate team? I want to be sure to get in well before the 1 week cutoff. We're already registered, I just need to enter our roster.

17. Miranda 801 wrote...


We had the same issue!

18. Laurie Bower wrote...

Damon, check your email. I can do that for you!


19. Jordan Holland wrote...

We have a male athlete on our affiliate team who can't compete. Since the events haven't been posted yet is it possible to change?

20. Laurie Bower wrote...

Jordan, I believe you have until midnight tonight. Registration, including substitutions, closes 1 week before the event.

21. Laurie Bower wrote...

The announcment that explains the one-week deadline is here:

22. Mason Ostrom wrote...

When on Friday does early registration start? Where will it be, Green gate as well?

23. Laurie Bower wrote...

6:30 am. Our volunteers running registration need to be there earlier. There will be seperate tables for athletes, volunteers, and spectators so hopefully no line gets too long. All will be at the green gate.

We will have Friday check-in at the fairgrounds and Friday night check in at RCF. Not sure of the times yet. You are welcome to come by then and get your entry bracelet. Once you have that, you can just flash it and walk in.


24. Laurie Bower wrote...

6:30 am Saturday. Our volunteers running registration need to be there earlier. There will be seperate tables for athletes, volunteers, and spectators so hopefully no line gets too long. All will be at the green gate.

We will have Friday check-in at the fairgrounds and Friday evening check in at RCF. Not sure of the times yet but probably early afternoon They will be at the arena rather than the gate. Were not planning of staffing the gate on Friday. You are welcome to come by then and get your entry bracelet and check out the set-up. Once you have a bracelet, you can just flash it and walk in on Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone, if you're in town, you are welcome to drop by the fairgrounds during set-up on Friday, register early (will post those times soon) and hang out. If you're in town before that, visiting CrossFitters are ALWAYS welcome at Rainier CrossFit.


25. Mindy Montgomery wrote...


Is there an address where I can email you about guest registration?



26. Laurie Bower wrote...

Hi Mindy, Sure!

27. drexel wrote...

where do we find the first days wods?

28. Emily wrote...

Has it been decided what time Friday afternoon registration will begin?

29. Laurie Bower wrote...

They are here:

You can register at the arena inside the fairgrounds on Friday from 2-4pm or at RCF from 4-6pm.


30. Erin wrote...

Do you have to register to attend as a spectator or can we just come and pay at the entrance?

31. Jenny wrote...

As an athlete, can my guest come to the event later in the day or do they have to be there during the early registration between 6:30 - 8:00AM too? Thanks in advance.

32. Leslie wrote...

Are there any exceptions to the athlete's guest arriving later than the athlete? My husband would like to come and watch, but he will be with our two young (ages 3 & 5) children and we don't live closeby. They won't be able to attend if they have to arrive prior to 8 a.m. with me. Thanks!

33. Loren Winter wrote...

Any chance of us getting the schedule for Sunday?

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