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CrossFit Fort Vancouver currently leads the team competition

Northwest Regional

Northwest Regional Day One Update

Athletes from the Northwest Regional competition are getting some well earned rest after a crushing test on day one of competition in Washington. Regional director Kurtis Bowler, of Rainier CrossFit, checked in with the following report.

The first day of competition in Puyallup went perfectly. The athletes are providing an amazing spectacle and the spectators are having an excellent time. The fairgrounds have provided the perfect venue to highlight the sport of fitness.

Chris Spealler, of CrossFit Park City, crushed the Overhead Squat/Double Under workout with an amazing time of 2:39. The performance has to be seen to be believed. On the heavier side of things  Jerome Perryman and Jordan Holland both knocked out 36 repetitions in 90 seconds with 303 pounds on the Apollon's Axle Deadlift.

Laurie Carver made her presence known in the  Masters division. She blazed through the double-under Helen workout in 8:22 which places her second overall in the world for that event.

The leaders of the Affiliate competition,  CrossFit Fort Vancouver and  Sin City CrossFit put up strong performances in both the relay and the medley.

Tomorrow will decide which individuals and teams have what it takes to compete for the title, "World's Fittest," at the Home Depot Center in July. Here are the leaders entering day two.

Top 3 Male Athletes:
1. Jerome Perryman
2. Moe Kelsey
3. Gil Hollingsworth

Top 3 Female Athletes:
1. Kendall Burnham
2. Robin Lyons
3. Cheryl Brost

Top 3 Affiliates:
1. CrossFit Fort Vancouver
2. Sin City CrossFit
3. CrossFit UTE

Top 3 Masters Males:
1. Larry Silber
2. Wayne Bailey
3. Rick Sinclair

Top 3 Masters Females:
1. Laurie Carver
2. Judy Ferry
3. Terri Law

The final two individual events were also announced at the conclusion of the day.  

Event 1 - 9:00
5 mile run.  The first mile is a hill and the athletes will do two laps.

Event 2
For Time:
30 calories on the Concept 2 Rower
30 Thrusters with 95/65
3 Rope Climbs 20'/15'
30 Kettlebell Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood

20 calories on the Concept 2 Rower
20 Thrusters with 115/75
2 Rope Climbs 20'/15'
20 Kettlebell Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood

10 calories on the Concept 2 Rower
10 Thrusters with 135/95
1 Rope Climbs 20'/15'
10 Kettlebell Swings 1.5 pood/1 pood

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Jerome Perryman currently leads individual competition Chris Spealler had the fastest time on the first workout Kendall Burnham leads the females after day one

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Chris Spealler - Top Time In Event 1

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37 comments on this entry

1. nick williams wrote...

OK, here's my prediction. Speaaler wins both day 2 WODs

2. nick williams wrote...

OK, here's my prediction. Spealler wins both day 2 WODs

3. Chris A wrote...

Sin City Crossfit is taking over!

4. George wrote...

Here we go CFV. Bring it home. Don't ask me why there aren't links to all the top affiliate team's sites, a simple search would of come up with them.

Good job everyone and good luck tomorrow.

5. Horse wrote...



6. Matthew Summers wrote...

Nick...Agreed mate...

Those day two wods have Spealler written all over them.
What an amazing performance in the OH squat doubleunder wod....i would be happy to do 150 double unders in 2:39..let alone 30 OH squats with that!

7. Iceman wrote...

Big shout out to Dan , Kenton , and Jason ... They did awesome and repped the 509 CrossFit Spokane/FTP to the fullest! You guys are gonna do great tomorrow! Very exciting to watch all this go down!

8. Mike wrote...

No question spealler wins that run and advances to the gyms!!!

9. MJ wrote...

What time is the Affiliate WOD 3 set to kick off?

10. Brian wrote...

Does Speal ever do anything inefficiently? Incredible.

11. Dave wrote...

Who ever thought up the system for those athletes that tie? If 5 athletes tie for 4th place they are all in 4th place. Not one in 4th the others in 5th,6th and 7th. Have you ever watched a PGA Golf event or any other sporting event? Those that come in 4th are all in 4th place and all split the money for 4th place.
Why would you penalize the athletes? Let's have some equality here...what are you afraid of!

12. JG wrote...

What time does the affliate event begin?

13. Cheryl Reehill wrote...

@ George: Really? Maybe because Kurtis spent all of his one sit-down meal of the day, after about 18 hours on his feet, using a borrowed laptop to rig up a connection to get YOU and the CF community an update asap. Show a little respect, yeah?

14. ken c wrote...

pretty sure speal will win both workouts today but hope its enough for a comeback. so many friends in this one. go zach, todd and eric! come on nadia!

15. Damon-Wasatch wrote...

Affiliate event is 12:30 per Kurtis.

16. jacob wrote...

So the points system seems a little skewed. I see the idea but really if lets say twenty guys all got 30 reps on deadlift and one guy gets 29, is one rep worth receiving 21 points where everyone with a single rep more gets 1 point. These twenty guys could have been MUCH worse on other WODs and still be placed higher overall. I think placement/points should be shared. 29 reps guy should get 2 points for 21st place. Placement in the event is right but points-wise it isn't a good measure.
I want to see a real measure of fitness and this point system doesn't seem to do it for me.
Am I alone here?

17. Jenni N wrote...

Nick B from Spokane is the sneaker pick. CrossFit Spokane is behind you all the way!

18. waderpro wrote...

I've had similar issue with the point system exactly for the reason you point out.

Perhaps a better system might be the top score gets the 100% and everyone else gets the proportionate score thereafter. ie. top score is 10,000# lifted = 100% next closest gets 9000# would be a 90%. Eliminates what you're talking about as well as anyone sand-bagging. Why wouldn't a save effort fo another WOD if I new a 90% effort on my part would take the top?

19. Ted wrote...

what are the day two individual wods??

20. Aaron wrote...

I agree that this scoring system has its flaws. It devalues performance and overemphasizes placing as previously stated.

Waderpro's suggested system is better, but is also flawed in that some events inherently give a narrower range between 1st and last. Such events would be devalued because the last place performance is still not that bad of a percentage.

I would propose basing the scoring on standard deviations. The number of standard deviations you are from the mean is your score. Above the mean will give you positive values, while below the mean will give negative values. This accomplishes 2 things. First, scores are based directly on performance. Second, scores are weighted relative to each event's inherent range between first and last.


21. Jacob wrote...

Sound fair, although complicated.
I think they are looking for a system that is simple and understandable for all. We'll have to see how it all plays out.

22. Noel wrote...

Way to go CFHEL and FITLO athletes!!!!! You're doing awesome!

Any results from the Masters' events?

23. L wrote...

What exactly was Wod #1 and #2 for yesterday....

24. L wrote...

What exactly was WOD #1 and #2 for yesterdays event?

25. George wrote...

Cheryl no disrespect to Kurtis meant at all. I figured HQ had someone else posting this since he would be busy.

He's done an awesome job at the Regionals this year. I'm hearing great things from everyone spectating and participating.

26. waderpro wrote...


I agree with you, though I wouldn't be able to do the math.

27. Erin wrote...

What happened to Moe?

28. jake wrote...


I believe they took Moe out of the scoring because he is prequalified for the Games by finishing in the Top 5 at the 2009 Games. Taking him out of the scoring just eliminates any confusion that might occur later.

29. Paolo wrote...

some photos I took from Day 1:

30. Mr. Moody wrote...

Gotta love them clean and jerks!! 801 takes first in 2 of 3 events...and 3rd overall!! Congrats to 801 and to qualifying teams. Big shout out to NRG, Wasatch, and refinery!!!

31. ral wrote...

I like the idea of the proportional scoring system, although I agree that certain events naturally do have a tighter pack and are therefore devalued (at the Ohio sectional, we had this issue with the sprint event, which was essentially meaningless at the end of the day). However, you could fix this by simply using the difference between first and last place and then giving proportional points based on where each athlete fell in that spectrum.

I like the standard deviation idea, too. People don't always have to understand the math behind it to accept the results. For instance, the NFL's QB Rating is incredibly complex, but yet most people take it as a good measure of performance.

32. ken c wrote...

congrats speal and eric. a return to this years games through having to qualify is a real acheivement.

33. john wrote...

Hey what happen to Moe Kelsey. Why the DNF's

34. nick williams wrote...

congrats to Speal, my favourite Crossfit athlete.

35. dan - ute xfit wrote...

well done chris....congrats! And congrats Ute Xfit...strong performance! well done.

36. Andy Bolliger wrote...

Scoring was supposed to be updated for our team clean & jerk, the judge submitted a revised score but it hasn't made it to the site yet? Crossfit Salem got 33 reps (tied for 2nd) instead of 3rd. I am so proud of the team!! Good job to all!

37. Kyl Samway wrote...

Sub 3 minutes on the OHS / double under workout is so awesome! Way to go Chris and Eric, CF Park City getting it done at the Regionals.


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