Northeast Regional

Northeast Regional Information

All the info you'll need to enjoy the NE Regional.

Jason Ackerman has some news and information on what you will need to know before heading to New York State's Capital.

This event is about the athletes! We are going to send the fittest from the Northeast to represent us in California. We want to offer all of our athletes and spectators as much as possible.  We are logging long days to make this event something amazing to be a part of.

Athletes: We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. It's not easy performing your best outside of your comfort zone, so please feel free to stop by Albany CrossFit Thursday and Friday and check it out.  We will have an area to warm up before your heats, and massage therapists waiting for you after the WOD.  Progenex will have a recovery tent on hand with shakes and product for all of you. You have seen the tentative itinerary and that will be finalized very early next week.  Check-in as well as a mandatory athlete meeting will be held on Friday, and we will also offer a small window for late registration on Saturday morning.  All athletes will recieve a killer t-shirt, and will be competing not just for a spot out West, but for some great prizes generously donated by Again Faster and Hybrid Athletics.

Guests: All of you must check-in at registration. Once you check-in at the registration table and pick up your entrance wrist bands we will have very reasonably priced Paleo fare available all weekend.

Parking: Our entire parking lot will be closed off.  Parking will be a very short walk away at the Macy's Parking Lot. We don’t have room for RV’s or buses so if you plan on such you will need to shuttle your folks in and find a spot for your bus or RV elsewhere.  

Volunteers/Judges/Staff: This event is not possible without all of you. You all should have recieved an e-mail letting you know the heats you will be judging.  We will hit you with another e-mail early next week. If you are assigned a heat, please be there early and ready to go. Margie and Dave from CrossFit South Brooklyn have worked hard to make this event as organized as possible. Judges and volunteer standard meeting will begin at approximately 7pm on Friday, May 21st and all judges must attend.

Events:  We will announce the evets one week out, so be sure to check back here regularly. Movement standards will be announced at that time as well as at Everyone competing knows and loves CrossFit, none of these movements are outrageous and everyone should come in with a very good idea of what we are expecting.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions or concerns.
- Jason Ackerman

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

7 comments on this entry

1. Pat wrote...

The logo pictured above looks baaad asssss!!! One week, so pumped!!!

2. steve fluet wrote...

Jason - Great job putting all of this together. Looking forward to the masters competition.


3. sarah wrote...

Thanks for all of your work thus far make it feel like home ...I can't wait.

4. Larry wrote...

I would like to thank all of you for your hard work for putting the time in to make this happen. Lets strive to send our best, and I hope we can have someone from the northeast be the one to take home the fittest man or women for 2010!!!!!!

5. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Luckily we have a great team behind this. Kevin, Caleb, Joy, Laura, and a bunch of others from Albany CrossFit. Dave and Margie of South Brooklyn, and Jen of Watertown. Behind every great man is a team of badass CrossFitters!

6. Owen Satterley wrote...

Damn, I'm sooo excited about get the chance to compete in the US - and hopefully it won't be the only time I compete in the US this year!! See you soon guys!

7. Kimberly Malz wrote...

Thank you Albany CF, CF Watertown, CF South Brooklyn, judges, and volunteers for your time and efforts!

No matter the outcome, I hope everyone comes away with a great experience at the Northeast Regionals!


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