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Northeast Regional

Event Recap: Northeast Regional

Final results in from Albany.

What a wild finish that unfolded here at the Northeast Regional Qualifiers. After a fantastic conclusion in the Affiliate Competition, the individuals stepped up to their last obstacle of the weekend, and what a test it was. 

After making cuts following the 3rd workout, the top 18 men and women hit a monster chipper: 10 power cleans (185/115), unload outside weight and carry one plate 30 meters and load it onto a sled (45/25), ski for 20 calories, sprint back 30 meters, 30 power snatches (95/65), carry the other weight (45/25) 30 meters and load it onto the sled, 40 burpees, push loaded sled (90/50) 30 meters on high bars, 50 kettlebell swings (55/35), push loaded sled back 30 meters, 60 double-unders, and then one final sprint back 30 meters to the finish line. If that doesn't sound exhausting to you, you are probably not human. 

These phenomenal athletes did not disappoint. Lauren Plumey put on a show for the Women's finale, blazing through the workout as she pulled away from the pack, finishing in 12:49, over a minute ahead of the next closest time. The Men's finale proved just as electrifying, as Austin Malleolo and Rob Orlando gave the fans their money's worth, battling for tops in the heat until the bitter end, before Rob secured his third 1st place event of the weekend with a time of 11:51.  The "Albany Crippler" will not soon be forgotten.

The Northeast Qualifiers proved nothing short of spectacular, as the greatest athletes of the region came out in full force to produce epic performances that those in attendance will cherish for a life-time.  When all was said and done and the results were tabulated, 3 men, 3 women, and 6 affiliate teams proved they were the best of the Northeast and will move on. 

Qualifying Men
1. Rob Orlando
2. James Hobart
3. Austin Malleolo

Qualifying Women
1. Heather Bergeron
2. Jessica Pamanian
3. Lauren Plumey

Qualifying Affiliates
1. CrossFit New England
2. CrossFit Performance
3. Guerrilla Fitness
4. CrossFit Tribe
5. CrossFit Milford
6. CrossFit USA

They have all secured the opportunity to vie for the title at the CrossFit Games. After the fantastic display they put on this weekend, you can expect them make a valiant effort when we see them in Los Angeles.

As for the Master's, they still have to wait to see how they stack up against the rest of the competitors around the nation.

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers and judges that contributed so much this weekend, the event would not have been the same with out you. Your hard work and cooperation made this a wonderful experience for all the athletes and spectators. Your time and dedication has shown how amazing this CrossFit community is and we deeply appreciate all you put in to these Qualifiers. That's all from the Northeast Regionals, good luck to the athletes in your next conquest, the 2010 CrossFit Games!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

25 comments on this entry

1. Dan Rx'd wrote...

Some photos from this weekend are posted here:

2. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Thanks again to everyone for coming! We couldn't have done it without all of the volunteers and judges, you were such an integral part of this event and the CrossFit community as a whole. Thank you!

3. k Malz~FitMom wrote...


Thank you Albany CrossFit, judges, volunteers, athletes, and spectators for making it so successful!

BEST WISHES to our 6 athletes and 6 Affiliate Teams going to the Games in July!


Kim Malz

4. Je wrote...

Awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend. Thanks to all the awesome people yelling and cheering on the sidelines. What and outstanding group of people!!!

5. sevan wrote...

ROB ORLANDO! You are reason enough for me to go to the Home Depot Center this summer. BAD ASS!

6. D wrote...

To Gregg from Guerrilla Fitness,

First off great event this weekend to all who programmed, but back to Gregg. People complained about the programming at the Sectionals saying it wasn't heavy enough and everything was longer time domains. I think its clear that in this weekends events being strong was a serious advantage. For the most part the top guys from the Sectional were the top guys at this weekends events (aka strong guys).

So all the people who complained that the Sectional programming wasn't going to be heavy enough to put the best/strongest crossfitters through were totally wrong. Aka great job programming at sectionals and great job to all the organizers this weekend. It was a great event. Good to the athletes going to LA

7. Mike Bissaillon wrote...

Jason, Great event, great programming and an even better time. My hats off to all the volunteers who worked their butts off, we could'nt have had all that fun without your hard work. Thanks again!

8. Scott Lewis wrote...

@ Peter Isky...Rob O. did dominate this event, with his humble demeanor as well as his strength and conditioning, but...I bet a lot of the athletes that competed this weekend will take issue with your statement. I know a lot of the competitors personally, and everyone who competed this weekend deserved to be at this event because they were "in shape".

Jason Ackerman...awesome event! You and your crew really put together a great weekend and the programming was "on point."

Congratulations to all the athletes...superhuman efforts by all.

9. Scott Lewis wrote...

Peter...understood. He is/was quite the mythical anomaly this weekend.

10. gregg arsenuk wrote...

First, hats off to Jason A, Dave O, and whoever else was part of the team that put together this extraordinary event. The WODs were creative and exactly what should be expected at the regional level. Congratulations to all competitors for great performances all around.

To "D". Thank you for the mention.

11. Candice Ruiz wrote...

Congratulations to all athletes who are advancing after this weekend, but especially to Lauren Plumey who made an impression on me personally. I have never met you and I didn't witness any of this past weekend other than scores, but to come from 8th and absolutely crush the final wod to earn your spot in the top 3...amazing. Way to put so much heart into it. You deserve it. Mad respect.

12. Cool Video from Weekend wrote...

rob orlando 300 x3

13. john wopat wrote...

It's difficult to express to "civilians" what Crossfit is or how special and unique an event like this weekend's regional competition was. Crossfitters don't compete against each other, they compete FOR each other. The great athletes we're sending to the Games owe part of their extraordinary performances to those other men and women who were a second slower, or who lifted a pound or two less. So, we're all going to LA. And by the way, Jason Ackerman should run for Govenor! Great job everyone!

14. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Congrats to everyone who competed. Special shout out to Heather! Way to train smart during those couple weeks before the event. Your patience paid off.

15. lelak wrote...

You're a machine, Mr Orlando. Well done!

16. Malcolm Spittler wrote...

More photos up at

17. Tom wrote...

Great Job Jessica! I saw your 145 Serious 7 at the NE qualifier and thought you would do well at the Regional Games. Good Luck in Cali!

18. BK wrote...

Awesome event run super smoothly , well done mate.
Rob, that 300 lift was the moment of the games, spinechilling to watch live.
The final minute of the ladies Triplet was off the chain with Heather and Jessica going toe to toe and Lozza Plumey crushing the final WOD was a few of so many insane moments over a memorable weekend.

19. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Thanks again everyone for the compliments, but really I was just on the mic, it's all the people behind the scenes. Like I said earlier, behind any good man is a team of badass CrossFitters!

Maybe I'll run for Governor!

20. Lauren Plumey wrote...

Thanks to Jay and his team of volunteers and judges this weekend for a FLAWLESS event. After judging at the Sectionals, I have a new found respect for all of the judges of this events. I found this job more difficult than competing. Thanks to all who judged me. You were more than were coaches, cheerleaders, etc.. And congrats to all the teams and athletes going to Cali esp. to my extended CrossFit family at Performance, in Milford, and Heather, James, and Rob.

21. Owen Satterley wrote...

To Jay and all the volunteers:

What an awesome weekend - the event seems to run like clockwork! Great job!

To the athletes:

Superhuman tekkers was shown by all, with special mention to Rob O for going to town all weekend and to Lauren for crushing 'The Crippler'. What an absurdly determined performance! Great work guys! I only wish I was fit enough to have taken part!

See you next year!


22. julie Migliaccio/Crossfit performance wrote...

Anyone who saw Rob Orlando CRUSH the workouts knows what an incredible athlete he is but more impressive is what a humble and awesome guy he is to everyone..Always encouraging, to others, always supportive and for someone who could have an huge ego doesn't. He just quietly annihilates any task put in front of him. We loved watching him compete and Win. you are a great friend Rob..We Love ya!

23. Denise Thomas wrote...

A big thank you to Jason, Gregg, all the judges and volunteers that made the Northeast sectionals and regionals happen. Great events that definitely tested us in all capacities! To the six athletes going West....good luck, guys! Represent and have a BLAST!!
Rob, if you work on that C&J you may have a good shot at winning this thing ;) Finish what you started!!!

24. Aaron wrote...

AWESOMENESS Rob! JUST AWESOME! I don't know you quite obviously, but that my man was nothing short of inspirational. Rip it up in LA!

25. nick wrote...

Hey Owen,

what happened to you - were you injured?

I was following your progress and figured you'd give things a good shake


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