Northeast Regional

Northeast Regional - Pre-qualified Male Athletes

Last year's competitors will be hard to beat.

As evidenced by the Southwest Regional - where only two prequalified male athletes earned a spot to the CrossFit Games Final - there are no garauntees for qualification as competition grows to include a broader swath of athletes from across the globe. Albany is sending three men and three women to the Home Depot Center in July and anyone looking to derail the prequalified male athletes from the Northeast Region will have their work cut out for them.

James Hobart - CrossFit Boston
2009 Northeast Regional - 1st
2009 CrossFit Games - 70th
James is an efficient and powerful lifter. He travels with Burgener on the olympic circuit. James has been working on his endurance and has has good strength to weight ratio. Look for him to fare well in medium duration, powerful efforts. Hobart could very well own the 3 rep max clean and jerk event, despite being smaller than other competitors. In a recent mainsite WOD that followed similar parameters to the first individual event this weekend, Hobart took first over Lipson by a small margin.

Brad Posnanski - CrossFit Invictus
2008 CrossFit Games - 43rd
2009 Northeast Regional - 2nd
2009 CrossFit Games - 37th
Posnanski has placed in the top 3 in Albany for two years running. Conistent performance in the Games last year was enough to advance him through 5 events, but he missed the cut for day 2. POS has exhibited the mental fortitude to consistenly perform in the CrossFit Games despite the fact that he trains solo.

Dave Lipson - CrossFit Exodus
2008 CrossFit Games - 14th
2009 Northeast Regional - 4th
2009 CrossFit Games - 45th
The fact that Lipson is a former minor league baseball player means that he is used to a competitive mindset. He is also an NAS strongman competitor and it shows. Dave did the burpee/deadlift WOD from the 2008 Games with a 500 pound bar in 7:10. Additionally, the fastest Isabelle time on tape and a blazing Grace (range of motion standards will be more strict at the event) indicate that anything short and explosive are going to favor Lipson. He is no slouch in moving his own body either, but going long is outside his happy place.

Rob Orlando - Hybrid Athletics
2009 Northeast Regional - 5th
2009 CrossFit Games - 22nd
Rob is known as the CrossFit strongman. Orlando has gained notoriety for freaky acts of strength (50 cleans @ 225 in under 7 minutes, bear complex @ 200lbs, one arm Fran, etc). Orlando can hold his own away from the barbell also. Single arm pull ups and an affiinity for odd objects make it hard to trip him up. He has been working on his endurance, but it is certainly not in his wheelhouse. Look for an impressive performance from this athlete.

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Rob Orlando - Strongman Grace

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Rob Orlando - Jumbo Triple

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Dave Lipson - Isabelle

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Dave Lipson - Grace

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James Hobart At The Hybrid Winter Challenge

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Brad Posnanski - 2009 Northeast Regional Interview

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Hobart And Lipson - Snatch And Ctb Pull-Up Wod

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11 comments on this entry

1. Jezz wrote...

Hey boys, have a good comp and put on a good show. Ill see you guys in the indiv comp perhaps next year?

2. Aaron wrote...

There were actually 2 prequalified men from the Southwest Regional that earned a spot to this years games. Peter Egyed (6th place) and Joey Warren (54th place). Give credit where credit is due please.

3. Slaughter wrote...

Those guys got worked. A lot of talent in Southwest!!!

4. Los Davila wrote...

This will be epic, I have trained with these Beasts for a while now...there will be blood!!! Good luck gentlemen, great times to be had this weekend.

5. Ken S. wrote...

I believe Scott Lewis also pre-qualified also (3rd place @ 09 NE regionals and 44th place @ 09 games) but rumor is that he is with his box's affiliate team this year.

6. Jason Ackerman wrote...

Scott is not featured because he will not be competing individually.

7. Denise wrote...

Haha...yes, Carlos...there WILL be blood!!!

Good luck, guys! It's been a pleasure training with you. Go have some fun!!


8. Cynthia wrote...

Go POS! We're rooting for you here in San Diego.

Imagine the Sea of Green with you this weekend, cowbells ringing!

9. Ben wrote...

Scott Lewis is the man! Even though he's not competing as an individual, it would be cool to feature him. This cat raises 4 kids with his lovely wife, keeps our airports safe, is a country music connoisseur and on a near daily basis, rips the gym apart. I'm glad he's on my team BUT, Jason A., give him some props here. He deserves it.

10. Travis wrote...

I hope there is enough weight up in albany for these guys. Its going to be fun to see what they can do. And am I the only one who is expecting the team competition to be completely insane... It's like boxes have put together superteams to send to Cali. Good luck all.
Jason - if you add ice cream to the list of prizes, I guarantee hobart and lipson end up near the top

11. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#9 - Ben - this post is for pre-qualified athletes that are competing individually. Yes, Scott is a great guy, but he is not competing individually, it was not that he isn't deserving of props.

#10 - Travis - gallons to the winners!


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