Northeast Regional

Northeast Regional Final Outline and Heat Assignments

details of the weekend.

Master's and team competitions are starting tomorrow in the Northeast. Event organizer, Jason Ackerman of Albany CrossFit, has checked in with the master schedule of events for the weekend. Details for Sunday will be available shortly.

Northeast Regional Schedule:
Here's the schedule and logistics info for the weekend

Friday, May 21st:

10am - Volunteers Meeting & Set-Up
12pm - Judges Meeting
1pm - Masters Competitors Meeting
1:30pm - Masters Competiton WOD 1 Begins
2:40- Master Competition WOD 2 Begins
3:30-4:00 - Affiliate Competitors Meeting (Standards etc)
4:15pm - Affiliate WOD 1 Begins
7:00pm - Volunteer/Judge Meeting
7:15pm  - Competitors Meeting

Friday's Heat Assignments

Saturday, May 22nd:

7am - Mandatory Judges/Volunteer Meeting
8am - Late Registration
8:00am- Masters WOD 3 Begins
1pm Affiliate WOD 2 Begins
4pm - Individual WOD 2 Begins
7pm - Sunday WOD Announcements

Saturday Heat Assignments

There are some exciting prize giveaways this coming weekend!
Hybrid Athletics is giving away an axle and keg to the winners of the individual events and the affiliate competition, as well as $50 towards upcoming seminars for all affiliate members!

Again Faster will be donating $250 gift certificates to all first place finishers!

Paleo Kits - 5 kits and crunch to all winners!

Again Faster and Idea Paint will give away one Idea Paint PRO kit to the top individuals

Exterra shoes - pair to top individuals and masters!

Ben Kelly will be giving compression socks to the top three individual competitors!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

12 comments on this entry

1. Scott Lewis wrote...

Saturday Affiliate Heat Assignments have 20 minute time allotments, so has the 25 minute cap been changed to a 20 min cap?

2. Jason Schroeder wrote...

ACKERMAN UR THE MAN!!!! scott lewis is my hero!

3. Andy R wrote...

Um, are the kegs being given away empty or full? Hey, someone had to ask!

4. Rob Orlando wrote...

The kegs will be given away empty!! Winners can fill them with whatever they choose. Sand will go up to 240 pounds and water will go up to about 170 pounds. Lead shot.....well...that would be HEAVY.

Good luck to everyone.
Rob O

5. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#1 - Scott - yes, 20 minute cap on WOD'll be fine!

6. Derek Mohamed wrote...


The sheet for saturday skipped team A10 Crossfit New England (and listed A11 twice) - . Dont count us out!


7. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#6 - Derek - we will fix that.

8. Shawn T wrote...

Hey Jason, I asked this question on a different thread..sorry to repeat myself. Has the affiliate #1 WOD changed to 30 snatches? Thanks.

9. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#8 - Shawn T - no it is 40 snatches.

10. Jezz wrote...

Dont get your hopes up when BK gives you yellow and green striped used tube socks from 1988.

11. Pam McGraw wrote...

Best of Luck this weekend from all of us at CROSSFIT PERSEVERE iin CT to you Kim Malz and Caleb!!We know you will BREATH SOME FIRE and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!

12. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#10 - Jezz - if BK wore them...I'll take 'em!


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